Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Floral Fixation...

Hi, everyone!

I have been under the weather these past few days, so it wasn't Irene's wrath that kept me from writing, it was me.  LOL.  Honestly, I was very surprised that we fared as well as we did here in NOVA.  As you know from past incidents, we are not always so lucky.  For everyone who is still without power or has tree damage or wind damage, I sympathize, trust me, I do!

I have read through all of your great comments over the past week, and I want to answer two things.

One, you better believe I will tell you all how I did my face in the last photo from this post.  Let me put some time into it and I will definitely do a post on what skin care and makeup steps I did to complete the look.  Until then, I did a step by step makeup posts a few months ago, and some of the steps were similar, just those were more for winter weather, and I change it up a bit for summer.

Two, I did see the Real Simple ad that gives 20% off your first order with Boden (thanks to everyone for letting me know about it!).  I have not tried to order with this promo, but it did come up and get applied when I put in the code.  Go ahead and click through this link (below) and when you get to the shopping bag area, find the box that says catalog/promo code and put in this code: WRSM.  The link below gives 10% off and free ship/returns, but you can change the code to the WRSM easily enough.  I don't think it can be used more than once, but who knows?  Good luck, let me know if it works!  Also, I have no idea when it expires.  :)

Shop at Boden!

Onto Florals!

Speaking of Boden, this dress is from last summer's collection (2010).  I love the punchy colors and the nice, simple shape of this shift.  The shoes are Aerosoles and the necklace is J. Crew (Crystal Colettto in green).

I wore this to teach summer school (a few weeks ago).  Since I was working with the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," I felt like going with all things flowery would be most appropriate.

Also worn to teach during the "Caterpillar" week, I wore this amazing frock from J. Crew.  It is called the Giverny Print Sydney Dress and is from the 2008 collection.  I found this on ebay in a size 10, and outside of the bust being too large (but can be tailored to fit), it is a score, for sure. I wore it with the Jackie Cardigan in light citron, a pair of Nine West nude peep-toes, and the Crystal Coletto in purple.

No cardigan, as was the case for a good part of the day (very hot that day).

Giverny Love!

Above is the polyvore. :) Feels very Emma Pillsbury now that it is in polyvore form!

I wore this luscious Anthro dress a week or so ago to church.  Love this look, although I was worried it wouldn't fit because it looks so small on the hanger.  I forgot how generous the a-line is in the skirt.  Anyhow it is called the Vestiges dress, and if you find it on ebay and are a pear-shape, feel confident that you can size down (I am wearing the size 4).  This is paired with the same pair of Aerosoles shoes from the Boden outfit (love them!).  This outfit is the very definition of easy picking.  LOL.

I just like this shot.  :)

You all, HAVE A GREAT DAY.  We'll talk soon.  Remember, any Boden reviews, you can e-mail to me at dinagideon@aim.com or you can let me know where and when you published your review (if you are a blog friend)!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy!

Yay for fun theme days!  :)

Before I show of the "under the sea" outfits, I wanted to remind everyone (not just my Boden fanatic friends) that I am hosting a really great giveaway for some very pretty sparkly scarves from Boden.  Please enter here.  Would love to top out near 50-75 entrants, if possible!

Okay, so this first outfit includes the very popular "school of fish" skirt from J. Crew back in 2006...I spent far too much on ebay for this (ugh), but when I received it, I saw that this skirt is so unique and special, it was okay to make this one of my only ebay splurges.  (I usually try to do bargain hunting on ebay, only treasured items am I willing to pay more for.)  The second outfit is a mix of Anthro and J. Crew and includes a pretty aqua and coral print top and cute little starfish earrings.

The skirt is a size 6, which is fine, but I would have preferred the 8, but c'est la vie...it fits and looks decent.  Plus that adorable print?  Agh!  Love it!

The tee is awesome.  I have literally worn it over and over and over since I bought it back in the winter of 2007.  In fact I wear it so much that I bought the silver/grey version from ebay for $7, I really do find these neutral striped tops go with so many of my printed skirts and pants.

The necklace is the sparkle flower necklace, perfect little bit of bling, not too much, but just enough to add interest to the neckline.

I decided to wear it with the most comfy platform sandals, from Aerosoles a few years ago.

I was teaching the book "Swimmy" at school and really loved the message of "together we are stronger."  This skirt is a very nice little visual reminder of that.  :)

From behind.  I would love to have this skirt in a navy version, too, just like there is a navy version of this print in a dress.

Here Fishy Fishy!

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.

