Friday, February 25, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup (Spring 2011 Items)!

Yesterday was insanity here at the dinagideon household. I had to put off the second installment of the Boden Weekly Review Roundup until this morning. :) You can see the first installment (sale items) here.

Here is how to approach this post...if you see a photo of a real person (i.e. not a Boden model, lol), click on that photo to see the item of clothing up close. If you want to look at an item on the Boden website, click on the photo of the Boden model or the item as photographed by Boden. The item web page should open up in a separate tab or window (so you can click between this review page and their page with measurements, colors, and extra pictures). :) Enjoy!

Gypsy Top on me from the front.
Gypsy Top on me from the side.
Gypsy Top on me from the back.

Gypsy Top
Gypsy Top: Fell in love with this top BECAUSE of this photo of the Boden model.  This is exactly the kind of top I love during the summer, just loose enough, flowy, pretty colors, gorgeous print.  So of course I pre-ordered it back in October.

I received it and tried it on and fell in love.  First, it is exactly like it looks on the model, so no surprises in color and/or print.  Second, it is lightweight *without* being sheer.  Yay!  Third, and the real reason I am keeping it, the fabric is super-soft.  Oh, it feels so good against the skin.  It isn't cotton, it's viscose, but yum.  YUM!

Only negative is that I don't care for the length.  I wish it was a touch shorter, but that is only because of my short torso, I always prefer things to be a touch shorter (which is also why I love size 14 crewcuts shirts and size medium Johnnie B. shirts).  I am wearing a US 6, UK 10 here for reference.  This is my tts size with Boden.

I want to try this with a contrasting color cardigan or jacket...I know that will look very pretty in real life.  :)

Next up, Jackie takes on three pairs of pants (a Boden vs. J. Crew vs. J. Crew match) and a v-neck knitted top.

On Jackie (For reference, She is 5'5" and 115 lbs, 34-26-34. Usually a J. Crew 00 or 0, or XS.) (these are text reviews, but still insanely helpful, she gives a great amount of detail):

Straightleg Capris
The Boden Straight Leg Capri: These are the perfect cigarette pant in black, a la Hepburn, hooray!! I went with size 2 - as per the sizing chart I'm between a 2 and a 4, so I went with a 2 expecting that they would stretch out a half-size (they do stretch out, but not by much.) TTS. They're a really good quality cotton with a hint of stretch, and they fit really, really well. These are not exactly high fashion, but a very good quality wardrobe staple -- and of course getting your wardrobe staples perfectly right is still a challenge! What I find most compelling about these is the amazing fit, and that they are dressy enough to wear with a blouse or blazer to work, or with just a t-shirt and ballet flats. On non-work days I'd wear these with beat-up nude ballet flats, a slim-slouchy vintage tee or tank, and hair up in a messy bun (kind of amy winehouse, now that I think of it...), and some gold jewellery. The ONLY odd thing is that the front rise is 9", which is verging on mom jeans territory. However, they still look fantastic and on the plus side you don't have to worry when you bend down pick up your toddler...your kidneys are covered!


J. Crew New Cafe Capri: Compared to the Boden capris, these are more of a cropped trouser with a pegged (tapered) leg. (The Boden capri functions more like a legging, or the J. Crew Minnie). I ordered the cedar plank (out of curiosity) in a 00, also TTS. The color is interesting but still sedate enough to mix and match well with most wardrobes. There's less stretch in these and the cotton is crisper and thinner than in the Boden capri. I think you'd wear these both at work and at home, but only if you work in a slightly more casual office...these are a bit less versatile so they went back. I think there's some concern about the pockets in blogland and it's true, they did distract from the nice slim line. If I were to keep these I'd have the pockets sewn shut. Overall, I'd say there's something slightly more masculine about these pants than the Boden capri. They have a bit of a boy vibe -- I'm not the curviest girl out there, more straight up and down, so while these were nice, they accentuated the straight-up-and-downness and made me feel a bit like Peter Pan.


J. Crew Oxford Scout Chino: These are very, very cute. I got them in the navy, again 00, TTS. They are strictly casual though unless you work in a jeans and t-shirt office, and look great with the hem folded up or down, depending on where they hit your calf. They're quite slim in the leg, so you can style them with a heel. Like the New Cafe Capri, the pockets are a bit of a distraction...I'd have them sewn shut so they don't ruin the line. I would keep these except I already have a similar pair in navy and J. Crew is offering only navy and an array of whites/pastels, which, I admit, I'm a little afraid of (dirt!). I'd say get these are a good bet if a very casual cropped chino would suit your lifestyle/wardrobe. And if you're going for a slouchier look, size up -- the 00 on me was quite fitted in the leg and I have slim calves.

V-neck Knitted Top
Boden V-Neck Knitted Top: This is a beautiful, high-quality linen/cotton summer sweater. I really hesitate to call it a sweater, it's more of a very light, delicate knit. The colors are beautiful - I got the silver in a 2 (TTS) for the versatility. This is going to be very well used, as I often find that in summer I need something more polished than a t-shirt, and don't want to wear a silk cami under a cardigan. Now that I think of it, you could wear this year round - under a suit, or over a long-sleeved T with jeans. Again, really beautiful piece by Boden, deceptively simple, and although NOT high-fashion, looks rather expensive and luxe on.

Thanks, Jackie! Great reviews!

Next up, a LIMITED EDITION piece with a review by Marietta (also a text only review, but very helpful, trust me). :)

Broderie Dress
Broderie Dress: Ivory, Size 2 (UK 6). I received the Broderie Dress last night, and was so excited to try it on! It is a beautiful, well made dress, and the Ivory color is perfect for my rehearsal and dinner. Well..... it was too small! I could get it on, but it was skin tight. I had ordered using the garment measurements, but I guess I should have stuck with the body measurements. So, I'm sending it back today, in exchange for a size 4 US. Thank God it's not sold out in the Ivory.... I see that the Navy is!

Note: I am surprised by the navy selling out...I think it is stunning, yes, but that ivory colorway is so beautiful and summery!  Good thing, I suppose, since the ivory color was the one I was looking at, as well.  ;)

Thanks, Marietta!!!  Let us know how the next size up works out!

You all have a great day.  Hope these reviews helped you all out!