Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Wants to Win a Boden $25 Gift Card?

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.  Be on the lookout for giveaways in the future!!!

Yeah, that's what I thought.  LOL.  :)

We are in week two of the three week giveaway in honor of this blog's 2nd Blog-o-versary and the 500th Post!  The first giveaway's winner was announced this morning, and now, as promised, I am announcing the 2nd giveaway, another very dear thing to my heart...MONEY for BODEN.  (Yes!!!  Pumps fists.)

The actual card that you will receive won't look all dusty and old like this one.  I was just having some fun with picnik (a picasa thing) cuz I was kind of feeling like I wanted to edit the photo all different like.  :)  Yours, if you are the winner, will be all shiny and plastic-y looking, I am sure.  Johnnie would want nothing less...

So here is how to enter to win:

1. You must be a follower of My Superfluities.  Too big of a prize for me not to ask for that.  ;)

2. You must leave your e-mail or e-mail me at if you are uncomfortable leaving that in your comment.

3. You must take a gander at Boden and let me know what you would probably spend the $25 on, because I really, actually enjoy seeing what other people would buy!

Stumped?  I have picked a few goodies that could be yours, and with the $25 gift card and the 15% off coupon at my sidebar at your disposal, some of these would be completely or nearly covered by the gift card.

To see the goodies up close, click on the name of the goody, it will open in a new window or tab.  If you click on the photo, you will see that individual item's photo, but not measurements, or other colors. Enjoy!

Casual Woven Scarf This is lovely in a plaid, and the cotton means it won't be too heavy in the heat of summer, in fact, if tied just right, could form a nice protective layer from the sun for your neck, or if you prefer, you could wear it a la Grace Kelley in a convertible. Ahh...

Fab Plimsolls I own these in a aqua blue canvas from last summer, and I wear them all the time.  They are the right sort of kicks to have when out and about but you don't want to wear your actual athletic shoes that only really go with your workout wear.

Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan I adore Boden's cardigans, they are made from a nice cotton blend, and the grosgrain ribbon detailing at the placket means that the buttons stay nice and secure and don't go all wonky, stretching the placket out by the end of the day.  This pattern is also fab, could see it paired nicely with a brown or grey pencil skirt with the following tank layered below.

Flutter Top See, you can afford something from the new Boden Limited Edition line.  Whee!  :)  This is the mink color, and I like it for its sheer versatility.  The petals add enough interest to keep it from being just a plain tank made from a fab fabric.  You can wear this on its own with a pair of shorts for hanging out with your family, under a jacket with skinny jeans and high, high heels for a night out, or with the previous cardigan and pencil skirt for work.

Leggings Oh, the hard-working pants that could. These are stretchy, easy to wear, come in three colors, and get this...with the 15% discount, only $20. I know. You would have money LEFT OVER if you got these. ;)

Notch Neck Top I think this pattern is divine, and the grey and yellow make it modern and spring-like.  Wear this with all your pieces and have the compliments come pouring in...

Peony Book Bag Would you favor a purse from Boden?  How about this pretty and practical tote bag?  It is called a book bag, but its waxed oilcloth exterior make it a perfect choice for moms, teens, and anyone who lives in a "wet" area like Seattle.  LOL.

Ruffled Ribbon Necklace This is my personal favorite, and once I have money back in my bank account after purchasing the showstopping knitted jacket, I will be buying this necklace (probably in the brown color).  It is unusual, statement-making, and entirely feminine.  In other words, perfection.

Velvet Ribbon Skirt Would you rather buy something from the sale section?  Or do you still live in a place that will undoubtedly have winter for at least a few more months?  This skirt still has a few sizes and colors available, and the price is right...especially with some free mullah.

Okay, then, good luck you all!

P.S. I  know some of you have been wondering where the Boden Summer Preview has gone.  Last year at this time the preview was up and many were pre-ordering (including yours truly).  Turns out that the preview will be up at the END OF THIS keep your eyes peeled.  I will obviously do a post on it when that happens.  ;)  (Thank you, Boden on Facebook for letting me know that...)