Sunday, February 27, 2011

dinagideon only looks likes she rides horses...

One of my favorite labels I use on this blog is called "dinagideon only looks like she rides horses." :) Living in Virginia, it is definitely respectable to have the "horsey" look. LOL.

I don't do it often, but when I do, it just works. (Which is definitely not the case when I try the Elaine Benis look, so sad...)

The first look I wore on one of my preschool runs, and the second is a look wore one weekend day about a month ago. The second look is more edgy "dinagideon only looks like she rides horses," whereas the first definitely has The Plains, VA written all over it.

Jacket: J. Crew Outlet (Factory), Herringbone Ecole with button (rather than hook/eye closure like the original), size 6, bright orange.  Love this jacket, and don't know why I haven't brought it out to play more...
Top: J. Crew, Watercolor Floral Rosette Top, Size 4 (?).  Bought from a fab JCA and I haven't looked back.  Hadn't thought of putting it with orange, but it worked out well, so I will definitely be doing this look again.  :)
Jeans: J. Crew, Toothpick Amore Wash Jeans, Size 30 (I think...they are upstairs and I don't want to look, kinda lazy...). 
Boots: J. Crew, Britten Tall Flat Boots, Brownstone, Size 9.5.  I also own these in a size 10 (again, fab JCA sale), but in the short flat.  Turns out the 10 is far too big, so if you would like to buy my short version in the 10, I will sell them for $115 shipped.  Just e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.  I am glad the tall version worked out, I LOVE the style of these boots.  :)  Very equestrian...

Love that CW chose to pose with me that day.  She really got into it (wait till you see the next two)...

CW shows how she can smile R-E-A-L BIG!

And I can show how the jacket looks opened.  Woo.

And a final kick.  Squee!

Above is the polyvore of my second "I love to ride" outfits...

Jacket: Herringbone Sweater Jacket, Anthropologie, Size Small.  I LOVED this in the Anthro catalog ALL the way back in August.  The darn jacket NEVER seemed to go on sale.  And then it did.  Oh, and the catalog image of this jacket?  Yeah, the model is totally riding horses.  Teehee.
Top: Glimmer Mist Tissue Tee, J. Crew Collection, Size Small.  Love that I have this lightweight, sparkly, soft tee in my closet.
Pants: Leggings, J. Crew, Size Medium.  These are fab leggings.  They are nice and long, stretchy, soft, and exceedingly comfy.  You could size down, but I am wary of sizing down due to my "horse-riding" thighs.  Ha.
Boots: Miller Short Moto Boots, Size 9.5.  Again, big fan of these and they help edge up my typical SAHM look.  Thank goodness. 
Belt: Elastic Blossoms Belt, J. Crew, Size Small. 

From the side.  I highly suggest that if you are on the fence with this jacket, and you have a shorter torso, to go for it.  I have heard the waistline is a bit high, but for me, that is no bother...helps elongate my upper body, which it desperately needs. 

Okay, that's it!  I hope you all are having a fab Sunday night.  It certainly was beautiful here in VA...perfect for horseback riding.  LOL.

P.S. I have added one element to the sidebar of my blog, which will only be there until March 11 (Friday), 2011.  I remember back when I shopped at the department stores for my cosmetics and skin care that I used to *LOVE* it when they had free giveaway bags with a purchase.  In fact, whenever I saw one, I would FIND something to buy just so I could get the gift bag.  :)  Now that I am in the business of selling skin care and cosmetics, I am trying the same thing.  It was fun putting this giveaway together, and I love seeing where my own imagination is taking me with my business.  If you would like more info on how to receive the gift bag, click on the photo of the giveaway bag contents (very top of the sidebar).  Thanks for looking!  :)