Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Floral Fixation...

Hi, everyone!

I have been under the weather these past few days, so it wasn't Irene's wrath that kept me from writing, it was me.  LOL.  Honestly, I was very surprised that we fared as well as we did here in NOVA.  As you know from past incidents, we are not always so lucky.  For everyone who is still without power or has tree damage or wind damage, I sympathize, trust me, I do!

I have read through all of your great comments over the past week, and I want to answer two things.

One, you better believe I will tell you all how I did my face in the last photo from this post.  Let me put some time into it and I will definitely do a post on what skin care and makeup steps I did to complete the look.  Until then, I did a step by step makeup posts a few months ago, and some of the steps were similar, just those were more for winter weather, and I change it up a bit for summer.

Two, I did see the Real Simple ad that gives 20% off your first order with Boden (thanks to everyone for letting me know about it!).  I have not tried to order with this promo, but it did come up and get applied when I put in the code.  Go ahead and click through this link (below) and when you get to the shopping bag area, find the box that says catalog/promo code and put in this code: WRSM.  The link below gives 10% off and free ship/returns, but you can change the code to the WRSM easily enough.  I don't think it can be used more than once, but who knows?  Good luck, let me know if it works!  Also, I have no idea when it expires.  :)

Shop at Boden!

Onto Florals!

Speaking of Boden, this dress is from last summer's collection (2010).  I love the punchy colors and the nice, simple shape of this shift.  The shoes are Aerosoles and the necklace is J. Crew (Crystal Colettto in green).

I wore this to teach summer school (a few weeks ago).  Since I was working with the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," I felt like going with all things flowery would be most appropriate.

Also worn to teach during the "Caterpillar" week, I wore this amazing frock from J. Crew.  It is called the Giverny Print Sydney Dress and is from the 2008 collection.  I found this on ebay in a size 10, and outside of the bust being too large (but can be tailored to fit), it is a score, for sure. I wore it with the Jackie Cardigan in light citron, a pair of Nine West nude peep-toes, and the Crystal Coletto in purple.

No cardigan, as was the case for a good part of the day (very hot that day).

Giverny Love!

Above is the polyvore. :) Feels very Emma Pillsbury now that it is in polyvore form!

I wore this luscious Anthro dress a week or so ago to church.  Love this look, although I was worried it wouldn't fit because it looks so small on the hanger.  I forgot how generous the a-line is in the skirt.  Anyhow it is called the Vestiges dress, and if you find it on ebay and are a pear-shape, feel confident that you can size down (I am wearing the size 4).  This is paired with the same pair of Aerosoles shoes from the Boden outfit (love them!).  This outfit is the very definition of easy picking.  LOL.

I just like this shot.  :)

You all, HAVE A GREAT DAY.  We'll talk soon.  Remember, any Boden reviews, you can e-mail to me at dinagideon@aim.com or you can let me know where and when you published your review (if you are a blog friend)!