Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Bit of Liberty Love...

Hi, and a happy Monday to all!

Last week J. Crew introduced quite a few lovely Liberty Print items in their March rollout.  I am sure you are all surprised when I say "love," right? 

I want it all, but in reality will probably just grab one or two pieces, if they are in stock long enough for me to grab them (budget, budget, budget, sigh...).  I especially love the look of the shirtdress (still in stock in my size, phew) and the oxford shoes or the flats.

But let me be real for a mo.  I mean, if you click the label Liberty Print Fabric at the bottom of this post you will see I have quite a few beautiful liberty print items.  I love me some Liberty of London Liberty Art!  The tana lawn is my fave, and most of the items I have are from their line of lovely silky cotton. 

In fact, even before the rollout happened, I had worn the fabric TWICE in the past two weeks.  And then to celebrate J. Crew's continued collaboration with this textile company, I pulled out a third item from my wardrobe on Friday (which for your info is the first outfit I am showing off).  :)

These are all stay-at-home mom outfits.  I love wearing these pieces because they allow me to feel put together and polished *without* sacrificing comfort.

Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan, wild mushroom color, size small.  I thought I didn't have the right colors to match this almost rosy brown color in my closet, but it works really well with bright, saturated pink.  Yum.
Shirt: Liberty Print Button Down, bright pink mod floral, size 6.  I have no idea when this shirt was rolled out, but I am guessing 2006-2008?  Anyone know?  I bought this off ebay for $20, the seller didn't know it was a liberty print, but another seller had the same one for sale and had it listed as liberty, so I knew it was...
Pants: Summerweight Chinos, Navy, size 10. Old School J. Crew.
Shoes: Yummy Xhiliration pointy toe flats that I wear all the time.  Love these so much I MADE my stepmom buy a pair for herself. 

Thursday (same day as rollout, planned the outfit before the actual rollout, though!):
Jacket: Cord Bella, J. Crew Outlet, Tan color.  This has a similar look to the herringbone bella in the camel color, but is a lighter weight cord fabric.  I have two outlet bellas, this one and a wool azalea version.  I far prefer the wool azalea version (which you will see soon enough irl), but this cord version is great for more casual outfits.  This is a size 4.  I think I got this for $20 off ebay?
Shirt: Liberty Print ruffle front button down, size 8.  This is from Fall 2009.  This one sold out pretty fast, if I recall.  A lot of liberty print blouses from previous years had the extra bits that made them special, like this ruffle front.  The Suzannah blouse (which I just got in the olive version off ebay for a song--from the Paris catalog--Vanessa wears it with the argyle dress) had really pretty ruffling at the collar, the placket, and the sleeve openings.  I think too many ruffles is something J. Crew has had a problem with, but I don't believe what they did with the Liberty Print blouses was anything that would put them in a 12-step program.  LOL.
Jeans: IT! Jeans, Size 30.  Sparkly butt pockets are my best friend forever.  LOVE these jeans. 
Shoes: Porto Driving Mocs, Pale Oak, Size 9.

Side view.  I popped the collar on the blouse because it laid better that way.  When it was just normal, the line of the whole neckline looked weird.

Bella close up and buttoned up.

I wore this sometime in the past two weeks, but I don't remember the exact day.  I do remember that it was WARM that day, nearing 70, which is awesome.  We normally have a few "winter warm" days every month in winter, but this winter we have not, which has been just awful.  No snow, at all.  Just really cold COLD weather.  So glad those days are in the past!  Woo!

Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan, Pale Yellow (maybe spring daisy?), size small.  Again with the Jackie cardigan...great lightweight cardi that comes in every. freaking. color of the rainbow so your whole wardrobe can be "Jackie-ized."  I only have four jackies.  From what I hear, though, there are women who have dozens and dozens of Jackies.  Are you one of them?  Admit it in the comments!  ;)
Tank: Some Ann Taylor foil printed tank that my mother-in-law got for a really insanely good price at a re-sale store (like TJ Maxx, etc.), size extra-small.
Skirt: Daisy Day Skirt, size 2 (!!!).  I still love this skirt that I bought last year.  I still can't believe how large it ran.  I will most likely NEVER wear a size 2 in a J. Crew bottom ever again.  This liberty print is NOT a classic print, it was a seasonal print.  Many of their seasonal prints end up in J. Crew items.  If you ever need to know if what you are interested in is a classic print or seasonal, send me an e-mail.  I sort of have an obsession with the prints, so I can usually quickly identify a print for you.  For instance, the dress I made for myself was a CLASSIC print, so it will forever be available from the Liberty of London department store (or places like Purl Soho).  Sometimes seasonal prints become classic prints, but this daisy day is not one of them, from what I recall.
Shoes: Bensimon Elastic Sneaker.  Size 40.  Vanilla.  Seriously one of the best buys I have made yet for my shoe collection.  Very versatile. 

From the side.  I struggled with the hem of the tank.  In the end, I tucked it in, but I prefer this look, but more flattering to the skirt length. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday.  For those of you that have not seen it, I added a link to info on how to receive a free gift bag full of Arbonne goodies with a $75 plus purchase made at my Arbonne web site.  For more info, click on the photo of the giveaway bag contents at the top of the sidebar.  :)  Thank you!

P.S. Have any of you purchased any of the new Liberty of London items from J. Crew this spring? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

dinagideon only looks likes she rides horses...

One of my favorite labels I use on this blog is called "dinagideon only looks like she rides horses." :) Living in Virginia, it is definitely respectable to have the "horsey" look. LOL.

I don't do it often, but when I do, it just works. (Which is definitely not the case when I try the Elaine Benis look, so sad...)

The first look I wore on one of my preschool runs, and the second is a look wore one weekend day about a month ago. The second look is more edgy "dinagideon only looks like she rides horses," whereas the first definitely has The Plains, VA written all over it.

Jacket: J. Crew Outlet (Factory), Herringbone Ecole with button (rather than hook/eye closure like the original), size 6, bright orange.  Love this jacket, and don't know why I haven't brought it out to play more...
Top: J. Crew, Watercolor Floral Rosette Top, Size 4 (?).  Bought from a fab JCA and I haven't looked back.  Hadn't thought of putting it with orange, but it worked out well, so I will definitely be doing this look again.  :)
Jeans: J. Crew, Toothpick Amore Wash Jeans, Size 30 (I think...they are upstairs and I don't want to look, kinda lazy...). 
Boots: J. Crew, Britten Tall Flat Boots, Brownstone, Size 9.5.  I also own these in a size 10 (again, fab JCA sale), but in the short flat.  Turns out the 10 is far too big, so if you would like to buy my short version in the 10, I will sell them for $115 shipped.  Just e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.  I am glad the tall version worked out, I LOVE the style of these boots.  :)  Very equestrian...

Love that CW chose to pose with me that day.  She really got into it (wait till you see the next two)...

CW shows how she can smile R-E-A-L BIG!

And I can show how the jacket looks opened.  Woo.

And a final kick.  Squee!

Above is the polyvore of my second "I love to ride" outfits...

Jacket: Herringbone Sweater Jacket, Anthropologie, Size Small.  I LOVED this in the Anthro catalog ALL the way back in August.  The darn jacket NEVER seemed to go on sale.  And then it did.  Oh, and the catalog image of this jacket?  Yeah, the model is totally riding horses.  Teehee.
Top: Glimmer Mist Tissue Tee, J. Crew Collection, Size Small.  Love that I have this lightweight, sparkly, soft tee in my closet.
Pants: Leggings, J. Crew, Size Medium.  These are fab leggings.  They are nice and long, stretchy, soft, and exceedingly comfy.  You could size down, but I am wary of sizing down due to my "horse-riding" thighs.  Ha.
Boots: Miller Short Moto Boots, Size 9.5.  Again, big fan of these and they help edge up my typical SAHM look.  Thank goodness. 
Belt: Elastic Blossoms Belt, J. Crew, Size Small. 