I wore this outfit on the day we were driving from GA to southern VA.  (This was way back in late July, btw.)  I love this Coil Flower Tank from Anthropologie.  It doesn't really read floral, in fact I see the gorgeous red corals of the seabed, but whatever.  The shorts are J. Crew from a few years back, as are the cherry blossom lucaya espadrilles.  The earrings are not Elsa Peretti as are shown in the polyvore, but rather from Stella and Dot.  I found this outfit perfection for driving all day long.  Very comfortable and kept me cool (very important)!

Do you all see coral or florals?  LOL.  You can also see the earrings a bit closer here, as well.

Starfish and Corals.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit!

Okay, all, have a great Friday.

Oh, and although this is a fun "under the sea" day, I really truly hope that we don't end up "under water" with this ridiculous storm heading our way!  ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Just a Bit of Everything Really!

Happy Thursday, only one day late with the Boden Weekly Review Roundup!  Woo!  ;)

First things first. I am hosting an awesome Back to School with Boden giveaway of three fun sparkly scarves. You all MUST enter here. (Totally making it all real with italics.  LOL.)  I really am very excited for this giveaway! Free Boden! I also spent some time dissecting five potential outfits for almost all members of the family during back to school time, so take a gander at those, too, if you all wouldn't mind...

Remember, all photos that are of me or that I have taken can be opened and viewed closer. If you would like to see an item on a blogger friend, then go through the link I have provided to their blog. If you would like to see the item's availability, sizing, measurements, and other color choices, make sure to click on the Boden stock photo to take you back to the Boden web site.

Right now I have a coupon for 10% off with free shipping and returns (in my sidebar). If you have a mobile device, I have also placed this coupon at the bottom so you can have easy access to it. If you have another coupon from your catalog, etc., you can still use that, you just need to input that code in your shopping cart to see the total change. :) Easy!

Johnnie b:

Full Skirt.  This is a size medium in the pretty blue floral colorway. 

Pros: LOVE the print, so very feminine.  There is an elastic bit at the back which also makes wearing this skirt on your hips super easy (and it turns out very crucial on this non 15-year old).  The skirt is made well, and has the cutest red lining (which is not visible, and I might add, should never be visible, little ladies, cough, cough).  Great price (I got it during the outfit of the day promo, so I think I got it for $30?).

Cons: This is SHORT.  I mean like ridiculous.  I briefly contemplated getting the large but then the pouf would be insane (it is already very poufy).  So I will just wear it LOW on my hips, especially when bare-legged.  I just will have to compensate with a longer tee or tank (as I have done here).

I actually may like it better for winter, although I don't really think a cotton skirt would be my first choice...lol.  I really like the skirt with leggings (these are from madewell) and boots (from J. Crew).  The tank could have transitioned for winter, with a great little wool jacket, but eww...it was like 90 here today, no thank you.  So I just paired it with a v-neck sweater from Lauren instead.

From the side.  Definitely a younger silhouette, but fun for running around town (especially on preschool run days).

Full Skirt
Full Skirt. Also comes in plaid and in the above red floral design.

Boden for Women:
Leather Biker
Leather Biker. Last week, Carol reported back on the Leather Biker Jacket that she had bought. She said of it: I wanted to report back that the leather biker jacket at Boden for F/W2011 is amazing! I got it in the brown color- leather is top quality and it drapes well. The snaps do not bug me, they blend into the brown color of the leather. So nice to have it belted like a trench to give it some shape. Would I like to have it cheaper- yes, but I didn't want to risk it selling out -and it was low stock when I ordered it- as I have been looking for a leather jacket in this length of this quality for a LONG TIME! I think its a classic update on the biker jacket for ladies of a certain age (ahem!) like me. And I say, I think any age would suit that awesome jacket AND THANK YOU! :) GREAT review!

Mini Boden:
Layered Jersey Dress
Layered Jersey Dress. Sassy chose TWO of these dresses. Girl after my own sartorial heart.

Ruffle Jersey Dress
Ruffle Jersey Dress. Sassy looks very pretty in this dress, very much like a little French girl. Oui, la belle femme!

Clearance Boden:
Don't worry about Anita and Derek, they aren't concerned about Anita's Boden cardigan.  We just have had an earthquake and now we hear that there is a category 2 FREAKING hurricane barreling down on us.  At least the two of them look really good in the face of Mother Nature's wrath.

Leave it up to my girl, Anita Brikman, our local news anchor (and girl crush), to show up to work today sporting not only a really pretty new hairdo but also wearing the Jewelled Button Cardigan in navy. Both look FAB, and there are still some of these beautiful cardigans in stock in the clearance section. :)

Jewelled Button Cardigan
Jewelled Button Cardigan.  Only the yellow one seems completely sold out.  I actually really like the navy one, especially the way Anita wore it as a top.  Very chic.

