Friday, October 29, 2010

Boden 2011--So Pretty Spring Preview!

I am subbing today, so I only have brief moment to talk, but I JUST HAD to let you all see the Boden Spring Preview for 2011. I know it is early, as most of us have just put away our summer clothing from 2010 (yesterday it was 80 degrees here in NOVA). That said, I know some of you are fanatics for the bright colors and punchy designs that come with most clothing retailers Spring/Summer collections, so I wanted to make sure you all got a little look at some really adorable designs that Boden is starting to sell today! :) I may just have to grab a few of these for myself. I believe they will start shipping them in January...

Um, LOVE. This Pool Party Tunic is just an amazing design, shape, and color. Boden does tunics well, and as you know, I am a is a linen tunic from last spring (3rd photo), and a silk jersey tunic from the spring of the year prior to that.

Boden does dresses well, too, and this Sassy Silk Dress does seem to be right up my alley. For reference, here is a silk tunic that I wore recently. Their silk items are made from nice silk, and are usually done in really saturated colors.

Gypsy Tops are really nice options for summer as you can put one on with capris, a few chunky bracelets, wedge sandals, and you would be ready to go. I really do love this particular gypsy top, beautiful combo of pale pinks, yellows, and greys.

Since I am not really "at" my computer today, I won't be commenting back, BUT I would love to read about your favorites and what you might order.  Also, if you think there is something from this preview that would suit me or my favorite mini-me, CW, would you mind putting that in your comments?  I would love to see what you would love to see me in this spring! 

Have a great Friday, talk soon!