From the side.  I highly suggest that if you are on the fence with this jacket, and you have a shorter torso, to go for it.  I have heard the waistline is a bit high, but for me, that is no bother...helps elongate my upper body, which it desperately needs. 

Okay, that's it!  I hope you all are having a fab Sunday night.  It certainly was beautiful here in VA...perfect for horseback riding.  LOL.

P.S. I have added one element to the sidebar of my blog, which will only be there until March 11 (Friday), 2011.  I remember back when I shopped at the department stores for my cosmetics and skin care that I used to *LOVE* it when they had free giveaway bags with a purchase.  In fact, whenever I saw one, I would FIND something to buy just so I could get the gift bag.  :)  Now that I am in the business of selling skin care and cosmetics, I am trying the same thing.  It was fun putting this giveaway together, and I love seeing where my own imagination is taking me with my business.  If you would like more info on how to receive the gift bag, click on the photo of the giveaway bag contents (very top of the sidebar).  Thanks for looking!  :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup (Spring 2011 Items)!

Yesterday was insanity here at the dinagideon household. I had to put off the second installment of the Boden Weekly Review Roundup until this morning. :) You can see the first installment (sale items) here.

Here is how to approach this post...if you see a photo of a real person (i.e. not a Boden model, lol), click on that photo to see the item of clothing up close. If you want to look at an item on the Boden website, click on the photo of the Boden model or the item as photographed by Boden. The item web page should open up in a separate tab or window (so you can click between this review page and their page with measurements, colors, and extra pictures). :) Enjoy!

Gypsy Top on me from the front.
Gypsy Top on me from the side.
Gypsy Top on me from the back.

Gypsy Top
Gypsy Top: Fell in love with this top BECAUSE of this photo of the Boden model.  This is exactly the kind of top I love during the summer, just loose enough, flowy, pretty colors, gorgeous print.  So of course I pre-ordered it back in October.

I received it and tried it on and fell in love.  First, it is exactly like it looks on the model, so no surprises in color and/or print.  Second, it is lightweight *without* being sheer.  Yay!  Third, and the real reason I am keeping it, the fabric is super-soft.  Oh, it feels so good against the skin.  It isn't cotton, it's viscose, but yum.  YUM!

Only negative is that I don't care for the length.  I wish it was a touch shorter, but that is only because of my short torso, I always prefer things to be a touch shorter (which is also why I love size 14 crewcuts shirts and size medium Johnnie B. shirts).  I am wearing a US 6, UK 10 here for reference.  This is my tts size with Boden.

I want to try this with a contrasting color cardigan or jacket...I know that will look very pretty in real life.  :)

Next up, Jackie takes on three pairs of pants (a Boden vs. J. Crew vs. J. Crew match) and a v-neck knitted top.

On Jackie (For reference, She is 5'5" and 115 lbs, 34-26-34. Usually a J. Crew 00 or 0, or XS.) (these are text reviews, but still insanely helpful, she gives a great amount of detail):

Straightleg Capris
The Boden Straight Leg Capri: These are the perfect cigarette pant in black, a la Hepburn, hooray!! I went with size 2 - as per the sizing chart I'm between a 2 and a 4, so I went with a 2 expecting that they would stretch out a half-size (they do stretch out, but not by much.) TTS. They're a really good quality cotton with a hint of stretch, and they fit really, really well. These are not exactly high fashion, but a very good quality wardrobe staple -- and of course getting your wardrobe staples perfectly right is still a challenge! What I find most compelling about these is the amazing fit, and that they are dressy enough to wear with a blouse or blazer to work, or with just a t-shirt and ballet flats. On non-work days I'd wear these with beat-up nude ballet flats, a slim-slouchy vintage tee or tank, and hair up in a messy bun (kind of amy winehouse, now that I think of it...), and some gold jewellery. The ONLY odd thing is that the front rise is 9", which is verging on mom jeans territory. However, they still look fantastic and on the plus side you don't have to worry when you bend down pick up your toddler...your kidneys are covered!