Printed Shirt
Printed Shirt. Louise, of the wonderful blog, Cosmetic Bee, had her husband model this shirt for her blog readers a week and a half ago. I love that her hubby was willing to do that...must get Mr. Dina to be my male model sometime, too! :)

Shop at Boden!

Mobile Device Users, here is an easy access coupon for 10% off and free ship/returns.

P.S. pluce...here are the photos for Polyvore!

Hannah Dress in Fern.

Perfect Jersey Dress in Cadet.

You all have a great night!

Back to School with Boden! And a Giveaway!

Hello, all! Since so many of us are in the dog days of August wherein relentless heat and humidity threaten to overtake us, plus add to that the extra pressure of getting our littlest loved ones up and ready for school, I thought I would see if I could at least make the sartorial job just a bit easier by showcasing some yummy back to school outfits that I have pieced together from Boden's Autumn 2011 Mini Boden and Johnnie b lines.

But you know me, I can't just leave out the lovely moms who do quite a bit of the work in preparing the minis for school, so I have even added in a great back to school outfit for us, too.

AND to celebrate all that you lovely ladies do to keep the wheels running (usually) squeak free, I have a wonderful giveaway for three lucky Boden babes! There will be more on how to enter the giveaway at the end of the post, but here's a sneak peak of what you could win!
Sparkly scarves in lovely purples and blues?  Yes, please!
Since I have rugrats of my own, I thought I would feature outfits that I would like to dress them in on their first days of preschool this year. It was shockingly easy for me to figure it out, and regardless of the age of your own children, all of these pieces can transition well into the school year.

1) CW is starting her first year of preschool this year, and I know that she will want to be well-dressed on her first day, so I have picked the below outfit to make her feel both sassy and comfortable. All of the items are separates, so if it is hot the first day, I can change out the leggings and shirt and let her go bare-legged and bare-armed, but have an outfit idea floating for when the temps do dip!
Funky Print Dress in Dove Songbird. You all have already seen her in this, and I know, without a doubt, this will be her pick if I asked her. :)

Pointelle T-Shirt in sage/cream striped (to layer under the dress).

2 Pack Sparkly Footless Tights
in Violet/Steel Pack (to layer under the dress). I like these for two reasons, 1) it allows me the comfort of knowing that if she does cartwheels, her bottom isn't showing, and 2) since they are sparkly, CW is gonna love them.

Leather Ballet Flats
in Silver Metallic/Silver Grey. If it is slightly shimmery, CW always exclaims, "I'm a princess!"

And who can forget the backpack?  Not me!

Girls Rucksack
in Pink Wallpaper.  So pretty and girly and just the right size for even the littlest of backs.

2) Rex is almost an old man compared to CW having gone to preschool for two whole years already! I know he needs something super-durable (he is HARD on his clothes), so when I picked his outfit out, I thought of his predilection for destroying things first and then what he would think is cool. LOL.
Icon T-shirt in Forest/Taupe. This is a no-brainer. Rex has been talking about his "target" shirt since we received it in the mail. I knew that this shirt would be his first day back to school shirt for the longest time. It also is great for my own personal goal because the cotton is super-thick, the embellishment is well-sewn on, and the sleeves are long enough for any "elbow" incidents Rex may encounter with the ground.

Lined Knee Patch Trousers
in Sand. You just read how I need for Rex to have long sleeves to keep his elbows protected, right? Well these pants do the same but for his knees. I also like that the waist is a drawstring and elastic, which means that it will fit for a long time...through a few growth spurts at least. Happy Momma!

Padded Gilet
in Sunset. Rex hates coats, and will just *barely* tolerate them. However, a vest/gilet is right up his alley because it keeps his core warm but allows for his arms to be super-free. We do insist that he wear a real coat when it gets REALLY cold, but for the fall (and VA temps are usually in the mid-50s), this vest fits our needs perfectly.

Leather High Tops
in Khaki Suede. Okay, how great is that Boden has made a pair of cool-looking tennis shoes for the boys that are also very mom-friendly with velcro straps. There are mornings where I am so harried that even doing up a shoelace tie is almost too much too handle. LOL. (I know I am not the only one. Right?)

Boys Rucksack
in Blue.  Rex loves his mini Boden items from summer that have the skulls, so this backpack is exactly what he would want!

