Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Little Sultana to Brighten Your Day...and a Wee Little Rant About Rude People.

I have to make this quick and easy...I am in the midst of preparing clothing to be sent out for people who bought things last week from me on the exchange (thank you, all!)...had meant to do it yesterday, but in case you hadn't heard, we had over 6 inches of snow fall here. :P

Also, I have to get my next Cash from My Closet entry ready to go, AND (for all of you who have waited with bated breath) get my next post of Mid-Century Mom up and published (for a sneak peek, see the second photo for a glimpse of the outfit I wore).

Okay, above is the outfit I wore on Thursday evening. I clearly love the Sultana jacket enough to wear it the VERY next night after purchasing it. No waiting in the closet for this bright and lovely mid-century inspired jacket. I guess that is one way to tell if the item you bought is a keeper, do you wear it right away? (Although if it is out of season, like shorts in winter, I guess that doesn't apply...)

We were just going to our friends' house to celebrate the birthday of one of them. I didn't need to go all crazy and dressed up, as this was a casual party, but I added a bit of "dressy" to the look. :)

Jacket: Size 6.
Tee: Size Medium.
Jeans: Size 10.
Shoes: Size 9. I guess even Merona Collection are suffering from vanity sizing. These are thin enough for my feet, but had I gotten the ten, they would have been far too long.

What is up with CW's stance? Maybe she is perfecting the "slumped over so no one sees just how short this skirt is" stance that so many J. Crew models have learned!

And now let's move to Friday.
Dress: Size 10. Jones New York, Macy's. I bought it after I had CW and it was so very very tight. Now it fits very well. My only issue is that the poly-blend does not lay well and wrinkles. That said, the shape is divine and that bit of lace at the collar is so beautiful. I feel very lady-like in this dress.
Heels: Size 10.

Baby is only wearing the outfit from the last night because she went to sleep in it...we changed her into another outfit shortly after this photo was taken. :)

I wore this to go to Rex's parent-teacher conference. It was okay, and the teachers must either really like me or really dislike me because we spent over an hour talking. I think it was that long because I am a teacher, too, so things like pedagogy and implementation got into our discussion (although we didn't actually use those words).

Then I went to Whole Foods and shopped. I put on a pair of flats in that same peacock blue color so I could be comfortable. Let me tell you something, this day and age it doesn't matter how well-dressed you are, how lady-like you act, or how patient you are, you are still likely to p*ss someone off during grocery shopping. I am the type who will sit and wait for someone else to find what they are looking for and then I will move into their spot when they are done. I figure it is the right thing to do. Not ONCE, but TWICE, (and this part kills me), really OLD people chewed me out for not moving out of their way fast enough!!! Wow. I just hate to think it is THESE people who are representing my beloved Northern Virginia. So classy! Ugh. And to make it worse, I was only in their way because I refused to be rude to someone else and tell them they needed to move to make way for me. So my manners led to others' rudeness. How very ironic.

Okay, rant over. The whole purpose of me wearing this outfit was NOT for the conference (although I wouldn't have worn sweats) or for the shopping (I have done that already), but for the next chore on Mid-Century Mom's docket--unpacking the groceries. Post to be published either late tonight or early tomorrow morning!

It was REALLY really cold on Friday (still is, but the snow excuses me from having to step foot outside). This is what I wore to cover up.
Coat: Size 8. This is the Shipley Stadium Cloth Coat in Ivory. It is pretty and oh, so warm.

Last thing, I am offering up two new items for the Cash from My Closet blog, and I am giving you all a sneak peek. Please note that the jacket does NOT have the button in the middle...that was in the photo from polyvore, and was not in any of the Aubrey jackets actually produced. Having said that, I really liked this jacket when it fit me. Now it is far too big in the shoulders for me to wear. I would say a size 10 could wear this no problem.

Have a great night all!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Watercolor Leopard Cardigan Brings Out My Wild Side...

Ladylike with an Edge!
Ladylike with an Edge! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

The night I went to Pentagon City to look at all of the new goodies at J. Crew, I wore this outfit (pictured above in the polyvore). If you know me, you know that dark, edgy-looking outfits are not normally my thing. I wanted to try something new...ladylike with an edge. I loved the outfit, it made me feel exactly like I wanted to feel, confident, pretty, and ready to try new things (you all saw that I tried on not one, but two, very short, very full mini-skirts, right?).

