Monday, September 26, 2016

Boden Reviews: Ottoman A-Line, an Alisa, and a Patti!

I won't bore you all with too many details, but yes, I am alive, yes, I am fine, and yes, I am definitely a full-time teacher with three kids.  It's a bit insane.  If you've been here, you get it.  ;-)

Okay, so Boden sent out a postcard saying there would be an "up to 40% off" sale starting today, but it wasn't until today that I realized it was a mid-season sale.  (MID-SEASON!  CRAY!  It's been a fast few months!)

The sale is decent!  I think there is a bit of a lag in sales based on what is in the sale (a lot) and how much of it is reduced to the 30-40% off.  I have plans to ask for a discount adjustment as I made an order last night (I had a voucher set to expire), and though I received 20% off, the two items I purchased are now 30% off.  Does anyone else get the sense that barring a few items, very little is selling well?

Anyhow, links are in the usual places, in the sidebar and at the bottom of this post.

Onto the reviews!

Ottoman A-Line Dress. Size 6 L.  I LOVE this color, but I wasn't so sure about the dress initially.  It came off as a bit blah, a bit frumpy, but I am glad I held onto it.  It needs major accessories and such to be a good item.  Since I usually wear prints, I am also a bit uncomfortable with that much solid color all over me.  But I do really like the look with the scarf, the shoes, and the sunglasses. 

I think I will like it even more in the winter with a cute long necklace and burgundy tights and a pair of low heels. 

It is a bit big, the 6 L is almost a touch too big all over, and I normally wear an 8 in these ponte dresses, simply because I would prefer my lumps be skimmed over than on display.  (I don't have that issue with the viscose spandex jerseys they make, their fabric there is very beefy and does many good things for my curves instead of showing the not so awesome bits off.)

The L is not that long, so if you are truly very tall, this will likely hit at mid-thigh.  At 5'8" and a lot of leg (my outseam is 42"), I am at three inches above my knee, which is the highest I'll go for school or mass.

It didn't stretch out the way other of their ottoman ponte dresses have, so big thumbs up there.  They might have decreased the cotton and increased the spandex content to achieve that.

Ottoman A-Line Dress.  This dress is not selling that well.  The green is doing fabulously well selling, but the pretty lighter pink version I am wearing is fully stocked.  I wonder if it is a pink thing, but I am here to sing the praises of its loveliness!  (It is also 40% off!)

Alisa Dress. Size 6 Petite.  I did buy the petite.  I did not want a midi dress, and though I know that is what they meant for the dress to be, I know that this style dress (higher neck, short sleeves, and full skirt) will definitely, for sure, look very frumpy on me.  NOPE.  I did the whole "sister wife" thing back in the '90s, and not going there again! 

Anyhow, the good:

1. It is a very cute design, like little dandelions or bubbles.  The blue color is very flattering and neither too soft or too bright.

2. The length in the petite is fine for my frame, a couple inches above the knee.

3. The waist was high on me, which I need as I have a short torso.  (This is like a "bad" for most of you.)

The bad:

1. See #3 above if you are long-waisted. 

2. The material is a bit odd, I like crepey rayons, but this one is more sheer than the ones they have used in the past.

3. The pink is nearly see-through.  I immediately sent it back as I didn't want any underwear on display (I wear nude for the most part, but if sunlight were to peek through my legs, you would see the outline of my legs).

4. I personally was fine with the shoulder and neck fit, but it was bordering on tight.  I have a size 6 upper body (sometimes a 4) at Boden, so beware when buying, especially if you have a larger upper body.

5. There are zippers at the shoulders.  They were weird.  I would rather they be super visible, or not there at all.  Or just add a darn zipper somewhere else for access.  Seriously!

Back View. This material was very rumpled on first inspection. I did spray it with water and hang it to dry, but I definitely haven't ever seen that in most rayon crepe I have encountered.  Odd odd stuff here.

I am keeping it, it does seem to work for me, but this is my cautionary tale if you have particular things that drive you crazy, I'd rather you not buy and be saved the return. 

Alisa Dress.  The blue is selling far better than the pink.  (Umm, lining, Boden, ever think about it as a possibility?)  This dress is at 30% off.

Patti Flat Point. Size 40.5.  Love these!  And though they are a decent price now, I am so glad I bought them when since they are all sold out in my size (I prefer the 40.5 to the 41 for my size 9.5 foot as I have a very narrow foot, and the 41 is often too wide).

I especially love that they match so many of my outfits, since apparently I own about 3,989,513 items in this deep peacock color. 

The comfort level was fine, but I definitely had to apply bandages to the back of my feet after wearing them all day while teaching today (no socks, fwiw).  Usually it's a one day issue, as the leather stretches out in length enough that I never have to do that after the first day.  I know, for sure, the 41 would have been too wide as the 40.5 width was perfection.

So I say going normal size for length and width, but if your feet do run a touch wide, maybe size up one to compensate for this width being potentially more narrow than other Boden shoes.

The dress I am in is the Clementine Jacquard Dress, Jade/Dusty Pink, Boden, which oddly enough, is still available at Boden (it is from Fall 2015). 

It's a good design.  The point is very feminine, but not an absurd point that can look comical.  The coverage on the toes is nice, as I am not the hugest fan of toe cleavage (I find I look pointy or something, and I don't love my toe cleavage, lol).

Patti Flat Point. This color and the yellow are nearly sold out.  The others are not selling as well.  These are all at 40% off, which is a very good price for what you get.

Okay, that's all.  It may be another nearly two months before I can post again, but really, sincerely, I hope I am able to do a post earlier than that.  :-)  Missed you all!

Hey, it's creepy bent neck girl! But click on her and you will get to the sale. :-)
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