Thursday, January 30, 2014

Boden: Spring Trim. Final Two Days!

UPDATE: Suzy, a good blog friend, let me know that she can't access disqus at my blog.  She is not alone...neither can I!  (What???)  Anyhow, I do know some of you can, I have seen the comments through e-mail, so thank you for commenting.  If you would like to comment on a post but can't, go ahead on over to the facebook page and comment that way.  I always update the blog's facebook page when I have a post, so you can go to that post and comment directly there.  This blog post's facebook page is here, yesterday's blog post's facebook page is here, and the giveaway blog post facebook page is here.

Hey, all!  Today starts the final two days of "Spring Trim" savings over at Boden.  Today and tomorrow feature 20% savings on coats, knitwear, nightwear, and a smattering of accessories like tights and underwear. 

I wrote a lot about how the spring trim works here at this post, so head on over there if you don't know the drill.

Okay, so a few items have caught my eye from the sale today, but I am going to be brief since I still have my massive sewing project looming over my head (read more on that here at this post, if you are so inclined). 

1. Cable Knit Sweater.  I hadn't even noticed the cable knit sweater until I went over to the spring trim section today and saw its prettiness staring back at me.  It comes in three luscious clear spring shades, but I think my favorite might be the carnation shade.  If I had a bigger budget, I would include this in my "must haves," but for now I will wishlist it and hope that my size makes it to a better % off.

2. Richmond Blazer.  The floral version of the Richmond blazer is included in the sale and although numbers seem strong now, this one might sell out before too long since it is a very unique piece, and from experience, the pretty/unique pieces sell out pretty quickly.  I have the shorts in this same print, so if you would like to take a closer look, head on over to this post (and enter the giveaway--last day to enter is tomorrow!).

3. British Tweed Blazer.  If you are a fan of houndstooth, this jacket features its classic design in not so expected colors.  Because Boden only sources the best tweed, you can be assured that what you will receive will be well made from long-lasting fabric.  Numbers on these jackets are in backorder/low stock.  Apparently it runs small, if you carry your weight up top, you may want to bear that in mind when ordering.

4. Pajama Bottoms.  I ordered a pair from the fall rollout and I love them.  I ordered a size US 10, and while it is big, I don't care because they are so cozy and snuggly.  I don't have a need for anymore pajama bottoms, but everyone should have at least a pair of these in their wardrobe.  Yum.

5. Opaque Tights.  I have the red/grey color version, and the red is very vibrant and a touch pink-y (but still has red undertones).  They fit exactly as I expected them to, so I am glad I chose to grab the medium instead of the large.  By the size chart, I would be right on the edge of medium/large, and you would think that someone with my length legs plus (cough cough) *strong* thighs would fall over into large, but I don't, so don't size up.  Even if you are on the edge of the next size.  :-)

Okay, that's it for now.  I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.  Word around here is that we might make it into the upper 30s!  (Heat wave.  LOL.  Cannot wait for May.  Hate winter.)

If you spend less than $195 overall (in-season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:
Valid 1/26 - 1/31. 6-Day Promotion: 20% Off Selected Items; 10% Off Everything Else + Free Shipping & Returns!

If you are spending more than $195 overall (in season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OOTDs: Marled Colorblock Loveliness and Some Truly Awful Pants.

Hey, all.  I have been meaning to get to posting my ootd posts more frequently but I have been a bit busy with the usual, you know, constant needs of children, and the unusual, the complete drafting of my first pants block/pattern.  Last Saturday I spent four hours at G Street Fabrics working with an instructor who had us take very specific measurements of the lower half of our bodies (there are seven of us in the class) and then carefully draw precise lines and shapes from the measurements on pattern drafting paper.

