Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Cherry Blossom Inspired Outfit (Monday, March 30, 2009)!

In Honor of the Cherry Blossoms!!!
In Honor of the Cherry Blossoms!!! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
I didn't really celebrate this awesome event that happens here in DC very well this weekend, so I thought I would make up for it with my outfit yesterday. The cherry blossoms (for you all that don't know) are these beautiful flowers that spring to life in late March through early April on our cherry trees. Everywhere in the Mid-Atlantic that has these trees gets to see them in their full glory every year. It is really quite spectacular to see the variations of white and pink wherever you go for a few weeks. The best concentration of these trees is in the Tidal Basin over near the Jefferson Memorial, but that is also where all the tourist congregate, so if you are like me and a little wary of crowds, you will be relieved to know there are many other places to find these beauties. (A lot of times you can even find them in people's front yards...)

So my outfit is meant to represent a cherry tree: The top is the tea rose silk cami by J. Crew that was reviewed so well by A Bigger Closet here: http://abiggercloset.blogspot.com/2009/03/silk-georgette-pleated-tank-review.html. It is nice to see that we both like it!!! The cardigan is the J. Crew merino crewneck cardigan I reviewed at the beginning of March...it has finally come out to play. The pants are the J. Crew Madison stretch chinos in brown that I purchased a long time ago...these are awesome fitting pants...but the most exciting news...they are getting a bit too big (YAY)! The shoes are everyone's favorites, the J. Crew Alessia peep-toes in root. I seem to be wearing these on a weekly basis. The belt is the J. Crew skinny patent-leather belt in root (had to match the shoes and belt). The necklace is the J. Crew bauble (I think) necklace...I also seem to be getting a lot of wear out of that piece lately!

Only things not J. Crew? The bracelet and the watch!

Here it is full-length. I really do prefer this cardigan either belted or open. Just buttoned-up this cardigan is awful...it must be the length plus the crewneck that makes it so ugly.

Here is the top with no cardigan. I cannot wait till it is warm enough to rock this top by itself. It is so pretty with the pleating and the color. The Bigger Closet is a bit smaller than I am on top and I think the top suits both of us nicely. I say if you like it, grab it now...it is in the sale section at J. Crew and they are running that 30% promotion, too!

Have a nice day...it has been frenetic around here...so I apologize for not posting more...and commenting more...don't worry, I will catch up. I always do!

P.S. I have updated the JCA brunch post with links to both Slastena's post and HeidiG's post!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Awesome Times Were Had By All at the DC JCA Event!!!

I am going to start with the best pic--all of us JCAs together at Pentagon City's J. Crew Store. We all had such a great time. We walked in at around 10 am and were greeted by incredibly enthusiastic staff members who catered to our every need. "Do you want a mimosa? Do you need that shirt/top/pants/dress placed in your fitting room? Would you like me to bring this to the register?" To have a gathering were EVERYONE truly appreciates the items that are around us was so special. My husband collects action figures and treats them very well...we are the same with our J. Crew items.

It was nice to feel no pressure to be done quickly. I tried on many items I would normally never have looked at. One item that surprised me at how much I loved it? The Sanur convertible dress. With a pink belt (provided wisely by the sales associate), it looked awesome on me. I ended up buying it in the charcoal color. And this is me...the non-strapless dress lover. I wanted to buy but did not end up getting these items (too expensive...I will have to wait until I have saved a bit more money):
Things I Tried on Today that I Would Love to Buy!!!
Things I Tried on Today that I Would Love to Buy!!! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com

After we all enjoyed the mall portion of the day, we scooted off to Boulevard Woodgrill. We were treated so kindly by our waiter and we really enjoyed some scrumptious food. I will definitely go back there soon!

I am so very impressed by these ladies...we are fast becoming good friends and have already discussed a May meeting. AWESOME!

Please visit 3-Penny Princess for more information and some spectacular photos. By the way, the pic of me wearing that blue necklace on her post? Designed by one of the JCAs!!! I will be presenting info about her work very soon (as I am sure 3-Penny Princess will). http://3pennyprincess.blogspot.com/2009/03/jcrew-private-shopping-event-and-brunch.html
HeidiG did a great write-up here: http://headtotoewithheidi.blogspot.com/2009/03/update-from-dc-jca-event-and-my-1st.html

Slastena also did a nice post here: http://jcrewchick.blogspot.com/2009/03/dc-jca-event-at-pentagon-mall-3292009.html

Here is a photo of me taken before the event. This is a dress from Summer 2008. I bought it off ebay for next to nothing. It is a J. Crew Collection piece. It is a tad bit dressy, but I would rather be over-dressed than not. And based on what I saw yesterday, all of the JCAs and the Sales Associates agree! The shoes are the Cate Slingbacks in soft shell.

