Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yay for Bling and Makeup. (Seriously!)

LOL.  I am tired and that was the best I could do for a title.  :)

And before I begin, can I just count the ways I love the people who read my blog?  You all are the best!  I have had such fun over the past few months writing and putting up pictures, and regardless of how frivolous or serious (umm, heart surgery, anyone?), the posts have been met with lots of great comments and questions.  You all make writing this blog tons of fun.  Thank you!

Okay onto the outfit.  Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore to dinner out with my Arbonne team while I was in Vegas.  I just wanted to wear something fun and sassy that would also be comfy (yeah, it was that time of the month--oh, joy). The top and skirt are identical, but the shoes and earrings are different.  Having said that I love this combo and I will try this at some other point.

The skirt is the lovely, just sparkly enough stardust pencil skirt (in copper) from the Holiday 2009 season.  They came out with a nearly identical pencil skirt this fall.  I also *had* owned this in silver, which I wore last New Year's Eve (12/31/09), but I sold it when I discovered I had enough light grey/silver pencil skirts in my closet (I mean, I love overabundance, clearly, but even I have limits).  This skirt is a size 8.  The cashmere short-sleeve tee is a size extra-small in he heather agate color.  Here's whats bugging me about the color name.  Do you realize that agate now is a beautiful teal-ish green color?  Last fall, the heather agate is this color, a luscious light orange/brown.  Huh.  Weird-oes over at J. Crew been smoking something.  LOL.  The earrings are from J. Crew, but I never saw them on-line.  (Possible in-store only?)  The shoes are similar to a pair of J. Crew sandals I own, but are actually from Kohls.

Another view.

From the side.

I had fun with my makeup that trip.  I just LOVE being able to play with my face, and often, at home, I get by with some SPF, a touch of lip gloss, mascara, and powder.  But really being able to bring the bling in both the outfit and my face?  Awesome.  I still missed my kids though.  (Yes, there were many texts and phone calls made over that three day trip.)

You all have a great night.  SWAK!