Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: And Another Exchange...

Hi, all! Happy late Thursday to all...

I have had a very nice week so far, including dropping baby boy Rex off at kindergarten for his first day of school yesterday.  I was a bit traumatized, but since he is going to the school I went to, I knew it would all be fine.  I just wish I could be less emotional about it all.  ;) 

Anyhow, that is my reason for not publishing this BWRR until today, but since so many of you are moms or moms-to-be, I know it's all good.

Before I start the review portion, I wanted to tell you all a brief secret...I have heard from my affiliate that a special coupon code/sale will be happening on Monday of next week (and only for a few days), so be on the lookout for the blog post about it on Monday early.  I am pretty stoked, there are a few items still on my wish list, I am hoping that the sale includes those items!

Until then, if there is an item that you like that is selling out, I do have a coupon code at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar.  Right now it is for 15% off and free ship and returns.  The 15% only works on full-priced items and not clearance, but the free ship and returns can work on the clearance items if you see anything that you love from that section.

Okay, here goes!

Regular Boden:
Cable Knitted Dress.  This is a size 6 Regular.  This is the dress I am going to exchange (this is my second exchange this season, fwiw, I have to return the Glamour Tweed Skirt that I reviewed here).  I need a 6 Long.  Normally the regular dresses hit me right at my waistline properly and will hit right near my kneecap if the dress is meant to be a knee-length frock.  Most of my height is in my calves and not in my body, so I don't usually have to buy longs.

So, sigh, I have to go up to a long since I look like I am wearing an old-timey ice skating costume (open that link for a laugh).  These proportions are so off, it looks weird.

The sleeves are a great length, though, and I do love the color and detailing.

You can really see how the waist detail is literally right under my bustline.  This is fine if the dress is a empire-waisted type of dress, but since this one is meant to be a more classic dress style, it looks wrong.

So I have a feeling if I can get the waist to be a bit lower AND the length of the skirt to be three inches longer, I will have a winner.

Cable Knitted Dress
Cable Knitted Dress.  I would recommend that you go for the length up from your size, unless you are super short.  So if you are normally a regular in dresses, try the long, and if you normally wear a petite, try a regular.  If you are taller than 5'10" and all of your height is in your torso, this may not be a great dress for your shape, though only you know your body best, so if this type of dress does work on you even if it is a shorter length, then go for it.  :)

Soho Shirt
Soho Shirt.  ShOpeRach does a really thorough review of this pretty blouse (in the petrol color) on her blog.  :)  

Clearance Boden:
I'm not crying under my shades, but leaving my boy at school was really hard!
Favourite Jersey Maxi Dress.  Oh, yeah, I know you have seen this one already, but there are a few of these dresses left in the clearance section, so I wanted to remind you of the very awesomeness that is this dress.  I have now worn the Boden maxi dresses more than any other item this summer, hands down.  Part of that is because I am nursing and these dresses give great, easy access for Angus, but I also am wearing them because they are super soft, super cool (air flow is great under the skirt portion), and they are very travel friendly.  I have spent a good portion of this summer taking the metro into the city with the kids (and with Angus in his bjorn), and all the other options have not been so wonderful or crisp-looking by the end of the day.  

(I am planning on doing a post with my travels into DC with the kids soon, but it isn't likely to happen for a week or so, and I figured I would get the word out about my. very. favorite. summer. dress. before it sells out!)  :)

Have I convinced you yet?  LOL.  ;)  The original review of this dress is here, and here is another time I wore it again (bottom of the post).

This was at the end of the day, fwiw.  Looks good still!  :)  Rex also has a smile on his face, so clearly his first day was successful.  I don't know why CW is eating Angus's foot.  

Favourite Jersey Maxi
Favourite Jersey Maxi Dress.  This color is all sold out, but there are others shades available.  :)

Long Sleeve Breton Top
Long Sleeve Breton TopCate (new to the BWRR!) reviews this top on her blog.  She also mentions a lack of Boden blog reviewers.  I agree!!!  Let's get more folks out of the woodwork.  :)

Printed Cotton Skirt
Printed Cotton Skirt.  The lovely Egyptomaniac shows off her easy, breezy summer style with this skirt (in blue) as the star.  :)

Beaded Jersey Tank
Beaded Jersey Tank.  Lolcatgirl left me a few reviews last week at the BWRR, and I wanted to make sure you all had a chance to read her reviews!  :)

I sized down with the Beaded Jersey Tank and it's a little tight under the arms but I think it's the right size for me. I don't usually do prints so it's a new look for me.
Lindisfarne Skirt
Lindisfarne Skirt.  Lolcatgirl says of this pretty, feminine skirt:

I sized up on the Lindisfarne skirt because that my usual size was sold out. I'm thick waisted so it worked out. The skirt is sold out in White, mostly sold out in Blue and Lavender and available in Truffle.