This week we are meant to take the pattern and make a muslin of it with two inch seam allowances, and I don't about you sewers out there, but I am struggling to get those two inch seam allowances on there, even though I have a curved ruler and a very large clear straight ruler.  It's probably my inexperience, but I also bet a few people who have more experience than me might hate adding seam allowances to patterns, too.  ;-)

But--for all of the hard work I have to do to get the pants block ready--I so want this pattern to be done and asap, since I am at the point where I absolutely LOATHE 90% of my regular pants.  Leggings, fine.  Ponte trousers, great.  Actual physical pants with a waistband, pockets, and a zip/button closure, ugh.  I now weigh less than I did a year ago, but I guess since my sewing journey has started, I realize just how horribly pants fit most people.  It's like a matter what, I look for how pants fit people when looking at a photo of someone's outfit.  I even noticed that freaking J. Crew models have poorly fitting pants, all saggy and wrinkly and crotch-whiskered, too (at least nine offensive pairs of pants in the February 2014 issue, fwiw).  My *brother* has fitting issues, his crotch had massive amounts of wrinkles in the fabric in the pair he wore tonight.  So what to do?  Well--sew your own freaking pairs and sell the rest.  I think by the time I am done, I will have in my closet exactly three pairs of non-handmade pants that is how vile I think all of my purchased pairs are. 

Or it could just be that I am tired of pants because it has been too cold to wear anything but pants.  Darn you Arctic Blast.

So below are three outfits with pants in them.  Fortunately for the pants, they were at least topped by sweaters or tees that I just love, including the Marled Colorblock Sweater, which I recently acquired in one of the 40% off sales (although I think I may have bought this one at 50% off if I am remembering correctly).

I am going to not bother with any of the extra details tonight, but if I can link to a product page, I will.  :-)  I will add a few words about the pretty Marled Colorblock Sweater, too.

Okay, these pants are okay.  Bit short, but it wasn't too cold that day.  Plus it has a ridiculous amount of stretch in them, so they really don't count as "real" pants anyhow.  ;-)

You can find the Arrowstack necklace at Madewell.  The Embellished Ballet Flats are in clearance over at Boden.  

I made the sweater using the Crewneck Sweater pattern in Burda Magazines August 2013 issue.  Again with the tracing and adding seam allowances.  Worth the effort, though, I am a huge fan of this unusual shape and the fabric since I have NOTHING like it in my wardrobe.

You can read more about the process here at Pattern Review.  I won't be turning this project into a "made by me file" post here at the blog.

Close up of the fabric and the stretch lace trim I used on the sweater.

These stupid jeans.  They are too baggy at the waist so I had to keep hitching them up all day but oddly too tight in my upper thigh.  Sigh.  They look way cuter in the photo than they felt like in real life.

You can find the Metallic Snowflake Tee here at J. Crew Factory.

Close up the tee and the darling bow cardigan.  The tee fits well, I sized up to a small and like it a bit bigger and longer.  Works well with the silhouette I chose yesterday.

Does anyone recall the name of this coat?  It is from 2006 and it is so warm (probably made from stadium cloth fabric).  Anyhow, I pull it out when it is bitter a$$ cold out and that is what it was yesterday.  Bitter A$$ cold.

Sorry about the color, the shot was taken a bit underexposed and in attempting to get the lighting brighter, it turned the whole photo a bit green/cool. 

Those pants are the worst offenders in my closet.  I only wore them out because I literally put them on four seconds before leaving and because I knew that I would be wearing that grey coat (in the last photo) over it.  I think the pants being made from a horribly wrinkly cotton sateen make these pants extra wrinkly and saggy looking.  They are just so bad.  I shouldn't even give them up, I should just turn them into work pants and be done with it.  They fit, that's what makes the whole situation even worse.  They feel so comfortable on...what a pity that they look like UTTER crap on me.  LOL.

Color is a bit better here, but still a touch cool.

The Marled Colorblock Sweater is still available, and I have seen this color pop back a ton in both shades in all sizes.  I sized to an extra small based on Gigi's review, and I think I chose well since it feels comfortable without being too baggy or loose.  This would look really cute with a pencil skirt, if only it warmed up enough for me to want to wear a skirt.

The necklace is a stunner, and I am so glad I bought it way back in 2009.  I only wear it a handful of times a year but it never fails to make me smile.  It suits the coloring of the knit, especially the light purple shade of the yarn.

I personally love the tiny specks of neon threading but if that is not your thing stay away.  :-)

Okay that's all for now.

If you are a Boden fan, the "Spring Trim" of the day ends tonight and tomorrow starts another two day "trim."  You can read more about the current trim here.

