Friday, October 22, 2010

Factory Tiered Lace Cami, Outfit Idea #2.

Hi, everyone. If I allowed myself to, I would so not post today, but I saw that the Factory Tiered Lace Cami is back on the Factory Site over at and I wanted to make sure you all realize that this cami is worth the money, if the idea of lots of lace and frill is your thang, you know? I obviously have worn it once already. I also have washed it in my machine on "hand wash," hung it to dry, and ironed the silk sash. I then went on to wear it for my "Fall Into Fashion" runway show that the girls of the classes held on the last day of intersession. (For reference, I wore a similar glitzy kind of top for the "Spring Into Style" runway show that was held last April--remember the Loft Gold Sequin Tank?)

Above is the polyvore that shows the individual components of the outfit. This outfit was a hit, and people loved the lace cami, but the real winner? The freaking Miss Albright Anticipation Heels that I bought from Anthropologie a couple of months ago. Honestly, I am truly shocked by how versatile these fairly frilly and romantic pieces have been in my wardbrobe. I fully "anticipate" (chortle) wearing both pieces multiple times over the next few months!

Top: Size 4. Definitely go with your typical J. Crew cami size. Iron the sash, too, if you want more sleekness. The sash comes kind of rumpled and I found the ironing made the sash look special. For more on this cami, check out my first review of the top (you can find it by going to the first paragraph and clicking on the sentence that says "I obviously have worn this once already").
Cardigan: Size Small. Although I have the infinity cardigan in paradise blue in a size extra-small, I really would have preferred a small (still keeping the xs in the paradise blue, eh, why not?). So when given the opportunity to buy the black pine colorway in a small, I did. This color, btw, is really saturated and lovely...just the right shade of dark green. In some cases it could even act as a neutral.
Pants: Size Tall 6. These are the denim leggings that J. Crew made last spring. I may have been the only person who bought them. So you all know, they were very comfortable during the day AND during the drive to North Carolina after school.
Shoes: Size 9. These run wide. I went down a full-size from my Anthro shoe size and 1/2 size from my J. Crew size. I still think every. one. of. you. should. buy. these. Except my dad, for obvious reasons. ;)
Necklace: This is from Boden last winter. There were quite a few teachers who really liked it. One of them called it "funky," but considering her penchant for crazy European spectacles, I think she may have meant that as a compliment. Ha.

You all have a great day. Hope I get to see this cami on some of you in the near future!