Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pineapple Print: Polyvore, Photo, and Catalog Image!

Good weekend to everyone! :) I have spent the vast majority of my weekend sleeping. I really hand it to every single elementary teacher out there, you all work your tails off! I have one week of summer school left, so I anticipate there being a few more naps in my future. LOL.

Up today is a skirt that many of you likely remember seeing in the Spring of 2006, and if you were like me, you chose not to buy it as it was very expensive at its full price. And by the time it went on sale, I was pregnant with Rex and was all, unh uh, nope.

Pineapple Print!

Above is the polyvore of the set that I created with the pineapple print skirt. I truly believe the skirt can go with so much, but I chose to pair it with one of the items I am surprised J. Crew stopped making, the silk-linen v-neck sweater. Love the drape, color saturation, and how lightweight the sweater can be (making it possible for folks to wear in the summer, even if it is really hot). I have one of these, and would love to add more, but unfortunately this type of item was one of the ones that got the ax from the powers that be. (Many of our faves seem to go this route, sadly!)

And here it is on me. The skirt is a size 8, and is about an inch too big in the waist, but it just means I can wear it a bit longer and tuck a top into it, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I wore this to a teacher meeting two Fridays ago, and I felt like it was just right, a bit fun and bright, but definitely conservative. The other teacher I am working with is also a huge fan of fashion, so she and I have bonded over our daily interpretation of "stylish teacher." She even loves the idea of this blog, which made me smile from ear to ear! :)

I did go shopping at the grocery store after the meeting, and much to my chagrin, not one person asked if I was planning on buying a pineapple. Come on, people, it's called an opening. LOL.

This is the image from the catalog. Ms. Lepere looks lovely in this photo, and if I had that bike, the jacket, and top, I would have totally copied it.

Yeah, and I am still selling a ton from my closet. :) That green skirt that you see above in the polyvore? It came, and while the 4 fit, I didn't like how it fit, so when I saw it come on ebay in a size 8, I bit. I would love for one of the JCAs to have the size 4, so I am offering it up here and on the exchange before I send it back to ebay. If you want more info on any of the items, click on the polyvore set itself.

You all have a great Sunday. Talk with everyone tomorrow!