Friday, March 20, 2009

Citron on a Friday Strikes Again!!!

As you know last Friday I celebrated citron (to honor FFM's awesome post about the color). Well without really meaning to, here I am celebrating it again!!! (Although, truth be told...I love this color.)

I decided against creating a polyvore because I couldn't find the top and the sweater I wore is only in polyvore as a natural color, so I will just post pics of me...wooh!

The top is by a company called Miss Closet. I bought this at Need Supply down in Richmond, again on super sale. I bought a large, but it fits pretty well, almost feels like a tunic. From what I read, Miss Closet is a juniors' brand so that could explain why the large doesn't feel too large. The jeans are my beloved Seven for all mankind dojo's. I am a little worried that they are becoming too loose. (The one pitfall of weight-loss, pants that do look really nice become too loose...sigh.) The shoes are the joelle patent flats in spearmint, and the necklace is a green amber piece I got from the History Store (or something like that) back before I was married (2001).

My hair is wet. Honestly if I make it out of the house with everything I need and my hair is wet, I will live. Little accomplishments make me the most happy. Even though it was wet, it was completely dry by the time I got to school (yep, I walked again)!

Here is the outfit, but with the sweater/fancy sweatshirt. This is from J. Crew last winter (2007). I also own it in black, but the Miss Closet top does look very nice with this color!

By the way, I see a lot of J. Crew out in the world, but this sweater/sweatshirt is the one I most often see. I think it had a very broad appeal when they created it. And almost everyone I see in it looks really nice. Must be the universally flattering shawl-collar!

My next post is about my Seven Dojo jeans dilemma. Help me if you can!


birdie butter said...

Like the shoes ... Need Supply is one of my favorite stores in Carytown (Mongrels, Pink & Que Bella are my others)... I also have to Dojos (petite) and they will shrink if you wash & dry them, but they seem to stretch back out!

Emily said...

Love the citron on you! I use to have that same JC sweater and my mom decided to to take it from me. I couldn't say too much to her since she does all my dry cleaning for free.

HeidiG said...

I want to hear more about Need Supply. I am from Richmond (born & raised) and get back quite a bit to see my twin sister who is still there, so I will have to find out about that.

and love the outfit, love the shirt, citron mama!!

KatyO. said...

That is such an awesome top! Again, you with the perfect citron color. Love the entire outfit. :D

ashley said...

I LOVE this outfit! so colorful! love yellow on you!!!

dinagideon said...

Birdie Butter: I (HEART) Need Supply, too. Pink is also really amazing, if a bit expensive!! I need to check out Mongrels and Que Bella (have never been to those shops). Thank you for putting in your two cents about the Dojos. I am currently thinking through my options... :)

Emily: Well lucky for us that J. Crew seems to adore citron as much as I do...we should always be able to get at least one or two things in it every season! I probably should hold back (I think I own it in about 15 pieces--I know, I know...)

HeidiG: I LOVE RICHMOND. If you haven't had a chance to read my post about how much I adore your city, please go back to January. I basically wrote multiple love poems to it!!! I get down there once every two months or so, and if I can work it, I should be there on April 2nd for a lecture...Yay!!! Lunch at the Can Can. Mmmm.

KatyO.: The top was definitely the topic of discussion at school today. Some people loved it, others said it was "unique" (the sweet Southern way of saying they don't like it). least I don't bore people.

Ashley: I am glad you love color as much as I do...we can be all flourescent together!!! :)