Friday, February 11, 2011

Boden Limited Edition is Here!!!

And I am up, super early, just so I could buy the one ridiculously over the top item they have in the collection, the Showstopping Knitted Jacket.  (More on that at the I know you all want to see and grab some beauties, which overall aren't crazily priced, I am shocked.  They are on par with many of J. Crew's items, even the "regular" J. Crew, not just J. Crew Collection.)

Word of warning...there are no discounts allowed on Boden Limited Edition.  I went through my 15% off coupon, and while I received free shipping and returns, that. was. it.  Eeee.

Okay, onto the pretty.  To see the products in its own window or tab, simply click on the name of the product. To see the item close-up, click on the picture itself. :)

I would recommend clicking through to Boden's site from my button (at the side of the blog), as I can assure you that gives you free shipping and returns (which I know isn't substantial, but for me that is $10 saved to ship, and if need be--I hope not--$7 for the return).  UPDATE: The ever astute Suzy mentioned using a cash back program, and I agree.  I use ebates, and here is a button if you would like to use it (until Boden decides they will give us a % off):

Retro Shift. Umm, bonjour.  You will be mine, pretty silk frock, if I can just call on the patron saints of patience and higher stock to allow this beauty to still be available in March and/or April when I can afford you again.  LOL.

This dress is $208 and comes in two colors, the Sunset Paint Splatter you see above, and a very nice, chic looking bronze.  Both dresses are embellished with bits of sparkle around the neckline.  :)

Silk Feather Top. I want this, too.  Of course I do.  But again, maybe May?  ;)  Unless I suddenly discover that I am related to rich oil, and they have been looking for me for years to give me my inheritance.

Actually it is decently priced at $148, which is normal for J. Crew's "regular" clothing.  I can almost assure you this silk is sumptuous and that the beading won't fall over after one wear, or even ten.  Go Johnnie!

The silk feather top also comes in a pretty lavender blue.

This is a still photo of the multi-feathers version.

Sleek Pencil Skirt.  Since I know many of you are HUGE fans of pencil skirts, here is a nice summer option that appears to be a good length (ought to be as it appears there are no "longs" available).  This is the gold metallic option and costs a very decent price of $88 (that's cheaper than J. Crew!).

Broderie Dress. Oh, man, does this ever remind me of Old School J. Crew.  The scalloped edges, the perfect cotton eyelet, the incredible seaming, it all ties together as Old School J. Crew BUT instead is now known as Boden Limited Edition. 

Edda is wearing the navy version, and this costs $168.

Stop.  My heart (and wallet, for now) can't take it.  PLEASE be in stock in cream when I find out about my rich uncle down in Houston.  LOL.  ;)

Rainbow Tweed Jacket.  Not quite Chanel, but very chic, nonetheless.  The detailing is pretty fab, too, you must take a look at closer to see all the fine bits, especially around the pockets.

This is another more expensive item at $248.  (But what would this cost if it was J. Crew Collection?  Hmm.)

Shimmering Broderie Skirt.  I was SWOONING over most of the Limited pieces, but this one confused me a bit.  I love the eyelet (so close to the broderie dress) but the pleated detailing could be a big ole mess on many women.  I will have to see this one on a blogger friend to really be sure I can give it my stamp of approval.  ;)

At $98, this is a fairly inexpensive option for those of you wanting to dip in the fine waters of the newly opened area of Boden.

I downloaded this pic because they paired it with the Showstopping Knitted Jacket, and I quite like the silver with the mid-aqua silk top.  Very luxe.  I don't know about the trench.  Huh.  I would have to see this look in real life as well, I suppose.

Showstopping Knitted Jacket. This is the one I woke up for at 6 am.  This is the one I spent many moments last night trying to decide whether I should buy it or not.  At $388 (so that is what 250 Pounds Sterling equals), and NO discounts, I would literally be without clothing funds for a long while.  (But thankfully, because I knew this day was coming, I had saved up for this.)

I pounced.  Of course I did.  I bought it in a 6, even though a 4 could have worked.  If this piece is as special as they claim...300 were made and that's it...takes 5 WHOLE days to hand-sew...then I knew it would be something I would be able to wear well into and past my middle-age.  (Many, many years from now, you cheeky monkeys, lol.)  So there you go.

Stocks are already low for this jacket.  As of Sunday, February 13, 2011, there is a 10-15 week wait on this piece.  The wait might help some of you raise the funds in your bank account, lol.  :)

The other pieces seem to be fully available still. 

Enjoy looking around, and remember, click through the button at the right to at least save on shipping and returns.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts!!!