Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup (Sale Edition)!

Okay, I am super-excited. I woke up this morning thinking I would be giving you all three Boden reviews, but no! Turns out that quite a few sale items are still around and I remembered that I had reviewed them way back when, and felt you all should know that these items are still around at Boden.

To top it off, three separate awesome blog friends wrote me with their reviews...

One of them reviewed a coat from the fall, and her review is the first up today in the Sale Edition of the Boden Weekly Review Roundup. (The other two blog friends reviewed current Spring 2011 items, and their reviews will be in another post.)

So I went from thinking I would have the most bare bones post ever to needing to create two separate posts. :)

Quick Reminder: To open the Boden item and see availability in sizing and colors, and to see measurements, open the picture of the item itself (a new tab or window should open).  To see the item up close IRL (if available), click on the photo which will take you to a larger version.  (This includes the photos of me wearing the items that I have linked to under the picture of the item itself.)

Drewablank looks super-chic in her Giant Houndstooth Coat!!!
Her she is with the coat opened.  My question is...what in the heck is CW doing back there.
 Houndstooth Coat: Pink/Navy Blue. The giant houndstooth coat (which is now sold out unfortunately) is one of my favorite coats ever since I received it in the mail. The coat itself is quite warm, fully lined in a substantial silk-like material. I am 5' tall so you have an idea as to the length of the coat (refer to picture).

It buttons all the way to the top, so you can skip a scarf if it's not too cold. My only (oh so small!) gripe would be the pockets, which are patch pockets, only open on top. So, if you wanted to place your hands in the pockets, your arms would be at a bit of a strange angle.

I took my normal size in J.Crew jackets, for those who are familiar with sizing at J.Crew. For those who are not, I'd say go with your regular size on top. The coat flares a bit from the waist down, thus giving more of an allowance in hip sizing. :)

If you missed out on this coat this time around, remember this review for next year because there's a big chance that (Mr. Johnnie) Boden will bring this very coat back. ;)

(I would like to second that, Johnnie is good about bringing popular items back BUT that said, I often see popbacks over at Boden...I will let you all know if the houndstooth coat pops back...however, if you can't wait...check out the next skirt...)

Jacquard Wool Mini
Jacquard Wool Mini: If you LOVE the pattern on drewablank, and you are super-sad over it not being available, definitely check out this skirt.  Although the Boden affiliate program I use shows this skirt in a red/black mod print, this skirt also comes in a YELLOW and GREY HOUNDSTOOTH pattern, the same pattern as in drewablank's coat!  Success!  ;)  (And on sale, too!)

Greenwich Reefer
Greenwich Reefer: On me in the Grey, Size 6 (UK 10). Many sizes now available, except in navy blue.

Sequin Spot Top
Sequin Spot Top: On me in the Oyster shade, Size 6 (UK 10).  Many sizes now available, except in the purple colorway.

Bloomsbury T-Bars
Bloomsbury T-Bars: On me in the Purple/Brown, Size 41 (US 9.5) (very bottom of the post).

Upbeat Wool Mini
Upbeat Wool Mini: On me in the Teal Geo Jacquard, Size 8 Long (UK 12 Long).

Up later this evening will be the Boden Weekly Review Roundup (Spring 2011 Edition)!