I wanted to take this back-to-school post and make it about more than me and my minis, though, so I also decided to include an outfit for a teen girl and a teen boy because I know there are quite a few of you who read my blog who have older children and mini-Boden is too small for them. So for you wonderful parents (I taught middle school, I remember the kids at that age--woo, boy!).

3) For a teen girl, I imagined this outfit would be a hit on the first day back:
T-shirt Dress in Grey Marl/Storm Heart Stamp. This fits the bill for those girls who are fussy about their clothing...it looks cool but also fits well and comfortably, so that even if the moody comes out one morning, she should be able to handle whatever comes her way with ease. The print is especially fun and current...what teenage girl doesn't enjoy little bitty pink hearts?

Leather Jacket. Umm, bonjour. I owned a leather jacket in high school and without fail, it matched everything in my wardrobe, it kept me warm, AND it made me feel cool. Boden's delicious offering has sweet edgy detailing with the zippers and buttons, but is all girl with the contrast pink lining. (I must admit, a teeny part of me is yearning for that for myself. YUM!)

Ballet Flats
in Metallic. This silver version will look great with so many clothing items, from dresses to shorts to skinny jeans.

2 Pack Cable Tights
in Dark Grey Marl/Midnight. When the temps dip, bring out the tights. Not only do they allow girls to find extra life for their adorable dresses, it also adds a bit of coverage for us nervous moms. (My dad was very protective. Guess who ALWAYS wore tights? LOL.)

Favourite Satchel
in Navy.  A lot of teen girls have outgrown backpacks, but still need a place for their books and school supplies.  I dipped into Boden's womenswear to find the perfect bag for the coolest teen girl.

4) For a teen boy, I imagined an outfit that would be neutral enough to not make them self-conscious, but also very comfortable:
Brushed Check Shirt in Storm. Plaid shirts will always be a staple for the teen boy. A bit dressier than a tee, yet still easy to wear. It is like the perfect shirt for mom and teen boy.

Slim Jeans in Dark Denim. Boys will always want jeans, and to set your guy apart a bit (but in a good way), try a pair of skinnies on him. They are very current and modern and will offset the casual-ness of the plaid shirt nicely.

Waxed Jacket in Bracken. I could see the dirt on guys' coats back in high school from a hallway or two away because they NEVER washed their coats. This jacket, because of its waxed exterior, will ward off the dust and dirt much better than traditional coats, so even if you can't get to the wash this week, at least your guy's coat won't look like it. :)

Leather High Tops in Steel. The boys can wear this, again, and again, and again, and they won't look older, they will just look better.

5) Oh, I haven't forgotten us ladies. We need something for our school runs, don't we? After all, what is more fab than a Mom who regardless of how she feels (crazy busy, anyone?) can look amazing.
Perfect Jersey Dress in Limestone Crochet. This is the sort of fabric every mom needs in her life. There is literally nothing more comfortable than a well-made jersey dress. (Even sweatpants...I think these dresses are way easier to wear and have the extra bonus of making you look fab, too!) This pretty, yet soft, print can easily be accessorized up for a party, but on the first day of school, can be paired with casual pieces for a more easy air.

Club House Blazer in Slate Melange. This has the bonus of keeping you warm when the temps dip, but in this "go with everything" neutral, it not only works with the jersey dresses of the world, but can easily pair with yummy colored denim and beautifully tailored pencil skirts. This jacket will be in it for the long run.

Bon Bon Necklace in Fig. This fun little bit of embellishment for you neck not only looks fab with the jacket and dress, it also has a bit of brightness with the yellow to really make it pop!

Favourite Satchel in Scarlet. Why be shy? Show off your love of color in this mom-friendly tote. The pockets and extra details you need, the color is what this outfit wants.

Wedge Loafers in Black. These will literally match everything in your wardrobe, but I have decided to elevate us moms by insisting that we only wear our Ballet flats four days a week, and wear leg-lengthening wedges and heels the other days. Of course since you are on a school run, comfort is king, so the wedge it is. :)

I hope you all enjoyed my foray into Back-to-School styling with Boden.

Now it is your turn.

I know every single one of you wants to win the scarf (yum, yum) and there are going to be three lucky ladies who win one, but to enter please do three things for me!

In the comments, please:

1) State your name (or nickname).

2) Go to Boden (use box below these sentences) and tell us what ONE item you think would be most essential for you or your mini/teen on the first day back to school.  You can list more than one item, but one is all you need to enter the giveaway.

Shop Boden

3) Leave an e-mail in the comment so I can get back to you if you win!

THANKS, all!  This giveaway ends on September 1, 2011, exactly one week from today.  Good luck to you!  And good luck to all of our favorite boys and girls!