If you like the boots, they are still for sale, but you have to go directly to Naturalizer, and not through the polyvore. For some reason Polyvore seems to think they are sold-out. Sadly, the GORGEOUS tweed mini-bag is sold out, but I was lucky enough to buy mine from a fantastic JCA in NYC who was going to return hers to her local store, so I swooped in and begged her to let me buy it straight from her. (It was an awesome transaction.) :)

Here is what the outfit looked like in total.

Cardigan: Size Small. I had bought the watercolor leopard pencil skirt, but even in a size 8, that sucker was T-I-G-H-T. It fit, but wow, super-uncomfortable. And no 10s available for sale. But serendipity stepped in, and the cardigan was at Tysons when I went, and on sale for 40 dollars, maybe? I ended up getting money back from the transaction!
Top: Size Medium. This Target Xhiliration tank has sequins all over the front, but they are sewn onto a piece of fabric to keep the sequins NICE and SECURE. No Sequin OCD from me on this top--smile. I loved it and its price so much, I also bought it in a turquoise color (supposedly 2010's IT color). :)
Skirt: Size 8. From the outlet and very comfy!
Tights: Size Medium/Tall. These are the glitter version J. Crew made for the holidays. The glitter is subtle. Only beef I have is that the tights don't have a control top, and I LOVE feeling "sucked in."
Boots: Size 9.

I am also wearing the Tangled Treasure necklace. I think it is the PERFECT match for this outfit...

CW has now taken to placing herself in all of my photos. If she sees me taking my pic of the day, she comes up, holds my hand, and poses. Cracks us up still! :) Come on, J. Crew, don't you see her potential as a crewcuts darling???

This is with the cardi off. It wasn't warm enough for me to do this, though. That cardi stayed on for a good portion of the night.

Here is the sparkle tweed mini-bag on me. I love it as much as I love her sister, the shimmerveil mini-bag. (Don't tell her sister, but I *think* the sparkle tweed may come out and play more because she is less high maintenance.)

By the way, so you all know, I kept the Contessa dress, the Sultana jacket, the denim full mini, and the scalloped zipper cardigan. I definitely bought the bag. I may, when it goes on sale, buy the froo-frah tee.

You all have a nice night. (Oh, and prepare for a new mid-century mom post...I finally got the chance to do another chore in a very prim and proper outfit.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Try-Ons: J. Crew New Arrivals February 2010...

Untitled by dinagideon featuring J Crew

There is a lot here this morning to look at. So I compiled some of the items into a polyvore (above), and if you wanted any of those 5 items, you can click through the polyvore to see more info on it. That said, I did review 3 tees and 1 cardigan that do not seem to be anywhere on, making me think they are in-store only.

Happy looking. P.S.: I will tell you which four items I purchased later on...but am curious as to which ones you think I kept. ;)

Skirt: INDIGO SKIRT. Size 8. Meant to be worn at waist. This is a structured item, well made, and heavy enough that I don't feel like the full mini is too wee (indecent). Definitely an item made for wearing with tights and booties. :) Retails for $88. The denim appears to be similar to the other J. Crew denim, this skirt will last a while.

Tee is later on in this review post.

Cute pockets are built into the skirt.

I like it untucked. I just hate how the tee is so thin that you see the skirt waistband through it. :P

Skirt: BLACK BLOSSOM NICO SKIRT. Size 6. I love LOVE this, but it is awful short, and of a thinner material than the denim of the skirt above, so it made me feel like I was "free as a bird," if you will. For the right (read: shorter) girl, this is a prize. I will not size up because the volume of fabric increases which led to the dreaded "huge hip" look that I do not need. :)

See a version of this on HeidiG. Also on Audrey Bella.

Jacket: WOOL PIQUE SULTANA JACKET. Size 6. This is NOT a new arrival, but is 79.99 with 30% off, making it just around 5o dollars. Considering this was originally almost 200, that is a GREAT price. It fits well (I do not recommend buttoning the buttons, it just looks weird, and the SAs say that it ruins the line of this mid-century modern inspired jacket).

