Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Cherry Blossom Inspired Outfit (Monday, March 30, 2009)!

In Honor of the Cherry Blossoms!!!
In Honor of the Cherry Blossoms!!! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com
I didn't really celebrate this awesome event that happens here in DC very well this weekend, so I thought I would make up for it with my outfit yesterday. The cherry blossoms (for you all that don't know) are these beautiful flowers that spring to life in late March through early April on our cherry trees. Everywhere in the Mid-Atlantic that has these trees gets to see them in their full glory every year. It is really quite spectacular to see the variations of white and pink wherever you go for a few weeks. The best concentration of these trees is in the Tidal Basin over near the Jefferson Memorial, but that is also where all the tourist congregate, so if you are like me and a little wary of crowds, you will be relieved to know there are many other places to find these beauties. (A lot of times you can even find them in people's front yards...)

So my outfit is meant to represent a cherry tree: The top is the tea rose silk cami by J. Crew that was reviewed so well by A Bigger Closet here: http://abiggercloset.blogspot.com/2009/03/silk-georgette-pleated-tank-review.html. It is nice to see that we both like it!!! The cardigan is the J. Crew merino crewneck cardigan I reviewed at the beginning of March...it has finally come out to play. The pants are the J. Crew Madison stretch chinos in brown that I purchased a long time ago...these are awesome fitting pants...but the most exciting news...they are getting a bit too big (YAY)! The shoes are everyone's favorites, the J. Crew Alessia peep-toes in root. I seem to be wearing these on a weekly basis. The belt is the J. Crew skinny patent-leather belt in root (had to match the shoes and belt). The necklace is the J. Crew bauble (I think) necklace...I also seem to be getting a lot of wear out of that piece lately!

Only things not J. Crew? The bracelet and the watch!

Here it is full-length. I really do prefer this cardigan either belted or open. Just buttoned-up this cardigan is awful...it must be the length plus the crewneck that makes it so ugly.

Here is the top with no cardigan. I cannot wait till it is warm enough to rock this top by itself. It is so pretty with the pleating and the color. The Bigger Closet is a bit smaller than I am on top and I think the top suits both of us nicely. I say if you like it, grab it now...it is in the sale section at J. Crew and they are running that 30% promotion, too!

Have a nice day...it has been frenetic around here...so I apologize for not posting more...and commenting more...don't worry, I will catch up. I always do!

P.S. I have updated the JCA brunch post with links to both Slastena's post and HeidiG's post!


Anonymous said...

You looked super at the DC event and too cute in the outfit above!
I just created my own blog and hope you'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Please post a picture of the Cherry Blossoms!

Beth said...

You look great in this one!

3-Penny Princess said...

Isn't today gorgeous! Perfect day to enjoy those cherry blossoms! I'm wearing my Blushing Cherry Blossom fragrance in honor of the real ones.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

I really like this combo! You look fabulous!

Suzy said...

I really love that cami on you! The look with the belt is great! I have had that cami in my cart, and at 30% off it's a bit hard to resist, but so far i have!

I would love to hear more about how they told you to style the grey skirt/strapless dress item (name escapes me at the moment), as I have that, and have only dared wear it as a skirt - but it does look rather cute as a strapess -- you said they sh owed you to wrap a belt? Which type - like you are wearing today?

Please elaborate!!! Wish I could have been there! I might soon - Richmond is not that far away!


Drewablank said...

That was a genius idea - dressing up like a cherry blossom tree in honor of the cherry blossoms! Waitaminit...that didn't come out right....you know whaddamean, right? :D

You look too cute in this outfit!

I can't wait to visit the cherry blossoms myself this weekend! I'll try and post some pictures on my blog. ;)

A said...

I love this look on you. The cardi actually looks great worn with a belt and you know how much I adore that cami. :) I couldn't resist ordering another one in crisp celery to wear with my navy sweaters. :)

Also, you looked fantastic at the DC event! Wish I could have been there too. :)

KatyO. said...

This is a gorgeous outfit on you! Is there a color you don't look good wearing?!

Joyce said...

I'm so sorry that I missed the cherry blossoms while I was there. This is really one of the times that I miss living in DC. Perfect outfit for a perfect day.

dinagideon said...

Luvallthingsjcrew: Hi! Thank you for visiting. I went ahead and started following your blog...I hope you enjoy working on your blog as much as many of us do...it is seriously addictive. I promise to get a pic of the blossoms up if I can!!!

Beth: Merci!

3PP: Monday was an amazing day, as was Tuesday...of course I am commenting on Friday (3/3) and it is like a monsoon out there. WOW! I love that scent that you are wearing...so pretty and floral.

sparrowsandsparkles: If you like the pink colors together...wait till you see what I am bringing to Florida...lots of pink, khaki, and green!!! :)

Hi, Suzy (bichonlvr)!!! :) I am going to wear the Sanur dress as soon as the weather truly cooperates...hopefully next week sometime. :) I am still deciding how to really make it something special!

If you all do something in Richmond, I would be there in a heartbeat...I wonder if the Short Pump one would consider doing something? Then we could all grab something to eat right there, like at Tara Thai?

Drewablank: 1) I did dress as a tree...my bottom-half is brown like the trunk and the top is all pinks. :) 2) YOU HAVE A BLOG--WHEE!!!

A Bigger Closet: Thank you. I like belting the cardigans because otherwise they make me look rectangular...and since I am not a box, I figure this is the way to go!!! :) We would have loved to have you at the event...and you would have loved being there because it was so warm that day...no cashmere or wool anywhere! Would you post the pic of you in the crisp celery? I would love to see what that shade looks like...

KatyO.: :) I don't wear a lot of black or purple or red...there is a VERY good reason for that!

Joyce: Thank you. It sounds like you were real busy that weekend. We loved seeing you briefly but I hope that you get to spend more time the next time...

Also, are you near the Raleigh/Durham-Greensboro-Winston/Salem area of NC? We have very good friend down that way and if you all had an event near there, I would so try to drag my family down for a "visit" to our friends and jaunt your way. (Of course!)