This is the jacket I wore...which is also the reason I can't do a polyvore. This jacket is from back in SPRING 2005. That's right...four years ago. I LOVE this jacket. I also have a mini-skirt and a button-down in this fabric. I will eventually get them out of mothballs...but I still have a few pounds left to go before I can do so!!!

There she is...our future youngest JCA! She even coordinated with momma!!! :)

You all have a great day. I am so very fortunate to have been able to spend the day with everyone.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blegh...It's Nasty Out There...Time to Pull Out the Tights and the Turtleneck!!!

So I had a triple dilemma this morning...what should I wear that will keep me warm, look decent for a party (a little girl we know is turning 2!), and will also be comfortable enough to wear to Costco to go shop? So this is what I came up with...and NO J. Crew in sight. Of course I am going J. Crew Crazy tomorrow, so I think it's okay this ONE time. :)

The sweater is a wool green concoction from this winter from the Ann Taylor Outlet (gift from my sister-in-law). The jean skirt is from Macy's and is by the brand Style & Co., which has the best clothes for very little money. The tights are Wal-Mart (and they fit really, really well...will have to pick up more of these). The shoes are from Bandolino and are a brown-suede wedge.

All in all a very comfy and warm and dressy enough outfit. No complaints here. No real hard work styling this outfit, but some days we all need something quick and easy that we can just throw on! Not very inspiring, but what am I gonna do? ;)

The ubiquitous CW and Momma shot. She got all dressed up to go to the party. Don't worry, I made sure she had socks on before we left. By the way, she sat up for a whole 5 minutes at the party. My little girl, growing up so fast...weep. :)

Critter Wedge Flip-Flop...

So this promo WAS a 24-hour deal...At around midnight last night, folks over at J. Crew Aficionada were saying they couldn't locate the link on the home page. And yes, as of right now (8:35 am--3/29/09), the flip-flops are back to being 26.50. I guess I hit this deal at the right time.

I will be on the lookout for future deals. I love this idea. It was a nice surprise!

Normally--$26.50. Today (3/28/09)--$6.50. That is $20.00 off. I live in these during the summer. If you want a pair, today is the day to get a pair. I have showed you the ones I got...but they also come in other colors/critters.
It expires tonight from what I understand.
Thank you to the Laura (of this blog: http://laurairl.blogspot.com/) who mentioned the sale on this post: http://jcrewaficionada.blogspot.com/2009/03/jcrew-updates-its-website-with-new.html. YOU ROCK, Laura. Thank you!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Florals and Citron (a Friday Theme, it Seems)...

Florals and Citron for a Nice Day!
Florals and Citron for a Nice Day! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
This is the polyvore of the outfit I wore today. I love when I can find the pieces I am wearing on Polyvore...it means I don't have to individually list the pieces...you all can go see them yourselves. Whee!

The necklace is a bit different, though. I have that heart necklace but the one I am wearing today is the apple necklace (felt like celebrating the fact that I am a teacher). The cardigan is similar, but is merino wool with brass buttons and is in a deeper shade of citron.

Here is the outfit without the cardigan. Can I tell you how much I like this top? The cap sleeves are so feminine and really balance my upper half and my lower half. The neckline is also smocked and elastic, making it very stretchy and comfy. The fabric is some sort of blend because I have yet to see a wrinkle and I have been teaching all day long.

The jeans are from a while back and I can fit into them again. Yay! :) Love that...obviously!

Here I am with my little man, with the cardigan on. I love the look without the cardigan, but if I didn't run hot all the time (I am one of those people who wear tank tops in winter), I would have worn this cardigan all day...that is how much I think that cardigan works for this outfit!

For all of you who love pics of my kids, I am so glad Rex cooperated this morning...so cute!!! I love the fact that those pants don't fit him and yet he doesn't care (and obviously neither does Jim who dressed him). Rock those capris, Rex. (Or is it some other name when boys/men wear them?)

Close-up of the pretty print, smocking, and the buttons from the cardigan.

I am walking home today...so I did bring another pair of shoes to walk in...I have a bag that I can carry on my wrist to make it easier and not to heavy at all.

Have a great day. More from the awesome Paris Catalog this weekend (don't have enough time today to post more pics)!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Campo de Fiore Sweater Dress on a Miserable, Rainy Day!

Campo de Fiore Sweater Dress for a Cool and Rainy Day!
Campo de Fiore Sweater Dress for a Cool and Rainy Day! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
So I have three compelling reasons for wearing this outfit today:

1) It is NASTY outside and this dress is merino wool and will keep me nice and warm.

