Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Milly Valentine/Valentina...

dress, not an actual paper card sent to me from the ever lovely Michelle Smith.  :)

A few months ago, I spied the Valentina Dress over at millyny.com and fell in love.  I had *just* enough money to cover the dress and decided the beauty of the piped seamed sweater dress was worth it.

I eventually received it and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for my trip to NYC (back in December).  I brought it with me and though I only wore it for a scant few hours to dinner, it felt really great to be in something super-soft, well-tailored, and exceedingly feminine.

I haven't worn it since, but I would love to wear it again.  Had we actually gone out on Valentine's Day, I would have absolutely worn it.  :)  (Because if you can't live your life like one big bad pun, is life really worth living???)

Maybe I will wear it this weekend?  Hmmm...

Merino Wool, Size Medium.  Worn with J. Crew Zee Zee Tights and Boden Calf Hair Pumps from last year (Winter 2009).  Here is a similar pair of pumps (albeit a peep toe and in smooth leather) from Boden that you can still get: Chic Peep Toes.

I love the bow, especially, really nice for defining a waist.  The piping is a neat element and adds some cool visual interest.  It had also come in a cream version with black piping, but that one sold out INSANELY fast.  The black version can still be found at Neiman Marcus in a size small.  MillyNYC sold out pretty early of both colors.

From the side.  I normally would prefer my sweater dresses be less clingy, but this one hits its clingy at the right spots and just feels good.  

So a sweater dress addiction was semi-born.  I had a 20% off coupon from Milly, and I knew that I could (again) *just* afford one dress from Milly.  So I went with the Gondolier Stripe Sweater Dress, which is one of the more inexpensive options that is available from the line's resort/spring collection:
I actually wore the dress TODAY!!! LOL.  I was leading parents around at Rex's preschool so they could hear all about how fab a place it is for toddlers and I knew I didn't want to just show up in jeans (any excuse to dress up--holla!).  This dress is a silk/cotton/cashmere blend and it is a wonderful transition type dress, great in winter with a coat and tights, and wonderful for spring and summer with flats or sandals.  I chose to buy a small because the skirt is very full and I didn't want there to be a HUGE contrast between my very small upper-body and my much larger lower-half.  The flats are from J. Crew and are called the Lacey ballet flats and lucky me, I got them on some ridiculous super-sale or another.  ;)  (Original price was crazy, no matter how beautiful and all leather they may be.)

You can still find the dress, btw, at millyny...and in pink/navy at Saks Fifth Avenue.

There is more Milly to come, by the way, but not for a few weeks yet.  I saved again so I could get a Milly Mini (for CW) and for me, a matching sheath dress.  We will most likely wear those on Easter, but I am more than willing to give you all a sneak peek.  ;)

Have a great night, you all. 

P.S. If you have a Boden review, please e-mail me soon, I am planning on doing the Weekly Roundup tomorrow!