Pretty Ruffle Tee
Pretty Ruffle Tee.  Lolcatgirl also reviewed this one:

The Pretty Ruffle Tee in White is nice and thick and not see through. I'm really happy with the quality of Boden tees. I find them to be more fitted than the tanks. I took my usual size.

Thank you, Lolcatgirl!!!

Okay, that's all.  :)  I hope you have a great night.  

Monday, August 27, 2012

OOTDs: Back to School.

So you know how I mentioned that I literally have not stopped moving for the past week?  Yeah, this kindergarten back-to-school stuff is NUTSO.  I give every single one of you who has done this before major props.  Between the forms (about 6,812 of them), pre-visits with the teachers and other school staff (58 of those), and supply purchasing (126 items and counting), I am one worn out momma.  At least I will be prepared for when CW and Angus go through this process.

Rex hasn't even started officially, that would be Wednesday, you all.  :P

And I thought setting up to teach 6th-grade history was hard.  (Laughs at former self.  Ha.)

Anyhow, I have a few moments to do a post (and polyvore and maybe even comment back on the last three posts), so here you all go. 

Let the back-to-school outfit parade begin...
I wore this getup to go to meet Rex's kindergarten teacher last Wednesday night.  Silly me forgot to bring a dressy enough outfit for the occasion.  I had planned to spend the day in the city and then head home for the afternoon, but at the last minute we changed plans where I would spend the whole day out in the city and then at my dad's.  On one hand being at my dad's was very convenient since he lives right down the road from the school (we walked to meet his teacher), but I didn't want to show up for the day all sweaty and in shorts and a tee.

Anyhow, I went ahead and ransacked the Anthropologie sale floor in DC and found these jeans (AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle).  I had been eyeing them and hadn't realized they had gone on sale, so I decided to go for it as they are great on my "continuing to lose baby weight" bottom half and dressy enough that I wouldn't feel underdressed at the meeting.  I also grabbed a tee from Forever 21 for the occasion.  I don't normally even go in Forever 21, but the need of a non-sweaty top combined with their really good prices compelled me to take a look.  I actually quite like this top, very pretty and somehow worked with the polka dotted jeans.

I am excited to wear both pieces again, how would you all style the polka dot jeans for the fall?  I am looking for suggestions!

Wasn't actually headed to anything school-related, but wanted to show off this one because I found the skirt lingering in my basement storage (which I cleaned out this weekend and found a TON of clothing from my past to either give to Goodwill or sell).  The skirt was from when I was heavier (after Rex was born), but I didn't think I could make it work on me now.  It is a size 12 and meant to be worn as a mini, but I like it better pulled down further on the hips and made into an a-line "almost mini."  Technically it is only two inches above the top of my knee, so it is more modest than a true mini, but still very summer appropriate.
I liked my hair and makeup that night, but I think it looks better in this over-processed/B&W photo.  :)

Okay this only counts as Back to School because I wore it to church, which also happens to be where the school is, BUT I am okay with it if you all are.

I reviewed this dress last week here.  Let me tell you all...if Boden came out with this in another vibrant color (I have more than enough in the way of navy dresses), I would be in on that action.  This dress is so comfortable, so pretty, so conservative, and SO exactly what it needs to be for my life, that I cannot thank Johnnie Boden enough for having his designers come up with this frock.  Amazing.

BTW, not only was the dress wonderful, so was Rex's behavior in church.  I was beyond thrilled.  He even genuflected at the end.  My baby is growing up!

So since my baby is growing up and again, can't. have. enough. meetings. with. his. school., we went back to the school this morning for orientation.

So I found a way of being modestly dressed, comfortable, and dressy enough by pulling these pieces out.

I had the hardest time figuring out how to wear this skirt.  Fortunately I found that this multi-stripe dolman sleeve tee is just short enough (I bought it in the size extra small to wear it a bit closer to the body) to skim the waistband of the skirt so that the skirt doesn't look overly frumpy (although it could be frumpy if you are still young, free, and without kids, lol).  I also can't tuck in with these kind of skirts because I am so short in the torso, so this top really does help make this skirt happen.

