Friday, August 10, 2012

California: The Outfits.

This is the closest I have ever come to packing well, outside of when I was in college and was trying to be a "backpacker."  (Well, I sort of was one...but I never did one of those six months in Europe with just a backpack, a map, and a youth hostel card. My backpacking was more like a bag, a map, makeup, youth hostel card, passport, camera, etc., etc.).

Even with all the good packing I did, we still had way too much stuff (thanks, infant Angus and all your needs, lol), and like I have mentioned before, our stuff may have got in our way of getting out of CA on time. It is still too traumatic for me to even talk about here, but one day I will tell the story of losing the car keys in Rex's bag, spending an hour looking for car keys, and how in the world we SCRAPED our way into the San Diego airport just. in. time. to catch our flight with seconds to spare.

So it is our goal to pack even better next time for our next trip, which may mean that I will pack a pair of pants, a dress, a pair of shorts, a pair of shoes, and a pair of pajamas. :) Oh, and a top or two.  (Just kidding, but we will be very mindful of not losing keys in the kids' luggage.)

We were in California from July 14-24, so these outfits should total right around 10 or so.  I have placed all the info on the pieces in the photo, so open them on up if you want to see more on them.

There was a theme of "red, white, and blue," which was very easy for me to work with, as I have more red, white, and blue pieces that I ever imagined.

If I can find a link to the items on the internet (if they are still for sale), I will include that link for your convenience.

The wires behind me are from the fan my friends have in their master bedroom.  It was great to have a white noise machine, even if that wasn't the original purpose for the fan.  I am very grateful to them, as well, for letting us stay in their bed (all five of us, awesome, but better than the other option--an air bed).  :)

Vintage Cotton Cap Sleeve in Stripe is still available and on sale.  I am wearing a small.

Went out and had fun at the San Diego Botanical Garden with all my kids and my girl, Monica (she was in the last BWRR reviewing the embellished tunic), and her kids, husband, and her husband's grandma.  :)  My hubby was at Comic Con.  (He was a runner-up in something that was announced at Comic Con, but I will spill the beans on that one in the "California: The Photos" post.)

This is an outfit you all have seen already.  :)  I definitely am a huge fan of this combo, very easy, a bit cool, and just dressy enough for a night out for some awesome Mexican food (seriously...every Mexican restaurant in CA is amazing, be it a dive or a five star eatery).

Wore this to go to Legoland.  Legoland is always a big hit...with my hubby.  The kids liked it, too.  ;)

The shoes are from Target, the Wilhelmina Flat Sandal in raspberry, and are available and on sale.  Very comfortable, btw, and look way more expensive than the $20 I paid for them.

Went out with my Aunt to a Mexican restaurant (!!!) in this get-up.  I went ahead and brought a few pairs of pants and longer tops because it can get cool at night in CA.  I was actually looking forward to not sweating constantly, like I have been for the past six months here in VA.  It is seriously obnoxious how hot and humid it has been here on the east coast.

Ultra Eyelet Shell is on sale.  I am wearing a size 4.

Cafe Capri in Foulard is also on sale.  I am wearing a size 8.

The Uptown Heels are also on sale.  These are a size 40.

CW is also in a mix of J. Crew and Boden, but reversed, her dress is Boden and her shoes are from J. Crew.

I bought this lace top a while ago from Madewell and was struggling on how to style it, but right before the trip, I was bound and determined to figure it out so I could wear it in CA, where I know its kind of loosey, lacy, 80s style, would be appreciated.

We were headed to California Adventure that day (the sister park of Disneyland).  It held up well, and I was frankly surprised at how resilient the lace top was.

Was headed to see Monica again (J. Crew shopping in Mission Valley), then to my Aunt's, then to dinner in Long Beach (in da house)*.  This ensemble was perfection, just dressy enough for dinner, but very sturdy and comfortable for the rest of the day.

*I can't be the only person who immediately says this to themselves whenever Long Beach is mentioned, right?  Other times I do this include when I read the word "distance," I immediately say, "he's going the distance, he's going for speed, she's all alone, all alone in her time of need." 

I am mixing two uniform patterns here, the top has bitty birds, and the shorts have embroidered keys.

Unfortunately, the birdie top had to take a break halfway through the day, only to be replaced by...

The most awesome tee ever.  LOL.  I kid, but I am a huge fan of Captian EO (in a theater near you...if you happen to be at Disneyland).  My hubby surprised me with this top partway through our day, and because of an Angus poop storm (seriously, what a phrase Mr. Dina made up), I had to wash the birdie shirt and wear this one instead.  Lucky me, it totally matched.

Yes, CW is in an Ariel dress.  No, that is not my favorite princess.  I personally do not agree with going against your family, making a deal with a (clearly) demented witch octopus lady fish thingy, losing your amazing gift of singing, all to get the eye of a man who likely won't even notice you.  She was SO fortunate that it all worked out in the end, no thanks in part to her blatant stupidity.  ;)

(I do have to say aside from Ariel being a dingbat, I do like that she is a mermaid, has great style, and wonderful red hair.  That's all that CW cares about too.  She's three, so she gets a pass on not knowing Ariel's past.)

Instead of going out with my friends on the Sunday night before we left, I decided to stay in the hotel and hang with Angus instead.  Since the law says that I must wear clothing to get food from an establishment in a public place (hotel lobby), I put on this outfit. 

Last full day before we left.  We went to the San Diego zoo, where madness ensued (more on that in the photos post).  I felt very comfortable, though, in this ensemble, so at least there was that.

Villa Dress in Stripe is still available and on sale.

Chevron Tie Belt is also available and on sale.

California Trip 2012.

Above is the polyvore of most of the pieces.

Alright, you all have a great night. :)