Cardigan: UGLY SWING STYLE MERINO CARDIGAN IN A PRETTY COLOR. Size Small (yes, I wrote small). I was attracted to this cardigan because I saw this color and just swooned. Then I tried it on, and yuck. YUCK. Why do this to us, J. Crew? Look at the shape of this cardigan. Who will look good in this shape? I ask you! If you are interested in this, I did NOT see it at, only in the store, and if you really want this, it costs $88.

Hi, yes, I want my butt and hips to look really big, and my shoulders to look WAY smaller. Mission accomplished, J. Crew. Now I can die a happy woman. :P

Cardigan: SCALLOPED ZIPPER CARDIGAN. Size Small. Yummy. The fabric is a cotton-wool blend, with a pretty silk and zipper trim. I love the light grey color (but like Cheesy Goodness have a ton of grey cardigans--looks like a closet purge may be in order). I also think the ruffles are done just right, they enhance the cardigan, and do not overwhelm it. The zipper is also the type that can be unzipped from the bottom, giving this a lot of versatility. This is a short cardi, and if you are long-waisted may be to short for you. It is $98. I think this may be a best-seller. It is a good price for what you get (and I am not being facetious).

See it on Debye and Audrey Bella. :)

Opened up. I think it looks great with the Target microsequin tank in black and with the Tangled Treasure necklace. Feminine, but not too twee.

Dress: TWEED CONTESSA DRESS. Size 8. Did a review of this dress last night. It is a good dress. Click on over to see more about it. :) $148.

Tee: PRETTY NEON FLORAL EMBELLISHED FROO FRAH TEE. Size Small. I really liked this, well-made (those embellishments aren't going anywhere), but at $42.50 was a bit rich for my taste. Definitely a potential on sale.

Tee: OOH, I AM GOING TO FALL APART IF ANYONE BREATHES ON ME TISSUE TEE. Size Small. Very pretty, and the fabric is SO soft, but very thin, and those precious embellishments? They were already fraying a bit. Definitely a "no," especially at $49.50.

Tee: HOT PINK IN THE CITY ANTIQUE ROSETTE TEE. Size Small. I love the color, I thought the rosettes were nice, but the whole thing together wasn't singing to me. Probably won't be singing to many other people, either. I think it was $39.50.

No size, but this bag is well-made and only $10. Fit the four items I bought just fine. I will make this my "let's visit J. Crew bag." Supposedly there will be one of a lady walking a dog (Gingersnap and HeidiG., you should be all over that.)

Hope this helped you all, it was fun trying stuff on!

Anyone else review any of these and can provide a link? Also, anyone think they have figured out which four items I kept in this precious bag???

Pretty New J. Crew Dress--For All Eyes to See!!! (And a Tangled Treasure, Too!)

There is more where these came from, but I am REALLY tired and wanted to accomplish two things...

1) Show off this lovely, very flattering dress that I tried on tonight at Pentagon City; and...

2) Show off the Tangled Treasure Necklace (Black), for those of you that had requested a view.

I wore something else into the store (obviously), but am saving those pics until tomorrow, when I have more time and energy into cropping those photos, publishing a polyvore, etc. :)

It just worked out that this dress served as a great backdrop to the necklace.

Size and Info:
Dress: Size 8. Weirdly enough, the 6 fit perfectly everywhere EXCEPT the bust. That is not normally the case...usually my hips are what I have to keep in mind. my advice to you all...go with what fits your bust, trust me. The dress is of the loveliest cotton material, with some heft, and is a dark grey and white cross-hatched pattern. I definitely see Betty Draper in a dress like this (although probably not in the boots or the necklace...heehee). The back is so pretty, with a crossed back and 4 lovely buttons. It is too hard to describe, must get Mr. Dina to take a photo. Dress is $148. Grab it here from (literally updated as I was doing my post). :)

Here is the dress with the watercolor leopard cardigan. I actually kind of like these together. Maybe with a slim, patent belt at the waist???

I am in a dilemma with this dress, though, and I will explain why later. :) (It has to do with other dresses in my closet and whether this could supplant some of them...trying to be more wise about how and when I purchase.)