J. Crew New Cafe Capri: Compared to the Boden capris, these are more of a cropped trouser with a pegged (tapered) leg. (The Boden capri functions more like a legging, or the J. Crew Minnie). I ordered the cedar plank (out of curiosity) in a 00, also TTS. The color is interesting but still sedate enough to mix and match well with most wardrobes. There's less stretch in these and the cotton is crisper and thinner than in the Boden capri. I think you'd wear these both at work and at home, but only if you work in a slightly more casual office...these are a bit less versatile so they went back. I think there's some concern about the pockets in blogland and it's true, they did distract from the nice slim line. If I were to keep these I'd have the pockets sewn shut. Overall, I'd say there's something slightly more masculine about these pants than the Boden capri. They have a bit of a boy vibe -- I'm not the curviest girl out there, more straight up and down, so while these were nice, they accentuated the straight-up-and-downness and made me feel a bit like Peter Pan.


J. Crew Oxford Scout Chino: These are very, very cute. I got them in the navy, again 00, TTS. They are strictly casual though unless you work in a jeans and t-shirt office, and look great with the hem folded up or down, depending on where they hit your calf. They're quite slim in the leg, so you can style them with a heel. Like the New Cafe Capri, the pockets are a bit of a distraction...I'd have them sewn shut so they don't ruin the line. I would keep these except I already have a similar pair in navy and J. Crew is offering only navy and an array of whites/pastels, which, I admit, I'm a little afraid of (dirt!). I'd say get these are a good bet if a very casual cropped chino would suit your lifestyle/wardrobe. And if you're going for a slouchier look, size up -- the 00 on me was quite fitted in the leg and I have slim calves.

V-neck Knitted Top
Boden V-Neck Knitted Top: This is a beautiful, high-quality linen/cotton summer sweater. I really hesitate to call it a sweater, it's more of a very light, delicate knit. The colors are beautiful - I got the silver in a 2 (TTS) for the versatility. This is going to be very well used, as I often find that in summer I need something more polished than a t-shirt, and don't want to wear a silk cami under a cardigan. Now that I think of it, you could wear this year round - under a suit, or over a long-sleeved T with jeans. Again, really beautiful piece by Boden, deceptively simple, and although NOT high-fashion, looks rather expensive and luxe on.

Thanks, Jackie! Great reviews!

Next up, a LIMITED EDITION piece with a review by Marietta (also a text only review, but very helpful, trust me). :)

Broderie Dress
Broderie Dress: Ivory, Size 2 (UK 6). I received the Broderie Dress last night, and was so excited to try it on! It is a beautiful, well made dress, and the Ivory color is perfect for my rehearsal and dinner. Well..... it was too small! I could get it on, but it was skin tight. I had ordered using the garment measurements, but I guess I should have stuck with the body measurements. So, I'm sending it back today, in exchange for a size 4 US. Thank God it's not sold out in the Ivory.... I see that the Navy is!

Note: I am surprised by the navy selling out...I think it is stunning, yes, but that ivory colorway is so beautiful and summery!  Good thing, I suppose, since the ivory color was the one I was looking at, as well.  ;)

Thanks, Marietta!!!  Let us know how the next size up works out!

You all have a great day.  Hope these reviews helped you all out!

Boden Buy and Sell...

Hi, all! Week 4 of the Boden Buy and Sell. We are off to a slow start, but I won't give up if you don't! :) So keep those for sale/want to buy comments coming... :)

Did you miss out on a favorite fun skirt?  If so, this is your kind of post!
This kind of post is for you, the Boden Aficionada, who has an item(s) that you either want to sell, or really want to locate.  Disqus is fabulous for this kind of a post as you can directly comment to another commenter about either wanting the item, OR letting the person know that you have an item (or know where to find the item).  Disqus also allows you to add direct links to other websites, so if a photo of your items exists, go ahead and post a link to it!

Please no re-sellers.  Thank you! 

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog.  Just like the other ladies at JCA or Effortless Anthropologie, I in no way can act as a mediator for any transaction, communication, or lack of communication. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to the "Boden Buy and Sell" posts (which should be posted every Friday).

