Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup (and the Terazzo Tunic)!

Today is a mega-post of all the Boden reviews I could find (or that were sent to me).  Because this is the first post of its kind, there are bound to be more reviews here in this post than in any future post (although I would love to be proven wrong, lol).  If I left you out, would you mind e-mailing me (  If you e-mail before midnight tonight (2/2/11), I will put in today's post.  If not, I will save it for next week!  :)

First I am going to start with a review of an item that I have been waiting to review.  I figure it's a good idea to get it out there, so might as well be in today's post.

If you would like to look at any of the items at Boden, click on the photos (except the ones of me obviously) and a new tab or window should open. If you like it, I have the 15% off coupon on the sidebar, which also includes free shipping and returns (bear in mind that the 15% does not apply to sale items, sadly).

Terazzo Tunic
Terazzo Tunic.  My love of the tunics made by Boden has been much discussed here at My Superfluities.  This latest mod-print inspired concoction is no exception.

Size US 6, UK 10.  This tunic fits true to size and its a bit stretchy due to the fabric blend.  I decided to go with this more muted colorway so it can be paired with more items, but I do adore the green/blue combo and the navy/orange combo.  Yum.  (Maybe on sale?)

I am wearing this with the leggings from J. Crew, and the Bensimon elastic sneakers from Madewell (the back of the shoe is bent down so it is more like a mule).

Mr. Dina saw this and was all, "you look really nice...I like this top."  :)  So it got the guy's vote for those of you curious of what they think.

From the back.

From the side.

I also wore it bare-legged so you could all see that. I don't know that I am confident enough to try it like this, but maybe at the beach? For you ladies who are more petite, the tunic as dress should work with this one.

Onto the other reviews!

(Also, please do consider following the blogs of the ladies who have given reviews.  We need to have a Boden blogging collective.  Go, Johnnie!)

Relaxed Silk Dress
Relaxed Silk Dress.  Review by the amazing shopwithm.  :)

Jersey Top Dress
Jersey Top Dress.   Reviewed by the lovely Louise from Running on Anthro.

Pleated Trim Top
Pleated Trim Top. Reviewed by lovely Louise (she is here in this post a lot)!

Sateen Pencil Skirt
Sateen Pencil Skirt. Louise looks divine! On a side note, this skirt reminds me of the gladiola pencil skirt I wore here.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. One final skirt on Louise!

Pool Party Tunic
Pool Party Tunic. Tiffany, another Virginian (they are going to have highs in the 70s today in Richmond), reviewed this adorable tunic last night. I have also purchsed this tunic and my review is on tap for a review next week.

Printed Cotton Skirt
Printed Cotton Skirt. This skirt wasn't even on my radar until I saw Tiffany in it. Love!

Autumn Printed Skirt
Autumn Printed Skirt. Kristin does a fab job of showing us a skirt that one should's on sale! Woo!

Piazza Dress
Piazza Dress. Tabitha does a great job showing us that Boden isn't just big buttons and fun skirts...their clothing can be chic, as well.

Effortless Dress
Effortless Dress. Awesome AudreyS had this to say about this dress (which is currently on sale): ...loved it so much that I was luckily able to get it in all three colors. It is on sale ($138 down to $69) and it didn't get uniformly stellar reviews (3.8 after 6 reviews, but there were 5 who gave it a 4 or 5, and one who gave it a 1, and you know how an F can bring down a grade point average...!) but I thought of you b/c like you, I have a short torso and LOVE prints, and thought this might look good on you. Maybe a little short, but check it out... SO easy to wear -- it's a light fabric, but lined, so in winter the lining keeps it from clinging to tights, in spring, it will be great with cute little sandals... Thanks, AudreyS, it sounds like a winner!

Sequin Spot Top
Sequin Spot Top. Reviewed by yours truly.

Sassy Silk Dress
Sassy Silk Dress. Reviewed by me, too.

Ruffle Front Dress
Ruffle Front Dress. I also took a look at Boden maternity, but I obviously am not pregnant now, so this was more of a "ooh, how pretty" kind of a post.

Okay, that's all, folks.  I am beat!  That was a couple of hours!  Wow.  (I think I will get better at this, but I felt like the post was taking forever to write and grab html