Hope you enjoyed the preview. BTW, there is a LOVELY jacket with black beading at the collar that is in this same pattern. Summerilla reviewed it here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Subbing Mom Monday (in Red) and SAHM Tuesday (in Green)...

Kind of a boring post today. The first two photos are of the outfit I wore on Monday to go substitute teach. I was also walking home, which is why the pants and shoes are so. darn. practical. Plus it was "winter warm" on Monday (high was near 70), so I didn't want to be too hot on my walk home. All mindful and practical...the Sartorialist would have kicked my butt.

He wouldn't have even bothered to look at me on Tuesday, which was yesterday, and the day I decided that shades of green, grey, and black were for me. Now, I was taking Rex to preschool, and I was going to be switching into yoga pants for my yoga class, so I can't be expected to have completely brought it, right? Or am I just kidding myself, and I should have been full-on pencil skirt, heels, pretty blouse, cardigan, belt, earrings, etc.? Ha. Not a chance.

So without further discussion, I bring you...

Subbing Mommy in Red...

Sweater Jacket: Size Medium. This is from the September 2007 Paris Catalog, page 15 (yes, I have memorized the page). Swoon over the original catalog image here.
Tee: Size Small. Discussed here.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Baby CW is all sleepy. We hadn't even changed here into her outfit for the day yet. Gah, babies who are sleepy-looking always do me in...especially when they rub their eyes, TOO PRECIOUS.

Outfit with just the tee. I love this tee. The abstract floral in neon is just awesome. I know some of you don't like the color, but this is just the right amount of "ping" for me. Especially when dealing with Monday morning 7th-graders, they will be drawn like moths to the brightness.

(I know all you middle-school teachers know what I am talking about. Grade school teachers also have the same experience. I think it is once you get to high school when what you wear to teach doesn't really matter--the kids are less looking at you and much more looking at each other...hormones and all. Although 8th-graders probably do the same thing...don't have much experience with them.)

SAHM in Green...

Cardigan: Size Small. Any styling ideas for this Talbot's cardi? I am leaning to buttoning it up and wearing it with a pencil skirt, but I am looking for other ideas. Thank you for any help you can give!!!
Top: Size X-Small (J. Crew's cotton-modal tops run HUGE).
Pants: Size 8. BTW, the other button fell off these pants. So glad I sewed the original one that fell off back on...needed that one when the second of two fell off. If I didn't love these pants as much as I do, they would so be going back.

Shoes are the same as above.

Lastly...I received the Tangled Treasure Necklace and even though it looks like it would be a HOT MESS, it is not. I love it. I plan on wearing it tonight with a sequined tank from Target and the watercolor leopard cardigan. It looked wonderful with the tank (which is black). The necklace isn't so avant-garde that people will come up to me and go, "my goodness, woman, what is that THING around your neck?" I anticipate it will be right at home with my collection of statement necklaces (which I think J. Crew does incredibly well). So you all know, almost all of my jewelry from J. Crew is bought on super-sale. If you can wait for a good price, I would say their jewelry is worth the plunge. Having said that, slight jewelry (single chain necklaces with pendants, thin bracelets, etc.) get lost on me. I do wear them, and do love the ones I own, but I find that the larger pieces that J. Crew and Banana Republic make suit my frame very nicely.

Okay, that's all. Have a fantastic afternoon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Tale of a Tunic, a Top, and a Swan Butt Skirt...

First thing...I FORGOT to add links to my last few posts, and I just feel terrible. Both of these lovely ladies have worn outfits or pieces that I had in the posts, and I really want you to go check them out. They looked amazing, of course. :)

Debye reviewed the Boden Knitted Dress and the Textured Cotton Shift here. Summerilla wore the Campo de Fiore sweaterdress here.