NOTE: This is not limited to Boden for women.  You can post re: Men's Boden, Johnnie B. (junior's line), mini-Boden, baby Boden, Boden Limited Collection, and Boden Maternity.

Thank you all!!!

P.S. This is week #3 of this kind of post.  I am sure the more weeks/months I do this kind of post the more success sellers and buyers alike will have!  So if you didn't get the answer you sought last week, don't give up!  :)  Cheers!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup (Sale Edition)!

Okay, I am super-excited. I woke up this morning thinking I would be giving you all three Boden reviews, but no! Turns out that quite a few sale items are still around and I remembered that I had reviewed them way back when, and felt you all should know that these items are still around at Boden.

To top it off, three separate awesome blog friends wrote me with their reviews...

One of them reviewed a coat from the fall, and her review is the first up today in the Sale Edition of the Boden Weekly Review Roundup. (The other two blog friends reviewed current Spring 2011 items, and their reviews will be in another post.)

So I went from thinking I would have the most bare bones post ever to needing to create two separate posts. :)

Quick Reminder: To open the Boden item and see availability in sizing and colors, and to see measurements, open the picture of the item itself (a new tab or window should open).  To see the item up close IRL (if available), click on the photo which will take you to a larger version.  (This includes the photos of me wearing the items that I have linked to under the picture of the item itself.)

Drewablank looks super-chic in her Giant Houndstooth Coat!!!
Her she is with the coat opened.  My question is...what in the heck is CW doing back there.
 Houndstooth Coat: Pink/Navy Blue. The giant houndstooth coat (which is now sold out unfortunately) is one of my favorite coats ever since I received it in the mail. The coat itself is quite warm, fully lined in a substantial silk-like material. I am 5' tall so you have an idea as to the length of the coat (refer to picture).

It buttons all the way to the top, so you can skip a scarf if it's not too cold. My only (oh so small!) gripe would be the pockets, which are patch pockets, only open on top. So, if you wanted to place your hands in the pockets, your arms would be at a bit of a strange angle.

I took my normal size in J.Crew jackets, for those who are familiar with sizing at J.Crew. For those who are not, I'd say go with your regular size on top. The coat flares a bit from the waist down, thus giving more of an allowance in hip sizing. :)

If you missed out on this coat this time around, remember this review for next year because there's a big chance that (Mr. Johnnie) Boden will bring this very coat back. ;)

(I would like to second that, Johnnie is good about bringing popular items back BUT that said, I often see popbacks over at Boden...I will let you all know if the houndstooth coat pops back...however, if you can't wait...check out the next skirt...)

Jacquard Wool Mini
Jacquard Wool Mini: If you LOVE the pattern on drewablank, and you are super-sad over it not being available, definitely check out this skirt.  Although the Boden affiliate program I use shows this skirt in a red/black mod print, this skirt also comes in a YELLOW and GREY HOUNDSTOOTH pattern, the same pattern as in drewablank's coat!  Success!  ;)  (And on sale, too!)

Greenwich Reefer
Greenwich Reefer: On me in the Grey, Size 6 (UK 10). Many sizes now available, except in navy blue.

Sequin Spot Top
Sequin Spot Top: On me in the Oyster shade, Size 6 (UK 10).  Many sizes now available, except in the purple colorway.

Bloomsbury T-Bars
Bloomsbury T-Bars: On me in the Purple/Brown, Size 41 (US 9.5) (very bottom of the post).

Upbeat Wool Mini
Upbeat Wool Mini: On me in the Teal Geo Jacquard, Size 8 Long (UK 12 Long).

Up later this evening will be the Boden Weekly Review Roundup (Spring 2011 Edition)!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J. Crew Reviews--Finally!

In my recent set of posts, I really have been concentrating on Boden...which of course is super-fab and super-fly, but I still do wear Anthropologie and J. Crew, so in the end, I have more to offer than bodacious British britches.  :)

Today I will be reviewing tops from J. Crew that I have purchased in the past few months.  I bought all of these with some sort of promo or another, and saved my pennies to do so (darn you, budget!).  I am keeping all of them, but I would like for you all to see them IRL before you decide if you should even bother to buy them for yourself.