2) I have finally lost enough baby weight (still 12 pounds to go, but getting closer each day) that I can wear sweater dresses again without having people cover their eyes and yell, "MY EYES--WHY ARE YOU BLINDING ME WITH YOUR BABY BELLY?" (Although for some people the print alone may burn people's eyes...heehee.) (The old J. Crew-A-Holics R Us had a field day with this print last year...I can't seem to find the link...but the writer on that blog had a field day making fun of this print...I just laughed and laughed because I loved it so much...everyone has an opinion!)

3) I love this dress and have a feeling some of you do, too. And since many of my lovely blog readers are in the mid-Atlantic and currently under grey skies, rain, and depression, I know this dress at the very least will awaken some of you!

The dress is in the January 2008 catalog, but what I did today is not technically a copycat...however I do have the pieces to make a copycat, so I will try it when the weather cooperates a bit more (as it requires bare legs to do the copycat).

Do you even know how many people came up to me at school today and had a fit over this dress? Like 85 people. This is not a dress for shy, retiring types. Good thing I am not introverted or else today would have been very difficult for me. ;)

My hair is wet in this photo (seems I can only wash my hair every other day and only very early in the morning--that's when everyone else is asleep). My makeup, although I tried, did not turn out as well as yesterday. (Maybe one day I will figure the magic steps out and be able to look well-turned out everyday!!! I can dream, right?)

You all have a great day. I know my day has been okay. Found out about the death of a family friend, so obviously not the whole day has been great (say prayers, please, for the family if you can), but what I have had otherwise has been pretty good. Huge, 70s looking florals will help get your groove on pretty well, I have to say!

Paris Catalog--Vanessa in the Library Print Doll Dress!!!

Here Vanessa seems to be saying, "Yes, I am a full grown woman, and yes, I am wearing a doll dress with frames all over it, but because of this perfect day full of sunshine, I don't look silly, even though I am fanning out the skirt so you can see the frames better..."

I own this dress. Because I am currently nursing CW, I won't be able to fit into the bodice of this dress for a little while (this dress is not made for the well-endowed ladies). I bought an 8 and the skirt part and height of the straps is perfect, though. I do not own the cardigan or shoes, but if pressed I could figure something out to do another copycat post. ;)

I love this image and I love it in particular today because it is so freaking nasty outside here in northern Virginia...raining, barely cracking 50 degrees, and everyone is in kind of a foul mood. Vanessa standing on these steps makes me smile. Thank you, Ms. Vanessa!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Wear the Slub Cotton Puff-Sleeve Tee...(With a Mini-Review)!

Slub Cotton Puff Sleeve Shirt Layered!
Slub Cotton Puff Sleeve Shirt Layered! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
Okay...I LOVE this tee, but for the longest time could not figure out how to wear it. I knew I wanted to wear it today (because it is casual enough for me to walk home from school in), but was feeling slightly stressed about how to make it special. (By itself it looks okay, but kind of odd, like "Why are you wearing the puffy sleeves, Mrs. J.?")

Then inspiration struck. MAKE THE DARN TEE work for you like a vest, I mumbled. YES!!! So I took a Joie blouse I bought from bluefly.com and slipped it under the tee, and it actually looked pretty good. :) SMILE!!! Oh, and then belt it so the expanse of off-white on your belly is broken up! YES!!! Excellent...

I own all the other pieces, except the necklace is a wee bit different.

Here it is full-length. Those of you interested in buying this tee, be warned...it runs large. I have a small on and look at how long it is on me. The shoulders are this close away from being too broad for my shoulders. I already told you I had to belt it to take away from the blankness of the off-white on my belly...

So why do I (heart) it so much? The texture is divine and the sleeves are so pretty and feel so silky in real life. I am a big fan of feel-good fabrics, so I will tailor the heck out of something that feels awesome, but put back something that fits beautifully if it feels wrong or stiff or coarse.

I added the pop of color in the pants and shoes. I almost treat these gold pants as a neutral, they are that versatile. And let me tell you, a lot of the other bloggers out here in JCA land have the same exact pants. I am thinking I will have to purchase these exact pants in a smaller version off of ebay when I lose more weight...I love them that much.

I am showing you this pic (ignore the fact that I am sort of hunched over...I was holding Rex...see the next photo) because I want you to see how the joie shirt looks under the tee. Very cute!!! I love this outfit a lot and may wear it again soon!

And this pic? Serves no other purpose than to show you how freaking cute rex can be while wearing his batman pjs, eating a plum, hamming it up for the camera, and not wearing both socks.

You all have a great day!

Another Page from the Beautiful Paris Catalog!

Hello, everyone, my name is Vanessa and if I weren't so sweet, I would be saying, "Don't hate me because I am beautiful."

I mean, seriously...too freaking adorable. Everything about this shot must have pleased the dickens out of the photographer, the stylist, the director, and of course, lovely Ms. Vanessa herself.

The clothing itself is also to die for...the color of the coat, the exquisite print on the skirt (I happen to own that print in the doll dress), the pretty plaid shoes, and the sweet grey sweater all belted up.