Valid 1/26 - 1/31. 6-Day Promotion: 20% Off Selected Items; 10% Off Everything Else + Free Shipping & Returns!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boden: Spring Trim, Tuesday and Wednesday...Tops, Trousers, Skirts!

Good Tuesday, everyone!  I wanted to write up a quick post to let you all know about the current Boden "Spring Trim" for today and tomorrow.  If you had your eye on a top, pants, or a skirt from the current Boden lineup, it may have made it into the 20% off sale, so take a look round if you are so inclined.  :-)

I wrote up more on how this kind of sale works, so take a look at this post if you need more information.

Of these items I have only tried a few, and they are all from seasons past, the few items that were carried over to the current line. 

Smithfield Wool Skirt.  Review Here, Worn Here (one of my all time fave outfits, btw.).
Lace Top. Review Here.  Can't wait till it warms up so I can wear it again.  (Dang it, Arctic blast!)
Off Duty Shorts.  Review Here.  Worn Here. (They don't have the green floral version I am wearing, but the item is the same, just in a denim.)

Do you see anything of note that you would like to recommend?

Talk with you all later today. 

If you spend less than $195 overall (in-season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:
Valid 1/26 - 1/31. 6-Day Promotion: 20% Off Selected Items; 10% Off Everything Else + Free Shipping & Returns!

If you are spending more than $195 overall (in season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Boden: Spring Trim! One Week Only!

Hi, and happy Sunday, everyone!

I wanted to get this post published before I left for church, but the extra fifteen minutes of sleep felt so good, and since I know most of you will appreciate that, I held off on this post until I got back from church.  :-)

Anyhow, the folks at Boden have their first real promo of the year going on right now, which is like the catch of the day but called the Spring Trim.  Basically they put a select number of items on sale for 20% off across all of the site, but limit it to a certain number of items from each category.  So while everyone from men to women and teens and children have items in the sale, only some of the categories are in the sale, and in the categories, only some of those items are reduced the 20%.  To make the sale extra enticing, though, anything that is not in the sale is 10% off.

Today and tomorrow womenswear and mini girls have selected dresses and shoes at 20% off, while menswear and mini boys have selected trousers/pants at 20% off.  On Tuesday another set of items will be reduced, and then on Thursday a final round of items will be reduced.  Whatever is on sale today and tomorrow goes back to regular price on Tuesday, though, so bear that in mind. 

I will add one note...if you find your basket gets to $195 or more, you can go ahead and use the coupon at the very bottom of this post to receive 20% off your extra non-spring trim items since the promo that is specifically tailored for this sale only gives 10% off your non-spring trim items.  Remember, any clearance item in your bag will not be reduced further, unfortunately, because boy would I love to grab some clearance items with an extra % off.

I have had a quick look around and of course I think so much of it is really pretty, but the only item I have actually received and had a chance to look at in real life that is in today's sale are the Mid-Heel Wedge, which run a bit small, in my opinion.  I really wish the mid-heel wedge came in half sizes since my foot is exactly a 40.5 by Boden standards.  If I had purchased the 41, there is no doubt in my mind the shoe would have been too wide and possibly too long.  I purchased the 40 and they run exactly right in width, but the toe box is very cramped since they are not quite long enough.  I have read at other blogs that some folks have taken shoes to a professional and have them stretched, so I may give that a go since everything else about the shoe fits beautifully.  (Apparently you can only stretch all leather items, though, which is what these are.)  In terms of how they look, they are nicely finished and the little wedge makes them practical enough to wear all day, but gives a little lift, elongating the leg a bit.

Okay, that's it on my you have any favorites from the current crop of spring trim items???

If you spend less than $195 overall (in-season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:
Valid 1/26 - 1/31. 6-Day Promotion: 20% Off Selected Items; 10% Off Everything Else + Free Shipping & Returns!

If you are spending more than $195 overall (in season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:

Friday, January 24, 2014

OOTE: Argyle and Lodden.

Day: Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

Where: Winesday at Whole Foods and El Paso Cafe for my brother's birthday.

