Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wie schön...

Happy Halloween!

Oh, let's not beat around the bush. I know you all have seen the pic in your blogger reader or preview screen, so here goes...yes, I am wearing a dirndl.

It gets better. I own THREE dirndls. As some of you may know or remember from the past posts, I spent a lot of my youth in Germany. My mother and her family are actually German (my Omi, or grandmother, was born and raised in Berlin, DURING World War II--if you have any knowledge of German history, you know that was NOT the time to live in Berlin). My dad is American, and when my dad and my mom met in California (my mother's father is American and was in the military--he met my Omi during the Berlin Airlift), and had me and my brother, they decided to move to Germany with the Army. For the first few years of my life (I was the ages of my own children), I lived all over Southern Germany. My mom and dad divorced when I was five, and we moved back to the states. Even with that move, my brother and I still went to Germany to visit my mom, so even though we were gone from Germany, it was still a place we visited often.

My youth was spent wearing fun German clothing, including dirndls. My brother had lederhosen, too. Fast forward to now. Do I get to Germany very often anymore? Well, nein, not really. I went a few years ago in 2005, but that is not how I received three dirndls. My dirndls are from my step-grandmother, Grandma Jane, who passed away when I was twelve. In a twist of serendipity, she and my grandfather (not my mom's dad, but my dad's dad) were living in Germany while we were in Germany. Grandma Jane loved clothing, and loved celebrating ethnic clothing, so she purchased upwards of 20 dirndls. I always loved my Grandma Jane's style, and because my Grandpa couldn't get rid of her gorgeous clothing when she passed away, I was gifted her clothing (not all of it, but some of her pieces came my way) eventually. It took my grandpa YEARS to accept her passing, and when he was ready to get rid of the pieces, he realized that I am the same size she was (height and all), so he gave me three of the dirndls. And what kind of person would I be if I didn't wear them when I can...

And knowing what a clothes horse Grandma Jane was, I still don't get how we aren't blood-related. LOL.

Hang on for a moment longer, then pics, I promise...

My dad went to Germany two years ago and because I asked him, he bought both Rex and CW an authentic lederhosen and dirndl. Of course he sized WAY up, so they weren't quite big enough last Halloween to celebrate their German heritage, but this year, well, ya, das ist gut!

And just for you all...a sneak peek of tonight...German style. (Get out the oom-pah band.) (Accordians and beer steins ready?)

This is my green dirndl. It is also the only dirndl I have that has a separate blouse. The dirndl I will wear tonight, the pink one, is actually one piece with an apron and a pair of lace-y socks.

What do I mean I am wearing the pink one tonight? Isn't the green one what I am wearing today? Nope. I got to be all FESTIVE twice this week. Rex's preschool had a Halloween day on Thursday, so we get to celebrate our heritage TWICE. In one week. If we keep this up, the German store down the street from our house may just hire us to work every Sunday, holding up signs on the road announcing the fact that there is a GERMAN store right there in the middle of all the Ethiopian and Korean restaurants. We would fit right in. (It still boggles my mind that there is a German store right there...I keep expecting its doors to shutter closed, but it never does. Maybe it is a demand thing...maybe all the Germans in the DC area drive all the way to this store to get their Weißwurst and spätzle once a week and that alone keeps them in business.)

No, we didn't get Baby CW's baby doll her own dirndl.  Even I don't want to shop that badly...

Here we are, all three of us. We look so HAPPY!

And there is a close-up of Rex in his lederhosen. I think he will actually get a few more years use out of this outfit. Bit big, eh?  BTW, we kept him real authentic like by being all Euro with his socks/sandals combo.  Oh, yeah!  (P.S. I have no idea what that link's website is all about...I don't think I am its target audience!)

BTW, Baby CW could have been given the dirndl and told to wear it, and it would have been no issue at all. Rex, not so much. The only way we got him to wear it? They are officially Hansel and Gretel. It took only three weeks, with many hours spent telling him the story, showing him the various versions of it on youtube, and singing the song before he finally gave in.