All of the following tops are paired with J. Crew's leggings and the Lacey Ballet flats.

Natalie Studded Sweater.  Did you know this was originally named the Jacquette sweater and was called that for exactly three nano-seconds at  There was a girl in middle school named Natalie who was incredibly mean to me, so I will forgive the sweater for being named Natalie.  Since 6th grade, I have met many nice Natalies, so I guess I need to get over it already.  LOL.

This is a size small in the mustard linen color.  I really love this sweater and find it fits well.  At the price it is, I am looking for a piece that will last many years and through possible weight gains or losses.  If I lose weight it will fit a bit loosely, and if I gain weight, it won't fit poorly (unless I gain a LOT of weight).

The studs are well-secured, and if they weren't, I would not have kept it.  This sweater is made well, and from a nice, super-soft cotton knit.

You can see how the stripes get bigger as they go towards the bottom...which is an effect I like. 

From the side.  I love just adore how long the sleeves are.  Rare is it for me to find a sleeve that extends past my wrist.  :)

From the back.  Sorry about the tag poking out.  Whoops.

You should also check out my girl, Summerilla, wearing this.  She has the navy version in an x-small.

Scallop Lace Shell.  Many a beautiful JCA have already reviewed this, and I couldn't resist with the recent 20% off tees promo that I was able to pair with a 20% coupon (thank you, my darling step-mom!).  I saw this color on the model in the February 2011 catalog, and felt that the pink would be great in summer on its own, and in the winter as a fab layering piece.

This is an extra-small.  Fits perfectly, not too big, not too small.  The fabric is very soft, and the lace is not all.

Close-up of the very pretty and feminine neckline.  :)

From the side.  This actually looks like something Audrey Hepburn would have worn.

Vintage Cotton Foil-Print Tank.  Can we just admit to ourselves that this is really a tank that has some stripes and is therefore a bit boring, regardless of how cool the gold-foil stripes might look?  LOL.  I actually wear my foil-print tee a lot and have owned it since 2007, so I know I will get a lot of use of this version.  The stripes on this one are a bit wider than on the tee, so it helps make it look a bit different.  Again, like the lace scallop tank, this is great on its own, but will look awesome under a jacket (btw, you will see that version in an upcoming true crew love post) or cardigan.

This is an extra-small.

Stripe Button Back Tee.  Again, every reviewer in JCA land has taken a stab at this.  :)  But...there is a reason is a FAB looking and FAB feeling tee that gives a bit of a twist on the traditional striped tee.

I bought it in the olive because I own no striped tees in this color.  The real reason I bought it, though (besides the 20% off plus 20% off)?  I adore the cap sleeve.  When you have thin thin shoulders like me, you need a little help and there is no single neckline/shoulder that is more flattering for those of us looking to "bulk up" on top.

I love that this top allows me to look more proportional, even when wearing leggings.  Holla.  If I didn't already own a camel striped tee, I would 100% purchase this in the camel color, too.

From the side.

Hope these helped some of you decide what you should be putting on your wishlist.  :)

P.S. If you have a Boden review for me, would you mind e-mailing me at  Thanks!!!  Those reviews should be up by tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mommy Style Monday #18--Are You Having Fun with Your Style?

There are totally times when you need to be very careful with your style. For instance, if you are a banker, I don't think you should show up to any of your meetings wearing any of these outfits. Clearly, you need to have a very conservative, professional, luxe looking style, and these Anthropologie catalog inspired visions of mine won't fly on Wall St.

And you know, if you are a nun, these may not be the best choice for you either.

However, if you are a sister wife, a la "Big Love," then maybe the middle outfit could work???

