Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: And Another Exchange...

Hi, all! Happy late Thursday to all...

I have had a very nice week so far, including dropping baby boy Rex off at kindergarten for his first day of school yesterday.  I was a bit traumatized, but since he is going to the school I went to, I knew it would all be fine.  I just wish I could be less emotional about it all.  ;) 

Anyhow, that is my reason for not publishing this BWRR until today, but since so many of you are moms or moms-to-be, I know it's all good.

Before I start the review portion, I wanted to tell you all a brief secret...I have heard from my affiliate that a special coupon code/sale will be happening on Monday of next week (and only for a few days), so be on the lookout for the blog post about it on Monday early.  I am pretty stoked, there are a few items still on my wish list, I am hoping that the sale includes those items!

Until then, if there is an item that you like that is selling out, I do have a coupon code at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar.  Right now it is for 15% off and free ship and returns.  The 15% only works on full-priced items and not clearance, but the free ship and returns can work on the clearance items if you see anything that you love from that section.

Okay, here goes!

Regular Boden:
Cable Knitted Dress.  This is a size 6 Regular.  This is the dress I am going to exchange (this is my second exchange this season, fwiw, I have to return the Glamour Tweed Skirt that I reviewed here).  I need a 6 Long.  Normally the regular dresses hit me right at my waistline properly and will hit right near my kneecap if the dress is meant to be a knee-length frock.  Most of my height is in my calves and not in my body, so I don't usually have to buy longs.

So, sigh, I have to go up to a long since I look like I am wearing an old-timey ice skating costume (open that link for a laugh).  These proportions are so off, it looks weird.

The sleeves are a great length, though, and I do love the color and detailing.

You can really see how the waist detail is literally right under my bustline.  This is fine if the dress is a empire-waisted type of dress, but since this one is meant to be a more classic dress style, it looks wrong.

So I have a feeling if I can get the waist to be a bit lower AND the length of the skirt to be three inches longer, I will have a winner.

Cable Knitted Dress
Cable Knitted Dress.  I would recommend that you go for the length up from your size, unless you are super short.  So if you are normally a regular in dresses, try the long, and if you normally wear a petite, try a regular.  If you are taller than 5'10" and all of your height is in your torso, this may not be a great dress for your shape, though only you know your body best, so if this type of dress does work on you even if it is a shorter length, then go for it.  :)

Soho Shirt
Soho Shirt.  ShOpeRach does a really thorough review of this pretty blouse (in the petrol color) on her blog.  :)  

Clearance Boden:
I'm not crying under my shades, but leaving my boy at school was really hard!
Favourite Jersey Maxi Dress.  Oh, yeah, I know you have seen this one already, but there are a few of these dresses left in the clearance section, so I wanted to remind you of the very awesomeness that is this dress.  I have now worn the Boden maxi dresses more than any other item this summer, hands down.  Part of that is because I am nursing and these dresses give great, easy access for Angus, but I also am wearing them because they are super soft, super cool (air flow is great under the skirt portion), and they are very travel friendly.  I have spent a good portion of this summer taking the metro into the city with the kids (and with Angus in his bjorn), and all the other options have not been so wonderful or crisp-looking by the end of the day.  

(I am planning on doing a post with my travels into DC with the kids soon, but it isn't likely to happen for a week or so, and I figured I would get the word out about my. very. favorite. summer. dress. before it sells out!)  :)

Have I convinced you yet?  LOL.  ;)  The original review of this dress is here, and here is another time I wore it again (bottom of the post).

This was at the end of the day, fwiw.  Looks good still!  :)  Rex also has a smile on his face, so clearly his first day was successful.  I don't know why CW is eating Angus's foot.  

Favourite Jersey Maxi
Favourite Jersey Maxi Dress.  This color is all sold out, but there are others shades available.  :)

Long Sleeve Breton Top
Long Sleeve Breton TopCate (new to the BWRR!) reviews this top on her blog.  She also mentions a lack of Boden blog reviewers.  I agree!!!  Let's get more folks out of the woodwork.  :)

Printed Cotton Skirt
Printed Cotton Skirt.  The lovely Egyptomaniac shows off her easy, breezy summer style with this skirt (in blue) as the star.  :)

Beaded Jersey Tank
Beaded Jersey Tank.  Lolcatgirl left me a few reviews last week at the BWRR, and I wanted to make sure you all had a chance to read her reviews!  :)

I sized down with the Beaded Jersey Tank and it's a little tight under the arms but I think it's the right size for me. I don't usually do prints so it's a new look for me.
Lindisfarne Skirt
Lindisfarne Skirt.  Lolcatgirl says of this pretty, feminine skirt:

I sized up on the Lindisfarne skirt because that my usual size was sold out. I'm thick waisted so it worked out. The skirt is sold out in White, mostly sold out in Blue and Lavender and available in Truffle.

Pretty Ruffle Tee
Pretty Ruffle Tee.  Lolcatgirl also reviewed this one:

The Pretty Ruffle Tee in White is nice and thick and not see through. I'm really happy with the quality of Boden tees. I find them to be more fitted than the tanks. I took my usual size.

Thank you, Lolcatgirl!!!

Okay, that's all.  :)  I hope you have a great night.