The makeup--simply exquisite. Black eyeliner and mascara placed just so...check; Red lipstick in the most amazing shade...check; The perfect color foundation and eyebrows plucked exactly right...check.

And the hair...mussed to say, "I don't really care how I look because even though I am a bit messy, it keeps the whole entire look from being too twee."

Yep, J. Crew...this is it. Can we go back to this? And soon, please?

Don't forget...I have more images from this catalog...simply click on the Paris Catalog tag to see them all...

Color me amused...

Rarely if ever do all staff e-mails crack me up...

But this one...it's a doozy. I don't know what I find so amusing about it...could be that in a single paragraph there is a directive about not throwing rocks at cars AND what a bad idea it is to harass geese? :)

WORD FOR WORD what the e-mail said:
As you are well aware, spring, and spring-like behavior are upon us. Before you take your children outside (fire drills, class, etc.), please review appropriate behavior. Anyone caught throwing rocks at cars will be in HUGE trouble (yes, it is a felony to throw rocks at cars). Also, it's a really, really bad idea to harass the geese. Review appropriate behavior, monitor behavior, and immediately refer anyone not following your directives.

Oh, I love it! I wonder which of my lovelies I will get to refer for harassing geese? Or will the way the geese react be enough of a punishment?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Another Grey and Green Day for Me!!!

Since there is no polyvore for this outfit, I will just list the items. Polyvore does not have this dress and since there is no acceptable alternative, I was like, "whatever!"

Dress: Studio M, purchased Spring 2007 right after Rex was born, size medium.
Cardigan: Tartine by J. Crew, Light Pewter, size medium, from fall 2008.
Shoes: Allesia Peep-Toes in whatever the grey is called by J. Crew, also Fall 2008, size 9.5 (they fit fine a 1/2 size small).
Jacket: Ruffle-collar trench by J. Crew in khaki, early spring 2009, size 6.
Necklace: Tiffany's Pendant, don't remember the name, bought by Jim a long time ago.
Watch: Fossil.
Bracelet: From Macy's.

This dress is so comfy and fun. I love the empire-waist as I believe this is one of the most flattering shapes if you are a little small on top and a little big down below. ;) I have to wear a cami with it, though...this dress is very revealing otherwise.

The Allesia peep-toes...I have them root, as well...and I should have gotten them in all of the colors they offer. They are the single most comfortable heel I own. It doesn't make any sense, either. Why these shoes? They have very little padding and they have a peep-toe. In my mind those two things equal torture not walking on clouds. Interesting...I wonder if they were just designed better than other heels?

Here is the dress with the cardigan. The bracelet sleeves work here because you can actually see my bracelets!!! Yes!

Next time I think I will belt this with a contrasting belt, maybe the skinny root one that I own. That would probably look very nice!

Here it is with the trench...a bit conservative, but you know me, I am not exactly known for baring it all...the Delores dress is even a bit much for me (I know you all love it, but still, that there was a lot of skin showing)!

Can't say much more for this outfit, and the Paris catalog post and the what to wear if you are pregnant post kind of wore me out!!! Have a great day, everyone!

So You're Pregnant and You Miss J. Crew...

Well, it turns out that you don't need to leave the beloved embrace of the Crew just because you find yourself "with child." I had many shirts last year that were not meant to be maternity wear but became maternity wear because of how well the fabric stretched over my tummy. J. Crew, I love you for making the tees so stretchy! Take a look...here I am wearing the fish tee fully pregnant!
And guess what? It still fits today!!!

Well, it turns out that this season, for whatever reason (ooh that rhymes)...J. Crew has made some very flowy tops and dresses that are perfect for the expectant mother. No need to make sure your top has stretchy material like I did last summer...oh, no...

Instead, you have these beauties at your disposal. I don't believe any non-pregnant lady will be buying these (too much of everything for those of us without a huge belly), but I can see a rush of 32-weekers banging down the door of their local store (what is with my rhyming today, weird).

I did not review any of these. These posts come from the ever-awesome Gigiofca and the amazing Slastena.
Please enjoy your options. Also note...the last option is for you if you are pregnant and looking to get married (don't laugh...I was at my parent's wedding...get it?).

1) The Cotton Balcony Dress (reviewed by Gigiofca): http://gigisgoneshopping.blogspot.com/2009/03/j-crew-cotton-balcony-dress.html
There you are...I hope you have enjoyed today's trip to our favorite maternity store ever, J. Crew.

Two Pictures from the Beloved Paris Catalog...

Aren't Vanessa and the other beautiful model (I think she is from Belgium) just darling in this picture? They always model so well together. I also loved all the images of them from my second favorite catalog, the Scotland one from November 2007.