Second...I have a great Boden story to tell. I was shopping at Springfield Mall a week or so ago and I was picking up my statement necklace (Boden's from the winter roll-out that I blogged about here) from the repair shop (a minor repair, a connection was broken between two of the bits). We then head to Gymboree to buy CW some winter clothing, and in the midst of me trying to prevent her from shoplifting some tees (they are so sneaky at this age), I threw my bag and envelope (with the necklace in it) on the floor and ran out to grab her and the fifteen tees she five-finger discounted. In the process of all of this, my Campo bag was remembered but not the necklace I had come to the mall for in the first place. :P

The ladies at the store saw the envelope (after we were long gone), saw the Boden info, and called their customer service number, and reported to them that my necklace was at their store. I remembered about fifty minutes later that I had left the envelope in the store and grabbed it...obviously with a million thanks to them, and was on my merry way.

Well imagine my surprise when I get home and Mr. Dina says there was a message from Boden, calling to let us know that our necklace was at the Springfield Mall and that we should go and get it!!! This is AWESOME. I always love J. Crew's customer service, but this is the BEST example of customer service I have ever encountered. Amazing. (Now, if I could just get them to send me the boyfriend cardi I ordered in their sale over 21 days ago, I would be the happiest camper with Johnnie and co. Although knowing Boden, Johnnie himself will go to the FedEx depot here in Alexandria and chew them out for making me wait for my package.) :) is a day of three reviews...two are Boden, and one is Urban Outfitters. (I know, Urban is NOT a typo.) In fact the only thing in any of these photos that is J. Crew is the starfish printed cardigan in the last photo that I bought recently from Mint Condition.

Tunic: UK Size 10R, US Size 6R. I chose to go with a regular as opposed to a long because I don't want the empire seam to hit me at my waist. That would just ruin this tunic for me. I know this is S-H-O-R-T, but I am not planning on wearing this as a dress, this is either a cover-up for my bathing suit this summer or as a tunic this spring.

I think this was the VERY FIRST thing I fell in love with when I saw the Boden Spring Preview all the way back in October. I said it looked very Lilly Pulitzer then, and I stand by my estimation. What a gorgeous print. Does anyone else see the bird in the center of the tunic?

This is linen and prone to wrinkling, but on the plus side, this is a comfortable material that stretches with you and will never confine you. Just lovely for the warmer months of the year.

Printed Tunic available here. This print is currently on a huge backorder, but really, are any of you going to wear this in the next 5 weeks? Well, outside of Ema, who actually is wearing it for real right now. Lucky gal! ;)

Top: UK 12, US 8. I always buy these more fitted tops by Boden in a size UK 12 or US 8 because they are close-fitting, and this is coming from someone without much up top.

I love me some hotchpotch. This is the current variation on the "hotchpotch" theme. This will probably be the only one I buy. The others just aren't singing to me. I do envision this looking darling with sandals and a pair of denim bermuda shorts.

Hotchpotch Top is available here. You can probably wait for a sale. (But once on sale, buy quickly...the hotchpotch and fun skirts always sell first and fast on sale.)

Cardigan: Size Small. Bought for maybe $15. Love consignment shops. :)
Skirt: Size Medium. This skirt was much discussed at gigiofca's Gigi's Gone Shopping. Well, not the Urban Outfitters version, but the Target version. Gigiofca is the one (maybe?) who named it the swan butt skirt. Whatever.

I love this pic, I cropped it just so...wanted you to see just how darling the mini-tiers of fabric look.

But I know you all, and you will prefer a full-length fine, here it is (I am to please):


Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ruffle Tiered Skirt is available here. They have it styled to sit on the waist. Unh-uh, I am over 14 (contrary to how I feel on the inside), so I placed it on my high hip. It is a much more reasonable version of a mini at this length.

BTW, I am stuck on how I really want to style this skirt. I like it with the cardigan and sandals, and so does Mr. Dina and my dad, but what about you all? Any ideas? Any polyvore addicts feel like taking a go with it???

Hope this helped some of you. If I enabled you, I am truly sorry or truly happy, dependent on how you feel about me enabling you. ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Tale of 4 Dresses--3 Boden and 1 J. Crew.