So don't anyone mention to him that he is a German Boy, instead call him Hansel. Oh, and make a really big deal about saving his sister from the witch by pushing the witch in the oven. (Yeah, you can tell my son is three.)

Have a great day. I hope you and yours have a really great time celebrating Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boden 2011--So Pretty Spring Preview!

I am subbing today, so I only have brief moment to talk, but I JUST HAD to let you all see the Boden Spring Preview for 2011. I know it is early, as most of us have just put away our summer clothing from 2010 (yesterday it was 80 degrees here in NOVA). That said, I know some of you are fanatics for the bright colors and punchy designs that come with most clothing retailers Spring/Summer collections, so I wanted to make sure you all got a little look at some really adorable designs that Boden is starting to sell today! :) I may just have to grab a few of these for myself. I believe they will start shipping them in January...

Um, LOVE. This Pool Party Tunic is just an amazing design, shape, and color. Boden does tunics well, and as you know, I am a is a linen tunic from last spring (3rd photo), and a silk jersey tunic from the spring of the year prior to that.

Boden does dresses well, too, and this Sassy Silk Dress does seem to be right up my alley. For reference, here is a silk tunic that I wore recently. Their silk items are made from nice silk, and are usually done in really saturated colors.

Gypsy Tops are really nice options for summer as you can put one on with capris, a few chunky bracelets, wedge sandals, and you would be ready to go. I really do love this particular gypsy top, beautiful combo of pale pinks, yellows, and greys.

Since I am not really "at" my computer today, I won't be commenting back, BUT I would love to read about your favorites and what you might order.  Also, if you think there is something from this preview that would suit me or my favorite mini-me, CW, would you mind putting that in your comments?  I would love to see what you would love to see me in this spring! 

Have a great Friday, talk soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NC and an MC...Plus a Bling Blossom!

Hey, all. Long time. My fault! Is it normal for a cold to last over a completely wear you out? Or should I just blame the children? LOL.

I kid. In reality, I was already run down LAST week when I finished up the Fall into Fashion class and then ran off to North Carolina. Probably not the best idea we have ever had, but come on now...could I ever say no to seeing the amazing DJ Lance Rock and his crew from Yo Gabba Gabba? Yeah, I thought you all would agree. :) (Get it now? The title? NC--where we went, and MC--DJ Lance Rock? The Bling Blossom will be explained later...)

Also, before picture time...I got two more followers today! (Whee!) I have gotten probably five or six total in the past month, but here's the crazy thing...I would get a follower, go up to 228 total, then one follower would drop the VERY. NEXT. DAY, so I would be back to 227 (great show, btw). This happened twice! The new follower wouldn't be the one to drop, it would be someone else. So bizarre. I feel like I am Jerry Seinfeld, if I throw a dollar out a window, I find four quarters in a vending machine.

First full day in NC, same day we go to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live, I wear an homage to the great DJ himself by finding my BRIGHTEST orange tee. I chose not to be derivative this year. (Seriously people, click on the link. Trust me...find the second picture.)

Tee is vintage (using the term loooooooosely here) Pink Victoria's Secret. I never buy VS anymore, but loved this tee when I saw it four or five years ago. The jeans are the Amore Wash Ankle Toothpick Jeans from J. Crew, and the shoes are Cole Haan Janine Penny Mocs (as best I can tell). I scored all three for very little. I think the total outfit may be under $100. (Not saying much, I realize, but Cole Haans? Usually a pretty dear penny.)

Pics of actual concert time are at the bottom. ;)

Above is the polyvore of the second full day we were in NC. That day I wanted to feel pretty, yet comfy. I love the tie-dyed Wednesday skirt more than I expected to...really does work with many items in my wardrobe, including the four above in the polyvore. (And yes, that is the Bling Blossom necklace. And yes, I am probably the only person who bought it. Not full price. You don't have to stress about that, people.)

