Thursday, October 21, 2010

What *Would* Emma Pillsbury Wear if She Taught a Fashion Class?

I stick to my convictions when I say I want someone to do something...for instance, in my "Fall Into Fashion" class that I taught over the past two weeks, I really emphasized using Inspiration Boards as a way of figuring out personal style. And even though my personal inspiration board does not include the lovely Emma Pillsbury character from the very fab show Glee, she would have made it onto my board if I had *just* a little bit more room.

But as anyone who knows me from Polyvore can attest, I am addicted to copying the style of the extremely slightly compulsive character played by the pretty Ms. Mays. I am also a big fan of the blog written by my good bloggie friend who carefully documents the comings and goings of our fave red-head and other fashion related questions surrounding this sophomore show (yes, I know they had one episode in the 2008-2009 season on Fox, but it was a preview). Heck, I am even on their blog roll (teehee!).

By the way, WWEPW has just celebrated its blog-o-versary...go on over to the blog and become a follower and wish my gifted friend some Congratulations!

So what kind of fashion "counselor" would I be if I didn't devote at least one day to emulating the style of our most sartorially blessed t.v. counselor? Exactly.

Above is the polyvore I created that shows that I already had exactly what I needed to "become" Miss Emma for the day. I realize that her skirt is the unagi skirt, but my perfect pencil is the same lovely plum. Yes, the cardi is the same exact Jackie Cardigan in dried orchid. The crystal devote necklace takes the place of Emma's ubiquitous cardi clips, but I think the effect is similar. And although I went for no belt, I injected extra color in the form of some fab spearmint shoes (the awesome Alessia peep-toes that I do also own in root and graphite--love!). Danielle has done a write-up on this outfit if you all want more info.

Here I am, in the classroom, with the outfit as I wore it the whole almost the whole day (I did unbutton the cardi at one point, not very Miss Emma, but definitely Miss Dina on an 80 degree day).

Cardigan: Size small. The dried orchid had been on sale. I think the Jackie cardigan is now back to full price in this color. J. Crew strikes me as a bit schizophrenic when it comes to pricing.
Top: Size Medium. This is a stretch button-down. It isn't the best fit as the bust is loose on me, but it is very comfortable, and in my closet of color and pattern, it is a blessing for when I need to rein myself in a bit (and no I don't mean with today's outfit, either, I don't think anyone would accuse Emma of being reserved in her clothing choices).
Skirt: Size 6. I find the fit in this to be a bit tight through the hips. That said, this year's 6 fits lovely through the hips. I definitely feel more comfy in this year's version. (I can still wear this one, I just have to wear the spanx.)
Shoes: Size 9.5. If you ever find the Alessia peep-toe heels in your size on ebay, you must buy them. They are amazing shoes, comfortable, pretty, and classic.

Makeup had come undone by this point. Only my mascara was going strong. Sigh. Humidity, wool, and no professional makeup artist following me around with my Arbonne makeup does make for a slightly "dewy" Miss Dina. LOL.

Here is a close-up of just the clothes.

And here I am, all unbuttoned. Felt slightly scandalous unfurling my button-down in this manner, but again, 80 degrees...

This is a photo from the wee hours of the morning before I left for school. Upon reviewing the photo, I decided I liked the outfit, but two changes had to be made. One--MUST unbutton top two and bottom two buttons in order to really channel Emma. Even she isn't that (chortle) buttoned up. (I do realize that she has all her cardigan buttons buttoned, but she appears less buttoned-up, make sense? LOL. Probably not...) Two--MUST let hair down. This slicked-back ponytail is much more scary German woman prison guard and less pretty, sweet, shy Emma Pillsbury.  Definitely don't want to be mistaken for Helga.  (You laugh, but it has happened.  Long story.)

You all have a great day. Please continue to find inspiration for your own style wherever you can. And remember, HAVE FUN! ;)