Friday, March 20, 2009

My Beloved Seven for All Mankind Dojos Are Too Loose...Whatever Shall I Do?

Please ladies...I need advice.

Should I:

1) Place my Dojos (size 32) into my retirement pile and wear them again whenever I have another baby and need awesome jeans to wear in the postpartum period?

2) Try to shrink my Dojos in the washer and dryer? They are 100% cotton and will shrink. I own the flip-flop length which is a nice length for me with flats, but if I shrink them, would the hem shrink too, thereby making them too short on me? (I have a 34 inch inseam.)


3) If I decide to retire my Dojos for now, what shall I do to replace them? Should I buy them in a 31 off ebay (but worry that I will end up with a fake and no recourse) or should I buy them at (gulp) retail?

All advice is appreciated. If I were to shrink them, I would wait until I lose about five more pounds because the jeans are okay for now and not too TOO loose, but I suspect the day will come when I have to make that decision.



Beth said...

YES the length will shrink!!! That's all I have now. Have to go get in shower. Party tonight. Maybe save for another baby? Ugg. Hard to decide.

Emily said...

Really they will shrink? Mine always stretch back out after a couple of hours.

It's always nice to have a pair of loose fitting jeans around. Sometimes i just waer them around the house while cleaning or on my fat days...

Do you have TJ Maxx in your area. I see all kinds of designer jeans there.

Anonymous said...

How funny that I happened to do a post today on jeans since I hardly know anything about fashion. But truly you should try them! I feel like a million bucks in them. (and its been a long time) :)

Congrats on the weight loss! now isn't that just worth not fitting into your fave jeans any more!!

HeidiG said...

Wow, everyone is talking jeans - Lissa, FFM, you.

Congrats on doing that well with your weight loss! The Rack is another great place to look for jeans? They always have a lot. (We have one in Gaithersburg, not sure if you have in NOVA.)

I would not try to shrink them unless you want to end up wearing cuffed jeans all the time (not that there's anything wrong with that because I do it *all* the time, even in 45-degree weather, but that's my choice).

Good luck!!

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

I would save them...I agree with Emily that it is always nice to have a pair of loose fitting jeans around. The Jeans post I blogged about yesterday has a lot of suggestions from many JCA's about different styles/brands at all price points if you want to look for something other than a new pair of Sevens. Congrats again on your post-baby weight are doing SO wonderfully!

Jordyn said...

Dina: I love the DOJO's...we are similar height/inseam and they are my go to casual jeans. I would save the 32 especially if you are planning to have another baby...its always great to have a few pieces of clothing that make you feel good about yourself post-partum. I would just purchase another pair at retail...try Bloomingdales...I got a pair of my DOJO's there at 40% off around Christmas. Also, if I were you I would get a size 30...if you are planning on continuing to lose weight then I would just go with a 30. The 30 will stretch to the size of a "normal" 31 the first time you wear them and just don't put them in the dryer. If you get a 31 they will stretch to a 32 and you will have to put them in the dryer. Regarding the length...I always by the "regular" length instead of the flipflop...I wear them once with heels, let them stretch out, put them in the dryer, and then take them to be hemmed at the tailor. This way, they have already been washed and you know what strinkage to expect in the length. Just my suggestions...but defintely get one size smaller than you think you will need...prob a 29 or 30. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you take them to the taylor and have them taken in but leave the extra fabric inside...then when you have the other baby you can take out the seam ..I do that a lot w/ jeans and other pants

ashley said...

Yay for you! Keep 'em so that you can say "WOW i used to fit into these?!"

I'm glad that you are shedding those pounds and inches! :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Beth said...

Great jean advice here.I'm remembering this stuff!

Anonymous said...

I have one pair of loose jeans I wear around the house as well (like emily) I love them. So comfy. Who cares if they are a bit baggy???? No fashion police at home and if they are beloved Why Not???

dinagideon said...

Ladies, you all have made my day. I have taken all of your ideas into mind...and I think what I will do is this:

1) Wear it for a few pounds longer,


2) Put it into my special "I need to look pretty postpartum pile,"

and fairly soon (probably sooner than later),

3) Purchase these in a size 30 (as Jordan suggested): 7 For All Mankind® 'Dojo' Stretch Trouser Jeans (Indigo Wash) (Short Inseam) (on the Nordstrom website).

I am also glad that I started a discussion here, because as Beth pointed has helped more than just me...

Oh, and don't forget to go see FFM's awesome discussion on jeans, too.

And just in case you need more advice, the Wardrobe Review did a jeans discussion back about a month ago, I believe. (And yes I waxed poetically about the Dojos that time, too.)

Have a great second day of Spring!!!