Ease of Wear: (4.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) For such a pulled-together look, this was surprisingly comfy.  I felt like I could have easily worn it the whole day and not needed to change my shoes, tights, etc. 

The tights were necessary since it was so blasted cold that day (and has been since, barring the lovely weather we had on the 20th).  I purchased those tights from Boden last year and they are popular enough that Boden brought them back for fall 2013.  It can be difficult to find proper thick sweater tights here in the States.  A few places sell them, but they are very expensive.  Target sells sweater tights now, which I was pleased to see, but at $12, they are still relatively expensive for tights.  (And they got a run right away--in the upper leg, which I could fix with clear nail polish, but still!)

The shoes are the much beloved Leather loafers which I reviewed here.  Most worn pair of shoes in my closet, hands down.

Cool Factor: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.)  Some of my JCA friends will immediately recognize the look, which is why the post is titled Argyle and Lodden.  Both the dress and shirt were styled together in the J. Crew Paris Catalog (September 2007).  Obviously I couldn't wear it the way the lovely Vanessa Lorenzo did in the photo, but I could at least do half of the look.  :)

Not cool, btw, just pretty. 

If you are a fan of the shirt, and you sew, you can grab the fabric here at B&J fabrics (Liberty of London Lodden).  I won't be making anything else from the fabric (I was able to buy the blouse on ebay), but I could see the print looking very pretty in a full skirt.

Anecdote from the Day:  As per our usual, my brother and I went to Winesday that Wednesday.  We found out our favorite host (there are five stations) has the same birthday as my brother (along with Martin Luther King, Jr., of course). 

After that we enjoyed ourselves at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Paso Cafe.  And as we always do, everyone took a moment to wear a sombrero, including yours truly.

Alrighty, you all have a great night! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: First of 2014.

Good Wednesday afternoon!  We are snowed in here for the second day in a row.  Since my kids had Friday last week and Monday this week off anyhow, this has turned into quite a little mini vacation for them.  I am a tiny bit ready for them to go back to school, but I have definitely enjoyed the time off from the school run, if I am being 100% honest here.  ;-)

Okay, so a lot has occurred in the time since the last BWRR.  As many of you already know, Boden both rolled out their spring line (post on it here) and set up another preview for their Summer line (post on it here).  Since I wrote the post on the Summer preview, they have updated the Boden Preview site to include mini Boden.  They also updated the women's section with items that had originally been in the Spring Preview (some of my picks from this post had summer items in it) that did not roll out with the Spring line.  So if you want a second chance at some Summer items that you thought you couldn't get for the 20% off, like the Erin Dress, you have another go at it. 

I had canceled the items from my spring order that were these summer items and was all set to accept that I lost my chance on them at the lower price, but I am glad to see I have another go at it.  Yippee!  Not all the items I canceled are there, but there are a couple, and that is good enough for me.

You can receive the 20% off with free shipping by using the code PRV3, by the way.

Before I get into the actual reviews, two blog friends took a closer look at Boden items from the spring line.  Liz of What Liz Loves wrote two separate posts on "How Boden does Vogue."  Part one can be found here and part two can be found here.  Fashion Mommy takes a closer look at the London Tales from the spring line looks here.

Onto the reviews!

Regular Boden:

Sophia Sweater (Jumper). Size 6.  From the looks of this picture you would think I would have nothing but utmost praise for it, but we can't stop short because this sweater is so long.  (Oh, I tried there.  LOL.)

Anyhow, this sweater is very lovely, barring its insane length, and it is still a keeper.  The color is vibrant and beautiful, and the knitting is a bit unusual (more of a purl than a knit, if you knit, you will understand that).  The yarn it is made from is super cozy, a blend of cotton and wool. 

Here you can really see the length.  It was so long I basically chose to wear it as a shorter tunic.  It is possible that since it is made from a cotton/wool blend that it will shrink with the wash, but since I line dry and cold wash all my items (outside of undergarments, of course), it may not shrink.  It looks fine as a long tunic, but I was surprised by how long it was.

The model was seated in the stock photo, so that may be why I was tricked into believing it was a shorter sweater.  The copy on Boden's site clearly mentions how long it is, but I must not have read it.  Ah, well.  Here I am seated on the railing to my stairs, and it looks shorter. 