I actually own the striped tissue turtleneck in stone. It is surprisingly versatile...although I don't think I will be doing this particular look anytime soon! ;)

Here are they are posing in very similar styles, only Vanessa is showing some leg and the Belgian model is showing some cleavage. It is all very tasteful, mind you, but for J. Crew, a bit risque!
I own the dress with the ruffles on the bottom (Vanessa's), but in black. Funny story--I recently tried the dress on and it fit beautifully and made my legs look so nice. So I run into Rex's room to show Jim, and he is like, "Ugh, what is up with those ugly ruffles?" I, being a girl and all that, got very upset and stormed out of the room. Later I realize he didn't mean me, but rather the dress. I sometimes wonder about Jim...this is such a darling dress and he hated it.

I think this dress is a contender for this Sunday's brunch because it has ruffles (and I don't own much with ruffles), but it depends on the weather. If it is warm (my hope), then there is no way I will wear it...it is 100% wool.

And do I care all that much about Jim's opinion? Sometimes, but it really depends. He HATES the cabochon necklace that I wear a lot and I still wear it...so there you go!
Tomorrow I will put two more images from this catalog up for your viewing pleasure.

BTW, don't forget I have more images from this catalog (though not as sharp--better light this time) located here: http://mysuperfluities.blogspot.com/2009/02/my-obsessionthe-paris-catalogseptember.html

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crewcuts on Rex and a Sneak-Peek to a Future Post!

Rex does not own much from crewcuts. I cannot justify spending that sort of money on things he will outgrow so quickly. However, the few pieces I have bought for him have been fantastic in that they hold up extremely well and I would dare say are made with more care than the adult line. This polo he is wearing is the only piece I have bought either of my kids at full-price. The polo was about 30 dollars and it was his first birthday (yes, I bought it in Feb. 2008) and the darn crab critter at the bottom was to die for, so I bit the bullet and got it. I have not regretted it once. As you can see he is still wearing it to this day...and it has been well over a year. I suspect he will wear this out...based on how it fits, I could see him wearing this till his third birthday.

I will say crewcuts on sale is the way to go...I have never had to worry about a piece selling out. That means those darling dresses that were in an e-mail recently that I know CW would look so cute in? I can definitely wait for a sale...they will still be there. :)

I will hopefully get some more images from this catalog up tomorrow. I can't promise, but I can try my best!!! :)

Purple, Plaid, and Yellow...aka Wacky College Professor Day!

Purple, Plaid, and Yellow for a Crisp, Sunny Day!
Purple, Plaid, and Yellow for a Crisp, Sunny Day! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
So this outfit seems fairly normal, maybe even a bit boring on polyvore, right? I mean the only colors are the purple and yellow and they don't seem too crazy together...

I actually own the top, the necklace, and a similar watch and sweater. The shoes, pants, and vest are all acceptable stand-ins for the real thing.

Now let's get back to the task at hand...why this post is also entitled Wacky College Professor Day...look at the craziness that ensued when I put the pieces together...

Yes, at first it seems okay...put together, professional, clean, and neat...but then you start to deconstruct it..."Wait," you say, "haven't I seen this look before?" "Didn't my 85-year old, slightly demented, greying, smelling like coffee History professor wear this outfit back in 1996?" "Why is Dina wearing the same get-up he did (well, minus the headband and necklace and bow)?"

Well, honestly...I don't hate this outfit. I am certainly laced-up and yes, a wee bit bright and jarring to look at, but I sort of enjoy the fact that I am wearing this, have worn this all day, and have yet to see anyone run down the hallway screaming "My eyes, they burn..."

That said, it is certainly not the dress I wore last night or my teal lydia blouse, snow leopard cardigan, and chambray capris, but, eh...at least it isn't a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans, either. I mean, I have a colorful reputation to uphold. :)

But if you actually like this, cool. I am not going to stop you!!! After all, I don't hate it, either!

Also, I do teach American History, so no doubt I am well on my way to old, aging, slightly crazy professor-hood one day...I am just giving the outfit an early run...

Oh, and I walked today...so really...you know I can't completely bring it every time I walk!!!

I hope you have had a great day...and hope you had a few chuckles at ole prof Dina...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What to Wear to a Party, Wedding, Night Out This Summer...a Review of the Delores Dress and the Brigitte Metallic Heels!

Summer Wedding/Party/Night Out in Style!!!
Summer Wedding/Party/Night Out in Style!!! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
Quick post on something some of you ladies out there may care about...bridesmaids/party dresses for summer. Because I am going to be a bridesmaid this summer, I have been spending time looking for dresses that could serve the purpose of being a maid to a bride and also be useful in a non-wedding. Enter the Delores dress and the Brigitte Metallic heels. (They are both still for sale on J. Crew--what kills me about the dress is that I bought it for way cheaper than it is available on-line for now--with all those promos at Christmas--I got it for a song. I believe the heels are in final sale.)

