Monday, August 1, 2011

Surely Peeps Can Pick a More Flattering Photo to Put of Me Online, Right?

LOL.  Like this one?  Maybe?

I had done my hair, I wasn't wearing a top for a review post just so my JCA friends could see how horribly the Saint James Naval tee fit me...

Well, I guess if this ebay seller thinks that the image of me is going to help her sell this top, then more power.  But seriously, hon, there have got to be images that do that top (and me) more justice.  ;)

And, no, I don't care if she (or he) uses it...after all, as I mentioned above, I don't know if I am going to help their selling cause.

P.S. Just found this one where they just took a pic of the shirt in the navy colorway (same seller, btw).  Clearly they think my torso image is a better image than just a shot of the red and white version.  Somehow, I just kind of doubt it.  LOL.