I have another way of wearing the skirt tonight, but won't likely publish it over here for a few days.  However, I have been pretty good about updating my facebook page with the photos the day they happen, so visit there if you want to see more "real-time" outfit of the day postings.

Went a bit lighter with makeup this morning because I knew I would have to wash it all of when I went to the pool (ah, the last gasps of summer, how I will miss thee).

Back to School.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.  :)

You all have a great day.  Hopefully back to school is going well for all of you, too!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

OOTDs: Shorts Ahoy.

Hi!  Happy Saturday. 

I figured while I had a moment when

a. the kids are all sleeping;

b. Mr. Dina is here just in case they wake up from their sleep;


c. I don't feel like sleeping, either...

then I could get a few outfit of the day(s) posted here.

Today I am compiling all my "shorts" outfits of the last month.  :)

I spent my summer shuttling the kids everywhere, including many Tuesdays spent at dance class, picnic lunches, and bug walks.  This outfit is from one of those days. 

The name of this post is inspired by the crewcuts tee I am wearing above, btw.  Get it?  Portholes are on ships...ships leave port?  Okay, I know I am stretching it.  ;)

I lucked out when I purchased the two girls' porthole tees when I visited the J. Crew with Monica in CA.  They were both on sale for $12 and further reduced by an additional 40%.  CW was thrilled that we have another matching pair of tees. 

I am obviously in a size 14, while CW is in size 5.

I added the seersucker shorts (also purchased for a ridiculously tiny amount in my not so tiny size 10), my Madewell sunglasses, and my Bensimon tennis shoes.  The bracelet is even nautical, every dangling bauble is some fish, sea creature, or oceangoing item.

Close up of the porthole tee.

The next photo shows this better, but I call this look "Hipster Mary Ann."  (As in Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island.)

Was headed to the grocery store (another thrilling journey in my exciting life!) as hipster Mary Ann.

The pieces in this outfit are old, old, old.  I think I bought the button-down from Kohls in 2003, I believe.  The shorts are from 2007.  The shoes and necklace are from 2010.  Only the sunglasses are relatively new (last January).

I almost gave the button-down away, but I am glad I held onto it.  Although I will never wear it the way I wore in 2003 (untucked, and unbuttoned more at the top), it gets a new lease on life with a new, fresher styling.

You saw the bottom bit of this outfit already when I reviewed the shoes for this BWRR post.

We were headed to the city as a family to see the Miro exhibit on the last day it was open.  I knew I would have Angus on me in the bjorn, so comfort was key, but I still like to have a put-together outfit, if possible.

The scarf was a bit unnecessary as it didn't even dip below 80 that day, but I liked how it tied the pieces of the outfit together and added some visual interest to the tank's neckline.

I love Brutalist architecture.  You don't know what Brutalist architecture is?  Well, take a look-see at this wikipedia article on it. 

I will happily pose in front of any building built in this style.  They are definitely unique, most certainly ugly, but so very much evocative of "Federal Government DC circa 1970" that I have a big soft spot for them.

This is a photo in front of the side of the Department of Labor.  Would have been more appropriate, I realize, to pose in front of it either the day I was set to give birth to Angus OR on the actual Labor Day (still can do that, two Mondays from now).

There I am, with Angus in tow, at the entrance to the Miro exhibit.

Was set to do errands in this outfit, but if you have good eyes, you can see that I have a swimsuit under the top.  I was also set to go to the pool, as well.

The hat is J. Crew (love my Lola!).  The top is Kohl's (must find out who made it for my facebook friend who asked about it).  The shorts are maternity (shh, don't tell).  The sandals are Target. 

Okay, that's it.  :)  I will probably make a polyvore of one of these outfits and if I do, I will make sure to include it in this post and then erase this here sentence (or at least cross through it).

Have a great rest of your Saturday!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Boden: Winter 2012 Preview 20% Discount Ends Tonight.

Sequinned Top.  Looking lovely.
Just a quick reminder that Boden's Winter Preview shop will be shutting down its 20% off (with free ship and returns) promo tonight at 11:59 pm.  You can click here to go directly to the site.

The site will stay live for a while, and you can pre-order items from it while it is active, BUT there will be no extra savings on winter items after this preview promo expires (at least that is the way it has been in the past).

I did a "picks" post a few days ago highlighting some of my favorites.  I did go ahead and grab the laptop sleeve and the fitted ponte dress so you all know.  ;)

Have a great night!  Be back tomorrow with a new ootd post.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: A Belated Boden Birthday.