Anyhoo, I just get so tired of taking my own style too seriously and will just *you know* get all CRAZY up in this joint at least once a week. I love my normal, preschool run style, and often think that I am performing at near 100% most days, but I doubt that I would come off as a risk-taker. And you know what? Style is so flexible, so transient, so revolutionary, that the folks who take risks with their fashion are the ones who are definitely having fun AND are stylish, too. I can't say for sure if I hit sartorial high notes with these, or if I really just look like a very bad facsimile of some of Anthropologie's more (cough, cough) unique creations, BUT that wasn't the point of these outfits to me. The point was that I loved creating them, and more importantly, I LOVED WEARING THEM. ;)

How about you??? Are you having fun with your style?

If a photo looks "different," that is because these photos are.  In some of them, my peeps B & T took the photos (love ya both, you handsome, talented photographers), and with some of them, the lovely, and very cool program picnik (a picasa thing) helped turn the photos into oldie timey looking film.  (Love that!)

Yes, I do believe I am in a catalog.  :)  Hoo, boy.  This was taken outside a restaurant in the Potomac Yard section of Alexandria.  The train tracks exist here but are no longer functioning. 

Sequin Sweatshirt, J. Crew, Size Extra-Small.
Tria Skirt, Anthropologie, Size Small. (Marietta, thank you for wearing it that one night we hung out, I had to HAVE this after seeing how great it looked on you!)
ZeeZee Tights, J. Crew, Size Medium-Tall.
Miller Short Moto Boots, J. Crew, Size 9.5.
Galaxy Necklace, J. Crew.

Outfit details same as above, but this time I spy something in the distance...

Who wouldn't jump for joy upon seeing rusted out ties and weathered wood?

I briefly contemplated using this as my header.  It would definitely fit the "My Superfluities" oeuvre.

Here is the outfit above, but not all STYLED up.  I wish I could always have B & T styling my shots.

Big Fashion Risk...a blousy top and a blousy skirt and shearling lined ruffly boots.  Guess what, though?  Mr. Dina and Peter, my bro, loved this look.  Huh.  Guess the weirdness worked together and made men like it.

I definitely can see Nikki (Big Love) wearing this, though.  So there you go.

Blousy Top, Anthropologie, Size Medium.
Plaid Skirt, J. Crew, Size Small (THANK YOU, Pamela, for pointing this skirt out to me on ebay!).
Tights, J. Crew, Size Medium-Tall.
Petite Chou Boots, Anthropologie, Size 9.5
High Prairie Belt, Anthropologie, Size Small.

I might be in my house, but I still want to be in an Anthro catalog.  Special effect is known as '60s and Matte in Picnik.

Okay, this is a lot less Anthro and a lot more Disco, but I loved it, and felt it was risky.  The combo could have looked just awful, but in the end I felt really cool, albeit in a late 90s, Spice Girls kind of way.

Dress (sheeyeah right--if you are 5'2" maybe)/Tunic, Anna Sui for Target, Size 7.
Ingrid Flare Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Size 31.  Let's give it up for me fitting into these again.  Holla!!! (I bought them in 2005 and they fit for exactly 6 months before I got pregnant with Rex.)
Bloomsbury T-Bars, Boden, Size 41.  You will get a close-up of those later on, as there are still a few sizes available at Boden.

From the back.  I was going out for Mr. Dina's Birthday meal, and I just felt like I owed it to him to look good coming and going.  LOL.

Make-up a bit mod, and the Erickson Beammon for Target earrings help with that effect.

I figured if I looked 60s or 70s, then the photo should, too.  Thank you PICNIK.

I fell in love with these at first sight during the Fall Preview 2010 from Boden.  I loved the height, the all leather construction and the purple/brown combo was pretty unique. 

They never sold-out, and I guess it was the height thing (I am almost 6 feet tall wearing these), but in my opinion, the higher the better when really going all out.  Plus my jeans were the exact right length while wearing these.

Bloomsbury T-Bars
They came in other colors, including the grey in the link above. Click on the photo to see what availability there is...there are often popbacks, so if you love these, keep checking back.

I hope that all you great, fab moms out there will give some fun a try.  :)  I mean, after all, we don't have to be serious about fashion all the time, right???