Top: Sparkle Waves Henley, in store only color of ivory, extra small.
Cardigan: Michelle Merino Cardigan, Light Pink (Blush), medium. I have had this forever. Such a lovely cardigan, like the forever and infinity cardigans, but a little looser and less long.
Skirt: Tie-Dyed Wednesday Skirt, size 6. Person who bought it before me was bigger than a 6, wore it, stretched out the side seams (they are ruined), returned it, I bought on pop-back, saw issue, and got over it. I think I will sew up ruined seams (yay, sewing machine!), but had this been any other skirt, I would have read J. Crew the riot act. Too bad I really really wanted this skirt.
Necklace: Bling Blossom Necklace. I loved it in the lookbook (was on very last two pages) but when I heard it was $175, I said, "for that?" "ooh, that's too much for me right now." So I waited, and watched, and waited, and watched. When it went on sale I pounced...with the help of the 25% off card that Mickey gave us. Thank goodness for great red phone service. So question I love it? Yes, yes, I do. Since you all know me as a huge fan of statement necklaces, this one fills the same qualities...big, fun, not serious or conservative, and really, really bling-y. It isn't too heavy, and the rosettes are quite beautiful in real life. And considering my husband's tolerance for all things "weird" (read: he has no tolerance), the fact that he said NOTHING regarding this necklace means it's okay in his book.

Oh, there's my head. ;) Look at Rex back there, all ready to go.

Rex in his Brobee hat. He lasted about twenty minutes before he flung it off. He was angry for about an hour of the hour and a half concert because he thought it looked too much like a movie. REX HATES MOVIE THEATERS. Loud Audible Sigh. Fortunately it was really loud in the coliseum that day (huh, toddlers, bright lights, loud music, balloons, etc., what a shock) so his wails were drowned right out. Thank goodness he calmed down for part of the time so he could enjoy part of the show. Those tickets are expensive! Regardless, this is a really cute pic, almost rexdorable.

"Yes, they are mine, officer." (Replaced with "who are these darn rugrats?" when confronted with all manners of bad behavior. Unfortunately, Rex is my doppelganger so that statement only works in complete darkness.)

Foofa #1 (CW) finds Foofa #2.

Agh!  My original paragraph was here and now it is GONE!  Sob.  Said some nice things about how much CW LOVED the concert.  Included bits about her seizing up in happiness at start of concert; concert being like her version of catnip; how balloons made her glee-ful; how she helped spread love of balloons by getting balloons to kids who were so very sad and blue that they didn't get any; and how this photo is one of the only shots of her where she wasn't LITERALLY dancing in the aisles.  Sigh.  I guess my tired little synopsis will have to do.  I hate/love you Blogger.

And finally, one of my favorites from the show, the ever-awesome Leslie Hall (Super Fly, she is). Who is Leslie Hall? Well, you can read more here. And I highly recommend you watch this video clip of her from the show, and this clip of her slightly crazily avant-garde video.  I recognize that I have fallen into full-on Hipster Parent Paradise by showing you this photo.  Maybe I will be getting more followers from the hipster community (if they can bear my politics and my penchant for all things Taco Bell/Popeye's). 

Look forward to chatting with you all soon. :) Plan to get to comments eventually. Before November. Promise (and no my fingers aren't crossed. LOL.)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Factory Tiered Lace Cami, Outfit Idea #2.

Hi, everyone. If I allowed myself to, I would so not post today, but I saw that the Factory Tiered Lace Cami is back on the Factory Site over at and I wanted to make sure you all realize that this cami is worth the money, if the idea of lots of lace and frill is your thang, you know? I obviously have worn it once already. I also have washed it in my machine on "hand wash," hung it to dry, and ironed the silk sash. I then went on to wear it for my "Fall Into Fashion" runway show that the girls of the classes held on the last day of intersession. (For reference, I wore a similar glitzy kind of top for the "Spring Into Style" runway show that was held last April--remember the Loft Gold Sequin Tank?)