Before we begin, let us all head over to Boden's facebook page and give this company that we love here over at My Superfluities a big fat belated Happy Birthday!  They turned 21 years old yesterday, which means they can legally drink here in the United States (emphasis on "legally," we all know what college is like).

I was able to get over there yesterday and write some love on their wall, but I spent the rest of the day moving from 9 am until 9 pm.  (What is going to happen when all three of these darling rugrats of mine are in grammar school?  Will I ever be able to sit and just do stuff ever again?  LOL.)

So here we are, a bit late to the party, but I have a feeling ole Johnnie won't mind the delay.

Because after all he is the same fella in the above picture (I assume that's him!).  Does that seem to be the sort of fella who would mind?  ;)

Okay, onto the work of the roundup.  I have just discovered that the coupon on my site now gives 15% off with free ship and returns, so yay for that!  I have included a link down at the bottom of this post for all of you on a mobile site.

Regular Boden:
Crinkle Jersey Shirt
Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  I wore the red/navy floral version to a baseball game with the kids on Sunday last.  I did a quickie review of it here.  I would like to get more photos of it, but that is unlikely for at least a few weeks, but when I do, I will certainly do a more thorough review at that point.  It is a really lovely shirt that definitely justifies all the love given to it (I was always mystified by why it sold out every season, I get it now).

Clearance Boden:
Iris Dress.  If you all have "liked" my facebook page (there are 50 of you all!) or even just visited it, you have seen this photo and the first one of the Broderie Scallop Dress already.

Anyhow, I purchased this in a size 6 after consulting the garment measurements, and once again, they were spot on...had I bought an 8, I would have been swimming in the dress. 

(So pear shapes, rejoice, another perfect dress for our "small on top," "big on bottom" frames.)\

From the side.  I like how it gave me a bit of a boost up top as well.  It is a bit low cut, so I need to wear a lower-cut bra or sew a few stitches to sew it up, but it really isn't that big of a deal either way.  I definitely didn't feel indecent.

They called this a midi-length dress, but on me it is just below the knee, so bear that in mind if you are taller with longer legs, it is unlikely to reach midi-length in that case.

From the back.  The print is super lovely and the same as on the beaded embellished tunic worn by Monica in this review roundup.

The pleating detail in the back is fab, really highlights most women's thinnest part, the bit right below the bustline.  Very flattering.

Iris Dress
Iris Dress.  Both colors are on sale for a really good price ($70 versus $230), I am glad I went with this purple shade as I have very little in my closet this color...however, I really love the pinky-rose color, so either way, I would have loved this dress.

Broderie Scallop Dress.  This is a size 8 and while the bust is a bit loose, the rest of it fits so well, I don't mind that after I am done nursing I will likely have to take it in.

The all cotton shift dress has design features that really work well with a curvier body type.  The larger broderie on top draws the eyes upwards, and with a v-neck further enhances the shoulders and neck.  The ribbon detail waistline is a great way to break up the silhouette, and again (like in the iris dress) is placed exactly right where most women are thinnest.  The smallest broderie is in the skirt which reads almost as solid from far away.  The scalloped medium-sized broderie at the bottom is nice in that it shows off the lower legs, which again, for most women is a place they would like to show off.

The fit is close, but not constricting.  I felt very comfortable and think that this could easily be worn out and about and not just for special occasions.

From the back.  You can clearly see where it is a bit too loose on me, but that is no biggie, and again, if I lose anymore weight (usually happens when my little ones wean from breastfeeding exclusively), I can just take it in a bit here and a bit there.

The color is so beautiful, a mid-rose red.  It is just slightly warm, with a hint of deep pink.

Broderie Scallop Dress
Broderie Scallop Dress.  There is a navy version, and that one only pops back every once in awhile.  I prefer the brighter version, but if the darker one is for you, may the force be with you and may it return.  ;)  Even on sale, this is pricey, so only consider getting if you have a need for a dress like this OR if it is something that you know will stay in your closet for the long run.

Ripple Top
Ripple Top.  Leave it to Egyptomaniac to find a shirt in clearance that no one has even noticed and then wear it and then because she wore it has likely prompted the item to sell out.  :)  

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans.  Poppy's Style recovered from her amazing night out with Duran Duran (OMG!) by wearing the quail egg version of these out and about.  You can see them (and highlights from the concert) in the last photo here at this post.  :)

Alrighty, that's it.  :)  If you have a review for me that I have forgotten, would you mind putting it in the comments or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com?  Thank you!

Here is the link I mentioned above for mobile users so they can receive 15% off with free ship and returns: