Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boden Summer Preview Picks AND Giveaway Reminder...

Now don't you all forget to enter the Boden $25 Gift Card giveaway, winner will be announced tomorrow morning!  {Whee!}

Also, have you visited the Boden Buy and Sell?  If you desire something from Boden that got away from you, or you want to sell something from Boden, this may be your best option, all these Boden loving folks in one place.  

Okay, so I *had* promised to go and show off my picks from the Summer 2011 Preview at  And then Friday afternoon happened, and then Friday night (swim coaching), and the Saturday morning happened (successful Arbonne party), and then Saturday afternoon (visit to Old Town Alexandria).  In short, I had a life beyond my computer.  LOL.  :)

So without further ado, my picks (some of which I pre-ordered).  You can click on the name of the item to go directly to the site...the Boden affiliate program I work with has no links to the preview site, so please don't click on the 15% off coupon on the sidebar to see the preview stuff, that will take you to the current line only...

Bow Shift:  Tastymoog mentioned how much this looks like the Ishia dress made by J. Crew a few years back.  I *knew* it reminded me of something J. Crew made, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  This is all-cotton, and not silk, but the overall print, etc. sucked me right in.  I love the sage green/blue/orange version best, but it also comes in grey and blue tonal colorways, as well.  I ordered and 8 as there are no garment measurements, and since it's a shift, I bet that will be my size (hips, you all, my decent-sized lady hips).

Breezy Beach Dress: How lovely, a pretty topper for the days when you are at the beach and need a presentable and conservative cover-up to go to lunch, but you don't want to go back to the hotel room/condo to get changed.  For me, I will use it to cover-up after the pool when I still have errands to run (nothing more exotic than the grocery store, but who wants to see more of me than needed?).  LOL.  The red version is also very pretty!

Jersey Beach Dress: My sister-in-law is going to die when she sees me in this.  This color combo is one of her favorites...and I can see why.  This may be one of the chic-est beach cover-ups I have ever laid my eyes on.  :)

Printed Tunic: Something about this 80s throwback shape and design was appealing to me.  Betcha you all thought I would have gone for the crazy 70s floral version, but you would be wrong.  (Maybe it is because I already own this dress?)

I may have been swayed by how beautiful it looks on this model!

Beach Shirt Dress: Mr. Dina is going to love me in a dress version of one of his favorite summer staples, the Hawaiian print shirt.  I think this may be my favorite from the whole roll-out.  Let's just cross our fingers that the garment measurements are accurate, as I ordered a 6 based on what they said!!!  :)

Show Stopping Tunic:  Just a tad different than the Showstopping Knitted Jacket that I am obsessed with, drewablank brought this beauty to my attention.  I ended up not ordering it as I fear the big circles going around in a stripe pattern near my hips, but if you need some help with curves, this may be a great dress/tunic to create that optical illusion.  This is the grey version, but there are also more colorful options, too.

Broderie Scarf: I rarely wear scarves, but they look so pretty and chic on so many women during the summer.  I thought this might be a beautiful choice for those of you that really want the Broderie Dress but can't afford its not-so-beautiful price.  :)

Fun Applique Mini: They seem to have moved away from making the Fun Skirt (although click on that link and there are still a few from last fall available--size 2 as of today, but there always pop-backs), and have replaced it with other versions that are shorter and have more modern shapes.  (I still love my fun skirts, ladies, don't worry if you are a fan!)  This version is great for summer, and for the Independence Day bbqs and fireworks.  What a great way to say "haha" to the UK's loss of their 13 American colonies than to wear a skirt made by one of their companies?  (Still love ya, Johnnie!)  This red, white, and blue skirt is a great way to be (ironically) patriotic without resorting to the ubiquitous Old Navy flag tee.

Fun Girl T-Shirt: Yes, I succumbed to mini-Boden's Summer Preview 2011.  CW is going to be adorable in this, right???  :)

Embroidered Summer Skirt: Agh.  The cuteness with all those precious birds encircling the hem?  CW is gonna go crazy when she sees this in real life. 

Big Print T-shirt:  I let my little man choose his favorites to pre-order and he said, "the crab one and the octopus one, momma, please?"  I never wavered...he chose well.  Good on you, Rex!

What are your picks now that we have had a few days to process the pretty?