Above is the polyvore that shows the individual components of the outfit. This outfit was a hit, and people loved the lace cami, but the real winner? The freaking Miss Albright Anticipation Heels that I bought from Anthropologie a couple of months ago. Honestly, I am truly shocked by how versatile these fairly frilly and romantic pieces have been in my wardbrobe. I fully "anticipate" (chortle) wearing both pieces multiple times over the next few months!

Top: Size 4. Definitely go with your typical J. Crew cami size. Iron the sash, too, if you want more sleekness. The sash comes kind of rumpled and I found the ironing made the sash look special. For more on this cami, check out my first review of the top (you can find it by going to the first paragraph and clicking on the sentence that says "I obviously have worn this once already").
Cardigan: Size Small. Although I have the infinity cardigan in paradise blue in a size extra-small, I really would have preferred a small (still keeping the xs in the paradise blue, eh, why not?). So when given the opportunity to buy the black pine colorway in a small, I did. This color, btw, is really saturated and lovely...just the right shade of dark green. In some cases it could even act as a neutral.
Pants: Size Tall 6. These are the denim leggings that J. Crew made last spring. I may have been the only person who bought them. So you all know, they were very comfortable during the day AND during the drive to North Carolina after school.
Shoes: Size 9. These run wide. I went down a full-size from my Anthro shoe size and 1/2 size from my J. Crew size. I still think every. one. of. you. should. buy. these. Except my dad, for obvious reasons. ;)
Necklace: This is from Boden last winter. There were quite a few teachers who really liked it. One of them called it "funky," but considering her penchant for crazy European spectacles, I think she may have meant that as a compliment. Ha.

You all have a great day. Hope I get to see this cami on some of you in the near future!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What *Would* Emma Pillsbury Wear if She Taught a Fashion Class?

I stick to my convictions when I say I want someone to do something...for instance, in my "Fall Into Fashion" class that I taught over the past two weeks, I really emphasized using Inspiration Boards as a way of figuring out personal style. And even though my personal inspiration board does not include the lovely Emma Pillsbury character from the very fab show Glee, she would have made it onto my board if I had *just* a little bit more room.

But as anyone who knows me from Polyvore can attest, I am addicted to copying the style of the extremely slightly compulsive character played by the pretty Ms. Mays. I am also a big fan of the blog written by my good bloggie friend who carefully documents the comings and goings of our fave red-head and other fashion related questions surrounding this sophomore show (yes, I know they had one episode in the 2008-2009 season on Fox, but it was a preview). Heck, I am even on their blog roll (teehee!).

By the way, WWEPW has just celebrated its blog-o-versary...go on over to the blog and become a follower and wish my gifted friend some Congratulations!

So what kind of fashion "counselor" would I be if I didn't devote at least one day to emulating the style of our most sartorially blessed t.v. counselor? Exactly.

Above is the polyvore I created that shows that I already had exactly what I needed to "become" Miss Emma for the day. I realize that her skirt is the unagi skirt, but my perfect pencil is the same lovely plum. Yes, the cardi is the same exact Jackie Cardigan in dried orchid. The crystal devote necklace takes the place of Emma's ubiquitous cardi clips, but I think the effect is similar. And although I went for no belt, I injected extra color in the form of some fab spearmint shoes (the awesome Alessia peep-toes that I do also own in root and graphite--love!). Danielle has done a write-up on this outfit if you all want more info.

Here I am, in the classroom, with the outfit as I wore it the whole almost the whole day (I did unbutton the cardi at one point, not very Miss Emma, but definitely Miss Dina on an 80 degree day).