Untitled by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Hi, all! I have to make this a quick post, but some of you may really want to see these dresses ON someone before you purchase them. All of the dresses can be found in the polyvore above. Only the J. Crew one is sold-out, but always, always watch for popbacks with J. Crew. :)

Dress: Size UK 12R, US 8R. Boden is now using both sizes on their tags. Hollah for the good ole USA. Thank you, Johnnie, for keeping us in mind. (Although I had just figured out the UK size I was and now they have switched it...) :)

This dress is called the Pretty Cotton Dress, and it is so very pretty. It has a cotton sateen quality that I adore (and appears to be of a high quality--i.e. no wrinkling like some J. Crew cotton sateen). It is very fitted in the bodice, so go with the measurements over at Boden. Trust me. The only thing not perfect on this dress for me? The shoulders are a bit big, but that is always my issue, and I have gotten used to loose shoulders.

This may be my favorite of the bunch, although the next one is certainly up there...

Dress: UK Size 12R, US Size 8R.

This dress is the Textured Cotton Shift Dress and the texture is there. It is hard to see in this photo, but the cotton has a nubby texture. The print is darling, very special, and I can see this dress being at home on an evening of al fresco dining. The buttons at the waist also make it seem extra-special. This is fitted, but even though it is a shift, there is wiggle room in the hips for those of us with a pear shape (God bless you, Johnnie).

I also can see wearing this with the Parisienne Jacket in the frog green color...the dress has that tone in it...perfect for some of the nippier April days we have here in VA.

Baby CW wants a version of this for herself. Sadly, no such animal exists. :)

Dress: UK Size 10R, US Size 6R.

I bought this Smart Knitted Dress in a smaller size than the above dresses because I have knitted dresses from Boden and they are always pretty loose. Size down one size...the knitted material will accomodate you, I promise. :)

I love this print...isn't the floral very mod and the colors so very happy? I do not suggest this print if you are a bit petite as the florals are rather large, but if you are a taller lady, you should be able to pull this print off.

CW still wants to be in the photo, but she is done hamming it up for you all. ;)

Dress: Size 8.

I am making this face and posture because I am laughing at my hubby's reaction to the ruffled collar. Men do NOT get ruffles. The Silk Ruffle Confetto Dress is a bit much, but take it from can make it work, if you try...

Add a long linen cardigan, and a belt. Ah, much, much better. :) Still a lot of print and dress, so if you are bit more demure than me, this may not be the right dress for you...but to me the combo of silk, pink florals, and ruffles are so much fun. I have to say, Mr. Dina is right, though, this dress needs an anchor, and that is what the cardi provides.

One more view.

I cannot wait till I can actually wear these outside all styled and ready to go. Please bear in mind when making comments that I am NOT wearing makeup and I did very little to prep for my photo shoot!

I hope this helped some of you out!

We'll talk soon. More coming later...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Campo De Fiore Sweaterdress on a Saturday and a (Twinned) Striped Sunday!!!

I promised Cate all the way in last week that I would wear my Campo de Fiore Sweaterdress for her on Wednesday, this blog-o-versary week. Well, I couldn't because of a MISERABLE migraine, so I decided I would extend the blog-o-versary celebrations into this weekend, and wear the sweaterdress yesterday, January 23, 2010. I also put a poll out there...which outfit of the sweaterdress did you prefer, the lighter, white and grey based outfit, or the darker, black-centered outfit? Well, in a MAJOR landslide (worse than the landslide that the OTHER Emma outfit won by in the polyvore contest that I sent a set into) the black outfit won. And so it was to under the sweaterdress on a Saturday. :)

And here is the polyvore of what I wore. I did not wear the Metropolitan Ankle Boots, because, well, you all know I am not crazy, right? We were going to take the kids to the National Mall to go to the Natural History Museum and honestly, after and hour, my feet would have been killing me had I not worn my pretty (almost as nice) Naturalizer boots instead.

Dress: Size Medium.
Top: Size Medium.
Tights: Size Medium-Tall.
Shoes: Size 9.
Necklace: Scattered Glass Necklace. I LOVE this necklace. I find a reason to wear it at least three times a month. J. Crew should bring it back.

The black under the dress worked so well. What a great outfit. I was hesitant, but as HeidiG. pointed out, this would be a catsuit like effect under the dress, so it wouldn't look weird. And it didn't. Some sweet old man said that I was very colorful, and I think he meant it as a compliment. He also said that CW was colorful and you don't usually run around mocking people you don't know, right, especially babies???