So how does it work in real life? Not too bad. I want you to bear in mind this is a size 8 and I have about 5 pounds left before it is a PERFECT fit...and since the wedding or any conceivable night out for me is at least one month away, I think I will be okay making the goal in time. The Brigitte heels fit the bill perfectly...and are not subject to the whims of my postpartum weight loss.

Warning--if you have ladies in your wedding party who are a bit busty or carry their weight in their waist--this may not be the dress for you all. I have a small-ish waist and I think it is a bit tight. The shoulders are also a bit wide, so if any of your ladies are narrower in the shoulders, this may be difficult for them to wear. But those that can wear it--SHOULD. I walked out in this and my hubby was like, "Woo-wee...where are you going wearing that?"

This is a silk taffeta, so if you are a bit retiring, this may not be a go-to party dress. It is a bit bright in this flamingo color, but you know I don't exactly shy away from color!!!

I did not go anywhere tonight, just felt like dressing up and doing a review for you all. ;)

Here is a close-up of the heels. These are pretty darn comfy considering they are heels and strappy at that.

Yes, ladies, don't worry, I will get a pedicure before I wear these in public. :) (Just in case some of you thought I was stupid...)

Have a great night!!!

#100 Post--A Very Special Thank You!!!

I wanted to reserve my 100th post as a post to thank all of you--my followers, my readers, and all those who have ever commented on my blog.

I started this blog thinking three people would be interested...my dad, my babysitter Roxie, and maybe one lady who found me through a comment I left on J. Crew Aficionada. Instead I sit here awe-struck at what this project has grown into. I have carefully spent this morning going through all of the comments left at this site and written down all the names (not including my followers). I have also made a list of all my followers. I would like to believe that I would have continued writing and posting if only three people were interested, but it does help to have a little push to continue...I really like knowing that in some tiny way I may be contributing to another person's life on a daily basis.

I have been raised, though, to be extremely GRATEFUL for any and all favors that are done for me. And I truly believe that anyone who has bothered to even look at this site is doing me a huge favor. And those of you who comment and follow, your contributions are like jewels...I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. So, without further ado, THANK YOU!

I have compiled two lists. The first one lists all of my followers. The second list lists all of the people who have commented. To save myself a bit of a challenge, I did not repeat the followers' names on the comment list...

A Bigger Closet
Donna Hoffman
Snea (Roxie!)
Stephanie Martin
The Outfit of the Day
3-Penny Princess

People who have commented (note, I have compressed the anons to make space):
Anna (Where have you been, darling??? Love your comments!)
Anon @ 7:56, 9:41, 2:56, 7:58, 11:38, 2:39, 4:36, 3:43, 4:27, 4:16, 4:10, 11:23, 1:14, 5:25, 5:07, 1:59, 10:11, 4:22, 7:30, 10:51, and 1:12.
Birdie Butter
Georgia Girl
Hair Advice
La Belle Helene
Melanie (my very first comment!!!)
Second That
Where are you

Again...thank you for joining me on this blog of mine. I really look forward to the next 100 posts!!!

P.S.: I have a poll running right now...help me decide how to pack for my trip to Florida for spring break. The trip to WV was such a success because I chose to stick to one color combo...and I want to do this for the trip south. So choose one if you will. I thought about the colors more last night and what I mean by the color teal is a light aqua blue (just in case you needed further clarification). Thank you for voting!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Beloved Seven for All Mankind Dojos Are Too Loose...Whatever Shall I Do?

Please ladies...I need advice.

Should I:

1) Place my Dojos (size 32) into my retirement pile and wear them again whenever I have another baby and need awesome jeans to wear in the postpartum period?

2) Try to shrink my Dojos in the washer and dryer? They are 100% cotton and will shrink. I own the flip-flop length which is a nice length for me with flats, but if I shrink them, would the hem shrink too, thereby making them too short on me? (I have a 34 inch inseam.)


3) If I decide to retire my Dojos for now, what shall I do to replace them? Should I buy them in a 31 off ebay (but worry that I will end up with a fake and no recourse) or should I buy them at (gulp) retail?

All advice is appreciated. If I were to shrink them, I would wait until I lose about five more pounds because the jeans are okay for now and not too TOO loose, but I suspect the day will come when I have to make that decision.


Citron on a Friday Strikes Again!!!

As you know last Friday I celebrated citron (to honor FFM's awesome post about the color). Well without really meaning to, here I am celebrating it again!!! (Although, truth be told...I love this color.)

I decided against creating a polyvore because I couldn't find the top and the sweater I wore is only in polyvore as a natural color, so I will just post pics of me...wooh!