Cardigan: Size small. The dried orchid had been on sale. I think the Jackie cardigan is now back to full price in this color. J. Crew strikes me as a bit schizophrenic when it comes to pricing.
Top: Size Medium. This is a stretch button-down. It isn't the best fit as the bust is loose on me, but it is very comfortable, and in my closet of color and pattern, it is a blessing for when I need to rein myself in a bit (and no I don't mean with today's outfit, either, I don't think anyone would accuse Emma of being reserved in her clothing choices).
Skirt: Size 6. I find the fit in this to be a bit tight through the hips. That said, this year's 6 fits lovely through the hips. I definitely feel more comfy in this year's version. (I can still wear this one, I just have to wear the spanx.)
Shoes: Size 9.5. If you ever find the Alessia peep-toe heels in your size on ebay, you must buy them. They are amazing shoes, comfortable, pretty, and classic.

Makeup had come undone by this point. Only my mascara was going strong. Sigh. Humidity, wool, and no professional makeup artist following me around with my Arbonne makeup does make for a slightly "dewy" Miss Dina. LOL.

Here is a close-up of just the clothes.

And here I am, all unbuttoned. Felt slightly scandalous unfurling my button-down in this manner, but again, 80 degrees...

This is a photo from the wee hours of the morning before I left for school. Upon reviewing the photo, I decided I liked the outfit, but two changes had to be made. One--MUST unbutton top two and bottom two buttons in order to really channel Emma. Even she isn't that (chortle) buttoned up. (I do realize that she has all her cardigan buttons buttoned, but she appears less buttoned-up, make sense? LOL. Probably not...) Two--MUST let hair down. This slicked-back ponytail is much more scary German woman prison guard and less pretty, sweet, shy Emma Pillsbury.  Definitely don't want to be mistaken for Helga.  (You laugh, but it has happened.  Long story.)

You all have a great day. Please continue to find inspiration for your own style wherever you can. And remember, HAVE FUN! ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Babergh Here, a Zoya There...

Hi, all! Happy Monday from a (slightly) overextended momma. As you know I have been teaching a fashion class to upper elementary kids the past two weeks, but what you may not have known is that I clearly sipped some crazy juice and decided that Friday was the ideal day to leave directly from school and travel to North Carolina with my family so we could visit friends AND see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE in concert. We got back after midnight last night. I think, based on the past two weeks, I may need to take about 50 hours of sleep to recover. (In fact, it will definitely be "nap-nap" time after I write this blog post. Snooz.)

I will be showcasing my North Carolina outfits at some point soon (including IRL pics of the babies in all their Yo Gabba Gabba glory), but not today. Today is clearly a day meant for some Anthro. So here goes...

I have made ONE polyvore since last Monday. One. That is sad...but at least it is a pretty set. Above is the outfit I wore to my Fall Into Fashion class last Thursday. We had dubbed Thursday our dress-up party day, and since we were invited to the "Planning Perfect Parties" class down the hall, I knew that this amazing cream-colored party dress would be exactly the right outfit!

Aah, the Babergh dress.

Dress: Size 6, Floreat (Anthropologie brand). I realize this is now sold out (in fact, I willingly paid full price--gulp--two days before this beauty sold out on-line), but just in case you all see it somewhere, it is helpful to know what size I took. I almost went with an 8, but couldn't as that size sold out super-fast. I was nervous the 6 wouldn't fit, but in the end every. measurement. was. EXACTLY. right. In fact, this is the dress that will keep me honest about maintaining my weight as it is right now. I forever want to be able to wear this incredibly feminine and romantic frock.

This dress has felt the LOVE from multiple bloggers...there are far too many to name, but I will link to Anjali, as she IS the blogger who put me over the edge in deciding to purchase it for myself. LOVE it on her...

Note: This is not a full-length shot as I was wearing quite possibly the worst pair of shoes to wear with the dress.  My hubby was the reason I even thought to take them off.  He saw me in them, gagged (how delicate, Mr. Dina), and said, "off now."  I looked at the photographic evidence...muttered quietly that he was right and moved on to find more appropriate footwear.  I hate it when he is right.  I thought I was the fashion blogger.  LOL.  :)

To make matters worse, I moved onto a better pair of shoes only to make the stupidest face ever. Agh. But...indulge me...take the bottom half and add it to the top half and I think you get the drift. I felt heavenly that day. The dress is pretty darn magical.