Bonus is if you are a gal with a long torso...on you this sweater should be long enough, which I *know* many of you have taken issue with Boden for in the past.  I may be fine with their shorter offerings, but I know that many of you can't wear items that short without exposing belly.  So yay for that!

Side View.  My hubby really liked this outfit (and my hair).  The look of the sweater is quite preppy, so if you are a fan of traditional preppy looks, this is probably going to be a winner in your book.  The sweater also comes in a classic navy and red (orange?) for those of you who prefer less bright options.

If this sweater covers my bottom, I guarantee you it will cover yours.  LOL. 

Sophia Sweater
Sophia Sweater.  The red (orange?) shade is looking low in stock in some sizes. You are good to go in the other sizes and colors.  Oh, and now I see the length.  I don't know that this full shot was in the preview, though.

Penny Loafers
Penny Loafers.  I wore and briefly reviewed these in this post (first outfit). One thing to note, the only review at Boden mentions that the green shade is a bright green, like stoplight green instead of the pretty mint you see at the site. The navy is definitely true to color, fwiw.

Must Have Tee
Bistro Short
Must Have Tee, Bistro Short, and Button Back Sweater.  Even though I haven't worn them out in real life yet, I took a few photos of these three items here at this post.  To get to the Button Back Sweater page, please use the link embedded in the name as my affiliate program does not have this one in their directory.

Soft Leather Bowling Bag
Soft Leather Bowling Bag.  Liz was gifted this beauty by Boden (cough, cough, wouldn't mind the peach one myself, Mr. Boden, wink wink) and has worn it as part of an outfit here and reviewed it here.

Clearance Boden (items that are still available):
Military Wool Jacket
Jacquard Roll Neck
Embellished Ballet Flats
Military Wool Jacket, Bistro Wool Crop, Jacquard Roll Neck, and Embellished Ballet Flats. I wore the Military Wool Jacket as part of an outfit here, the Bistro Wool Crops are on me here and here, and I wore the Jacquard Roll Neck and Embellished Ballet Flats here.  Use the link embedded in the Bistro Wool Crop name to get to that item as my affiliate program does not have those in its directory.

British Tweed Blazer
Canonbury Clutch

Honeycomb Stitch Sweater
Westbourne Sweater
British Tweed Blazer, Canonbury Clutch, Bistro Crop Trousers, Honeycomb Stitch Sweater, and Westbourne Sweater. What Lou Wore has shown all of these pretty clearance items off in these posts:
1. Tweed blazer here as part of an outfit and her original review can be found here.
2. The Canonbury clutch can be seen here.
3. The Bistro Crop* and Honeycomb Sweater are here.  You can also see the Honeycomb sweater here.
4. The Westbourne jumper can be seen on Lou here.
*Use the link embedded in the name for the bistro crop trousers as my affiliate does not have that link in its directory.

Flowerburst Necklace
Boho Boot
Jewelled Tunic Dress
Flowerburst Necklace, Boho Boots, and the Jewelled Tunic Dress. What Liz Loves showed off these items in these following posts:
1. You can see the Flowerburst Necklace on her here.
2. The Boho Boots can be seen here.
3. The Jewelled Tunic Dress can be seen here and here.

Westbourne Sweater
Westbourne Sweater. Joanna wore her very cozy looking sweater here.

Sparkle Knitted Jacket
Emma Top
Fair Isle Cardigan
Sparkle Knitted Jacket, Emma Top, and the Fair Isle Cardigan. School Gate Style shows off her outfits featuring these items in these posts:
1. You can see both the Sparkle Knitted Jacket and the Emma Top on Avril here.
2. The Fair Isle Cardigan is shown on her here.

Okay, that's all for now!  Thanks to all of you for your patience in waiting for this current BWRR, and thank you to all my blog friends for their amazing reviews/ootds featuring yummy Boden clothing.

Right now, this link below provides the best savings for Boden (regular priced only) with 20% off any order of $135 or more.  If you are only shopping clearance items, it will provide you with free shipping, though no extra discount.
Valid 1/13/14-2/3/14 - 20% Off Orders Over $135 Plus Free Shipping