The top is by a company called Miss Closet. I bought this at Need Supply down in Richmond, again on super sale. I bought a large, but it fits pretty well, almost feels like a tunic. From what I read, Miss Closet is a juniors' brand so that could explain why the large doesn't feel too large. The jeans are my beloved Seven for all mankind dojo's. I am a little worried that they are becoming too loose. (The one pitfall of weight-loss, pants that do look really nice become too loose...sigh.) The shoes are the joelle patent flats in spearmint, and the necklace is a green amber piece I got from the History Store (or something like that) back before I was married (2001).

My hair is wet. Honestly if I make it out of the house with everything I need and my hair is wet, I will live. Little accomplishments make me the most happy. Even though it was wet, it was completely dry by the time I got to school (yep, I walked again)!

Here is the outfit, but with the sweater/fancy sweatshirt. This is from J. Crew last winter (2007). I also own it in black, but the Miss Closet top does look very nice with this color!

By the way, I see a lot of J. Crew out in the world, but this sweater/sweatshirt is the one I most often see. I think it had a very broad appeal when they created it. And almost everyone I see in it looks really nice. Must be the universally flattering shawl-collar!

My next post is about my Seven Dojo jeans dilemma. Help me if you can!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am Wearing a Skirt...to School...(Plus My Review of the Cate Slingbacks)!

Yellow, Khaki, and Shell Pink!
Yellow, Khaki, and Shell Pink! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
I know, I know...call the doctor 'cause I have a fever. I am actually baring my legs and for work, too. By the looks on the kids' and other teachers' faces, you would think I had grown horns. Everyone has been super complimentary, but I was still very nervous about wearing a skirt. Like Gigiofca has mentioned in her blog, I hate wearing my skirts too high on my navel. And because of my "baby" fat, it is taking me a while to get back into my lower-rise skirts (and I have some darling ones). But I went into J. Crew (the actual store) around a month ago and I purchased a soft shell pink pencil skirt, in kind of a stretchy, sateen-y cotton. It was something like 25 dollars. It is beautiful. And it is comfortable. It is also not the one in the polyvore set, but since polyvore only has what is on-line, we polyvore ladies have to improvise. (Although I do own the skirt from the set in navy.) I think the reason the skirt is so comfy is because I was basically forced to buy it in a size larger than I wear (size 12--the pencil skirt's hips are tight...and I hate tight, so hence my choice). This means that my waist is deliciously loose, almost 3 inches loose. That's fine. For now I just won't tuck anything in...still looks polished and pretty.

The rest of the set is self-explanatory. The only thing that I don't own in the set is the black necklace. The necklace I do own (and am wearing) is from Macy's a few years back (you got it--I bought it on "super-sale"). I also am wearing the lovely Erickson Beamon for Target clear-bead necklace you have seen before!

Full-length. For those of you who follow Emily's blog, Champagne and Cupcakes, you have seen these shoes before...the Cate slingbacks in shell. I bought my slingbacks in shell in size 10, my normal size. I have a very narrow foot, though, and I find these shoes work really well for me. And I normally hate slingbacks. Emily mentioned that these were narrow in the footbed and I want to warn you of that, too. For me it isn't an issue, but I can imagine for some of you it might be. I think the general consensus is that if you have normal feet, size up 1/2 size. For those of you with narrow feet, stay with your normal size. To read more, go here: http://champagne-and-cupcakes.blogspot.com/2009/03/cates.html

I should point out two things. The makeup I used this morning must not have been blended in correctly because I look very pale. I will blend much better tomorrow morning. Also, I highly recommend a cami under the lighter-colored tissue turtlenecks. I am wearing a pink cami and I think it helps save this turtleneck.

I thought about belting the turtleneck, but because of my waist and the waistline of the skirt not being 100% compatible, I decided it looked weird, so I went with necklaces instead. Fortunately, my waist is still defined enough that I could do this...

Here is a close-up of the slingbacks. The shell color really is the perfect neutral for me. It nearly matches my legs and I feel like this plus the fact that they are heels really lengthens my legs. I also love the patent...such a nice sheen and very classy in a retro sort of way.

I hope you all have a great day...by the way, I gave CW a lot of kisses last night, one for each one of you who sent her 1/2 birthday greetings!!! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pretty in Pink for a Relaxed Day!!!

Pretty in Pink for a Relaxed Day!
Pretty in Pink for a Relaxed Day! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
So here is the outfit that I decided to wear for three reasons: 1) It is gorgeous outside and I was feeling decidedly "Springy!" 2) I am walking from the school to Starbucks (about 1.25 miles) after I am done for the day (don't worry, I brought walking shoes and will store the flats in the backpack--I made room); and 3) It is CW's six-month birthday (big deal when you are this small) and I wanted to wear very "girly" colors.