And here is the fam at the museum. Although this pic looks serene and sweet, it is deceptive. I only broke down two or three times over my kids' behavior, but in my opinion, once is more than enough. Plus, the people. SO MANY PEOPLE. For an anthropology major, I sure am a dedicated misanthrope. :P

And today...I twinned it up with CW. And this time it wasn't even on purpose, really! Mr. Dina bought CW a whole bunch of clothes at Target last week, and one of the items, her top today, matches one of my tops almost exactly. A top I bought over a year ago. Great minds and all, I suppose.

Oh, and in the annals of Polyvore, I have never had such an easy time finding items on-line to clip. Every item I was wearing today was ridiculously easy to find on the Internet, including the year old short turtleneck AND the Lofli jeans from TWO years ago. I wish it was always this easy!!! :)

Top: Junior's Size Large.
Jeans: Size 30 Long.
Shoes: Size 10.

Oh, my goodness, the pic is too sweet. Just matchy enough, but not enough to make anyone (except the most jaded of you--and if this is the case--why are you even looking at my blog?) puke. ;)

And one more. BTW, I got these jeans for a SONG at Anthro about two years ago...something like $40. From what I understand, that is a pretty good price.

Oh, and because I do so enjoy beating a dead horse with a stick...and will continue to do so until my quest is complete...if any of you in my world have a size 8, 10, or 12 of this wonderful Liberty top from J. Crew, would you please consider selling it to me??? I SO LOVE THIS BLOUSE. And persistence does pay off, supposedly.

P.S. I have commented back on the last few posts, so please do look if you have left me a comment lately!

Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress and a Stained Glass Cardigan...Belted to Perfection!

I almost forgot that I needed to do this review. Oops!!! Thanks for the reminder, S. :)

I also have to do that gorgeous dress that I blogged about way back when...maybe I can have Mr. Dina photograph that one, in addition to the Boden pieces. (The ones I took of the dress didn't work out so well...I find photographing in the mirror is a tough job most days!)

Here is how I plan on styling the Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress...with the Stained Glass Cardigan, and belted just so. I also like the way the Metropolitan Ankle Boots look with the outfit.

Cardigan: Size Medium. I went with my usual J. Crew Merino cardigan size. I have found that I can fit into size small, but when I want to button the cardi up, I go with the larger medium...lays better that way.
Dress: Size 8. It is a bit loose at top and a bit snug in the hips (but nothing terrible and certainly spanx-fixable), but I have been searching and searching for the perfect "serious" dress for a while now. The one I wore to my uncle's funeral is too big now and the black looked too harsh with my skin tone. I feel like this charcoal dress is a nice replacement, especially if (when needed), I pair it with a conservative jacket, dark tights, and dark flats. (BTW, if anyone wants to buy the EUC Target dress I wore--I can e-mail pics, btw, I am more than willing to sell it...I know what it is like to try and find that perfect "serious" dress and not finding it!)
Shoes: Size 9.5.
Belt: Size Small. It is from the outlet, but you can find one just like it almost anywhere. :)

Here is the Ravine dress on its own. I LOVE the fabric, it is soooooooo soft. The collar is very pretty and unexpected. (It is a "frayed" look, but because it is wool and not silk, it won't be a big ole mess the way some of J. Crew's frayed looks get after one wearing.)

I am posting the pics of the Campo later today, and then maybe tomorrow, I will post the Boden reviews, etc. I am substituting, so it really depends on what the teacher needs me to do on whether or not any posting will get done.

P.S. Because I am in LOVE with the Liberty Print Fabric, I put an insane bid on a liberty print blouse over at ebay (one of my awesome blog friends found it for me). At the last second, I was sniped for $2.50 over my highest bid (which, btw, is almost twice the original cost of the blouse). In the end, I guess it is the way it goes, and really, should I be that obsessed? But, here is my plea...if any of you have this blouse in an 8, 10, or 12, I would buy it from you in a HEARTBEAT. SERIOUSLY, please consider it, especially if you never wear it anymore. Thank you!!! BTW, I will be putting this on the "looking to find" over at the JCA exchange, but I thought I would try you all first, 'cause you are my peeps! ;)