Dress: Size 8, Tabitha (not the amazing British blogger with legs that go on for miles but another Anthro brand). I had tried the Zoya dress on in a size 10 in the store, but in the end went with an 8 to better fit my top. The 8 fits okay through the hips, and I found that by the end of the day, the skirt had stretched out, so the 10 would have been a bit loosey-goosey.
Shoes: Size 9.5, Aerosoles. Yes, I said Aerosoles. These shoes were insanely popular amongst my Fashion proteges. :)
Necklace: Special Cuckoo Clock necklace that my dad and step-mom bought for me a few years ago from a fab jewelry designer known as Pade Vavra.  Yum.  Check it out close-up here.

I hope you all enjoyed my sojourn into Anthro this fine afternoon. God bless you all for continuing to read my (sadly) neglected blog. I think my return to regular blogging is in the works, so expect a bit more from me in the next few weeks! SWAK!

P.S. I loved all your comments on my homemade Liberty of London sundress. I do plan on continuing with my sewing and hope that you all will too, if that is your thing!!! Yay for being enterprising!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, Yeah, It's All Mine.

Step One: Spy a cute dress pattern over the summer of 2008 in Wal-Mart in Georgia.  Buy it even though I have not a clue how to actually, well, sew. (I will list the name of the pattern, and a link--if I can find one--when I have a moment to scare up the actual pattern.) 

Step Two: Figure out that I have a GREAT reason to learn how to sew as I am, all at once, beginning to realize that clothing is REALLY REALLY expensive on a substitute teacher's salary, especially when your favorite fabric is the Liberty of London fabric, plus I should take up this hobby because it will give me an additional thing to teach my elementary school kids in my fashion class (see fifth and sixth pic for more on that).  Woo.  Two birds--One Stone.

Step Three: Discover  Uh, oh.  Must be very very choosy because even though at $35 a yard their stash of Liberty of London tana lawn is WAY less expensive than even one full-priced J. Crew Liberty Print Perfect shirt (and hello, they probably use 1 yard at most to make the darn shirts), the fabric is still a lot of money for something you have to be insanely careful with...

Get over my anxiety and settle on the beautiful Brown Flowers (also known as Mauvey in some Liberty of London circles) as my poison of choice.

Step Four: Oops.  I am going to have to actually make the dress.  I still don't sew.  Thank goodness for mothers-in-law and stepmoms.  God bless all you all.  With their help, I (in the past two months), have learned to cut a pattern, pin fabric to cut pattern pieces, cut fabric around pattern pieces, sew fabric pieces together, figure out exactly how to translate darts into actual real life necessities on a garment, attach a lining to the outer fabric, and teach me enough so that when left to my own devices, I CAN ACTUALLY SEW on a machine, and SEW a neckline so it fits me EXACTLY to my EXACT MEASUREMENTS.  Woo!  Rock on...

Sizes: Oh, wait.  I don't have a size as this dress is fitted to me.  Yeah.  Oh, yeah.  Feels good baby.  I will say I wear a size 00 Petite.  LOL. 

This dress has a shirred neckline, cap sleeves, and a wide contrast hem in a dark shirting fabric.  I used just around 1 and 1/4 yards for this dress.  Since I bought two yards, I will use the leftovers on a pretty little outfit for CW.  (Did you think I would do something else with my amazingly soft Liberty of London fabric???)

The back.

Yes, I did tie my hair back with some of the excess fabric.  :)

The side.  I look so pensive, eh? Either that or I spied some stain on the rug.  Hmm.

Close-up of the dress so you all can see the intricate details of the print.  This fabric is insanely soft and I kept adjusting the pleating of the shirring so I could touch the fabric.  Obviously I have other items in my Liberty of London fabric collection, but clearly, with me having (at least 1/2) made this myself, this particular item is giving me an especially good reason to be all giddy!