The polyvore shows the outfit in its entirety. Some changes--the shirt is not the Parisian polo (although I do own that one), instead it is the polo from J. Crew, Summer 2006 that had the critters on the chest. The polo I have has the whale critter. The fossil watch is similar to the one in the set, as are the pearls.

Here is the outfit, full length. I do LOVE these pants. They are so pretty and comfortable. And again, the material is ridiculously soft. If you didn't visit the Polyvore site, the pants are the colored cotton chambray cropped chinos (still for sale at jcrew.com). The shoes are the fresco-print (on silk) ballet flats (last I checked they were still for sale at jcrew.com). These shoes are from my collection of Fresco printed items. I love the fresco print. It must be the colors, green, olive, and pink that drew me in...

Since it is CW's 1/2 year birthday, I had to put a pic of her and me together. You can also see the whale critter closer-up and you can see the watch and necklace, too. I think I got the necklace from Macy's on "super-sale."

I hope to comment back to all of you who commented on the two outfits yesterday (THANK YOU) but I have a meeting in a few minutes and then we are off to shop at Costco, Macy's, and possibly even IKEA, so I may not be able to comment back until tomorrow!!! Please forgive me...I love commenting and commenting back!!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, CW!

Here is the sweet little girl I call CW a mere hour after she was born, on September 18, 2008. I never knew she would come into my life. I thought Jim and I would forever have just one child...the adorable and loving boy CW has as a brother. But God decided to bless us for a second time (feels like a miracle even today). Even from the start, CW was a little snug-bug and wanted to be held more than not...

Here is CW today, six months later. She still is the precious peach that makes everyone smile who gets a glimpse of her smile and kind demeanor. I love you so much, my darling little girl. Thank you for being in my life. I never knew that I would enjoy being a mom so much!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Real quick post about what I wore. I am walking home (I also walked here), so I have to get going, but I wanted to show my pride in St. Patrick's Day, and more importantly my love of the color green.
Because I walked today, I didn't do anything super-fancy, but it works as a whole. The top is a cotton sweater from Talbot's. I love this print. So pretty and chic. The pants are tan cords from Lee Riders that I have finally been able to wear again. In fact, I think I may have waited too long to wear them...they are a bit loose and may be headed for retirement if I can actually reach my weight-loss goal (still have about 3 pounds until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight before Rex and about 14 to go before I reach my ultimate goal--my weight in Summer 2005). The tennis shoes are some keds that I bought a few years ago at DSW. The headband is the only thing from J. Crew. Shocking, I know. Even the jacket I wore was from Kohl's.

I have J. Crew clothing in green...but none of them spoke to me last night when I planned this outfit.

I hope all of you enjoy your night. I am going to yoga. Maybe I will wear a green yoga top. Hmm...do I even own a green yoga top? :)

Greys and Greens!!! (Or outfit I wore on March 16, 2009!)

Greys and Greens!!!
Greys and Greens!!! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com

OH MY GOODNESS! I made it work...I now know how to post my pic straight from polyvore. CELEBRATE!!! Whoo!

Okay, so even though this is green and grey, I actually wore this yesterday, March 16th. I GO NUTS for green on March 17th, and this year was no exception (and yes, I will post it).

Although you have seen me in a lot of other colors, one of my all time favorite colors is green, but I do tend to wear them when it's warmer outside. I am not quite sure why. Hmm.

Well, here goes. The top is a cashmere beaded shell from J. Crew this fall (2008). The pants are the checked pattern university pants from J. Crew this fall (2008). The peacoat is not the one represented in polyvore, it is a deeper green version from Tulle. I bought it on deep discount from Need Supply in Richmond. The bracelet is a J. Crew resin version that I bought in mint green this winter (2008). This bracelet reminds me of my grandmother's costume jewelry...and I really love that sort of mid-century style of costume jewelry. I wore these same pumps (Merona Collection at Target) but in pink. These are the pumps I was waxing poetically about on Saturday night. Swoon!

Okay...I am totally hamming it up for the camera...please ignore or laugh out loud or whatever to my facial expression.

One thing to note about this outfit...these pants are a size 12...I am wearing a 10 now so this is an instance where if you are planning on buying these type of pants, definitely size up. They are very comfortable now, but if I had tried wearing them when I was a 12 for sure, they would have been WAY TOO TIGHT!

This top is so precious and warm and soft and dressy. I received a lot of compliments from the kids. The neckline is so nice, no need to wear a necklace!

And the shoes. Oh, the shoes. They really give this outfit a little extra something something...

Here is the outfit with the peacoat. What a nice, well-fitting coat this is...love the structured, almost regal air of it.

Ah, yes...the shoes. That white piping, the saturated bubble-gum pink, the metal button detail, swoon. Oh, the uppers are leather. Shocking. For 30 bucks, that is a good deal. You know J. Crew would sell the same shoes for five times that amount...

Have a nice St. Patrick's Day!