Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greys and Greens!!! (Or outfit I wore on March 16, 2009!)

Greys and Greens!!!
Greys and Greens!!! - by dinagideon on Polyvore.com

OH MY GOODNESS! I made it work...I now know how to post my pic straight from polyvore. CELEBRATE!!! Whoo!

Okay, so even though this is green and grey, I actually wore this yesterday, March 16th. I GO NUTS for green on March 17th, and this year was no exception (and yes, I will post it).

Although you have seen me in a lot of other colors, one of my all time favorite colors is green, but I do tend to wear them when it's warmer outside. I am not quite sure why. Hmm.

Well, here goes. The top is a cashmere beaded shell from J. Crew this fall (2008). The pants are the checked pattern university pants from J. Crew this fall (2008). The peacoat is not the one represented in polyvore, it is a deeper green version from Tulle. I bought it on deep discount from Need Supply in Richmond. The bracelet is a J. Crew resin version that I bought in mint green this winter (2008). This bracelet reminds me of my grandmother's costume jewelry...and I really love that sort of mid-century style of costume jewelry. I wore these same pumps (Merona Collection at Target) but in pink. These are the pumps I was waxing poetically about on Saturday night. Swoon!

Okay...I am totally hamming it up for the camera...please ignore or laugh out loud or whatever to my facial expression.

One thing to note about this outfit...these pants are a size 12...I am wearing a 10 now so this is an instance where if you are planning on buying these type of pants, definitely size up. They are very comfortable now, but if I had tried wearing them when I was a 12 for sure, they would have been WAY TOO TIGHT!

This top is so precious and warm and soft and dressy. I received a lot of compliments from the kids. The neckline is so nice, no need to wear a necklace!

And the shoes. Oh, the shoes. They really give this outfit a little extra something something...

Here is the outfit with the peacoat. What a nice, well-fitting coat this is...love the structured, almost regal air of it.

Ah, yes...the shoes. That white piping, the saturated bubble-gum pink, the metal button detail, swoon. Oh, the uppers are leather. Shocking. For 30 bucks, that is a good deal. You know J. Crew would sell the same shoes for five times that amount...

Have a nice St. Patrick's Day!


Emily said...

I love you Target shoes thay are so pretty! I think grey and green look great together and so cute on you!

KatyO. said...

cute! I love the pink shoes and green jacket. :)

Beth said...

Love your new pink shoes!!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

you may be talking me into those shoes. You look so cute!

HeidiG said...

Ilove gray and green together. You look fabulous and those shoes are just the right touch. Well done!!

Unknown said...

You are loving those shoes! They look really cute. The green wool coat is a great fit on you. But you knew this ;-)

dinagideon said...

Emily: Grey and green and pink...this is definitely a color combo I am going to try again! Thanks!!!

KatyO.: I could totally see you wearing this jacket...very scholarly! :)

Beth: Isn't Target awesome?

Sparrowsandsparkles: I hope to see you wearing them soon... ;)

HeidiG: Thank you!!! I hope you enjoyed today (3/18)...so pretty outside!

gigofca: Thank you...you also understand the value of a good fit--love the fact that you show us good fit versus bad fit...so important! :)