Here I am with my darling sweet stepmom at my fashion class today.  She IS the reason I finished this dress.  I may be able to claim this dress as mine, but without her constant help and supervision, I could never have made it on my own (sounds like a hairband song verse from the '80s, huh?).  She is holding a skirt that she was able to sew in the class today (she taught part of the day with me).  Her skirt that she will wear.  It is a cord fabric in an orange and green hue.  Man, I don't know.  Sometimes I want to scream to her..."AMANDA, BE MORE TALENTED."  ;)

Yeah, I just wanted to add this pic as I am standing next to my Fall Into Fashion poster.   Polyvore addicts, I am sure this poster makes you all proud.  And yes, that is my Inspired By Poster above it that I mentioned in a long ago Mommy Style Monday.  (Speaking of which, I guess today's post could count...after all, I am posting on something that stylish moms could try themselves and it is a Monday.  Hmm...)

I like this particular styling for when I want to go out.  The above pics you see the dress all loose.  If I belt it, the dress is far too short for school, however, it is just fine for a date.  ;)  No, I wouldn't wear flip-flops on the date.  Come on, now.

Only for polyvore, peeps.

You all have a great night. Hope some of you venture into a challenge like this. I ended up discovering something I may. just. keep. up. (Yes, I actually have some additional yards of fabric lying around...shhh...just don't let it out that I may not be going to the Crew for anymore Liberty fixes.)

P.S. Look at this French lady's blog post on a blouse I assume she made from the same print. Gorg!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Falling Into Fashion...

Ooh, yes, I have been gone a while.  Oops.  I did literally FALL into fashion...that is the name of this autumn's intersession I am doing.  Remember Spring Into Style?  This is similar in feel...just a bit more geared to cold weather fashion.

I wanted so badly to stay on top of my blog and the *100 PERCENT AWESOME* comments you all gave me but life kinda had to take over.  Wait until next all will get to see a project I have been working on that I am positively GLEE-full over.  I had to kind of push it last week to get most of it done on time for my class, and that definitely affected my ability to keep up with my best bloggie pals.  :P

Of course I still took my outfit of the day pics, so below are the ones from the past week...

Might as well start with today.

Dress: Size Small, Banana Republic from Fall 2004 (thank you, tag!).  I HEART this dress so much that if I could marry something inanimate it might have to be this dress.  I remember seeing it on a photographer's assistant in September 2004 and immediately desiring the dress so much that as soon as I got home, my computer fingers had bought the dress (not me, never me...always blame your purchases on computer fingers). Anyone have a polyvore link for me, btw, or should I just clip myself?  :)
FOUND IT ON EBAY, everyone!!!
Shoes: Size 9.5, Cole Haan Carma Peep-toes.  Yummy.  And parfait (ooh, French) with the wrap dress.
Necklace: J. Crew Ombre Pearl Cluster Necklace. 

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore yesterday.  The kids and the adults went wild for the Dani suede peep-toes.  I even had one ask me if I had worn them for Breast Cancer Awareness.  LOL.  I didn't, but I totally fell in love with the idea as soon as I heard it!!!  So, ladies, wear your pink!!!

Shirt: Size small, Vintage Bateau Top, J. Crew.  I still love mine.  You all still love yours?
Pants: Size 8.  Scout Chinos, J. Crew.  Yeah, they are good workhorse capris.  I do appreciate the pegged legs...I look just terrible in the capris which have a flared hem.  Yuck!
Shoes: Size 9.5.  Hot Pink strap equals Breast Cancer Awareness!  Wear your Danis if you want to represent for the "ladies."  ;)

Jacket: Size 6.  This is the Maryn Jacket from J. Crew's suiting collection that I got for around 50 dollars.  I like the look of it with the stripe top under...

It was fairly cool yesterday, so the Maryn was great when I had to take the kids out for recess.

You all who teach elementary, I give you all mad props.  There is so much going on all day long, I have no idea how you manage grading, planning, going to the potty, etc.  I felt middle school was demanding but we had a lot of planning my day as a freaking fashion teacher (not exactly hard work, mind you) I am so beat...we get 20 minutes for a break and a 30 minute lunch.  At my middle school we received a 30 minute lunch AND 1.5 hours for planning.  Isn't it kind of nuts that I am more worn out teaching about style?  LOL.

Dress: Size UK 12 Regular, or US 8 Regular.  Aaaah, the Boden Bubble Dress.  Since it was COLD and raining on Tuesday, I decided that I should theme all I wore "bubbles."
Shoes: Size 10.  Cleo Platform Sandals, J. Crew.  One of the little girls said she was going to steal them RIGHT. OFF. MY. FEET.  Yeah, okay, honey.  You do that.
Necklace: This is the Deco Necklace that J. Crew produced last spring.  It was a fab add-on to my outfit.  It truly appeared as if I had bubbles floating on my sternum.
Ring: Rachel by Rachel Roy Octopus Ring.  What a delightful bit of fluff to decorate my hands with...

Jacket: Size Small.  This is the J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket that is still the SAME price I paid for it LAST AUGUST 2009.  Guess everyone must love it.  It is the perfect jacket for those YUCKY, RAINY, CLOUDY, CHILLY days that fall and spring seem to have in spades.
Bag: Bonjour, Jericho Pursette in Seashore Beige.  This may be the best choice I have ever made to buy on sale.  I don't give two figs that this bag doesn't match my outfit, it literally is the most comfortable, easy-going bag I have ever owned.  (Even more than Vera Bradley.)  If I could get it in the other two colors, I would.  If you all see it on a pop-back, grab me.  The leather is super soft and the compartments are nicely sized...the only thing I can't fit in there is my HUGE Boden wallet, and really, that's okay.  I mean, really, do I use my WHOLE wallet every day? 

Okay, you all, starting to flag here, so I am going to be a bit brief on the next photos. (Oh, I know, I blog is best in picture book format anyhow. LOL.)

This was my outfit for Monday when the monsoon that was the weather system moved into Virginia.  Cardigan, lovely, warm, bright, and cheerful merino in extra-small from Garnet Hill.  The necklace is a grey ribboned pearly bits necklace (in-store only, btw) that I am too tired to try and find in polyvore.  Please forgive.  :)  Oh, but the shoes.  These are some darling singin' in the rain shoes from Mod Cloth that were exactly what the doctor ordered when every inch of street has at least 16 inches of rain.  You can find them here if you are so inclined to follow in my (soggy) size 10 footsteps. 

Yes, this is a close-up of an outfit I wore on Saturday.  I just want you all to see the awesomeness that is this viridian colored vintage silk scarf.  I had someone (nicely and sweetly) ask for me to do a scarf-themed Mommy Style Monday, and since I am so unable to do my favorite kind of post, I thought I could throw a bone out there for you all.  :)  This puppy is on sale for less than $30, and is so soft and the colors so beautiful, I am honestly surprised it hasn't sold out.

Yeah, that is a side shot of my outfit so I can show you the Jericho pursette in full-on glory.  :)  See why I want it in all colors?

BTW, I do not care for the other incarnations in the Jericho line.  In fact, I kind of think they are really ugly.  (I am SO SO SO SO sorry if you love them.  I totally respect that, after all most of you respected me when I told you I love LOVE LOVE the Devote necklace.)
Last one.  Phew.  Wore this on Friday for the staff meeting.  The top is the merino boyfriend sweater in some blush color or another.  The pants are the zippered madras capris.  The shoes are the awesome, wonderful, gorgeous Anticipation heels from Miss Albright (Anthropologie) that will probably have the lowest cost per wear out of all of my shoes (well, excluding my flip-flops, natch).  Oh, and, yes, I am wearing four necklaces including the enamel elephant critter necklace from the outlet.  I am just that crazy.

You all have a great night.  I truly have NO idea when I will be back.  Sometime before 2011, I suppose.  ;)