Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Mini for Her, Mini for Me.

Hi! I almost said nighty-night to you all without publishing the BWRR, but in the end, Blogger came back from the abyss and I received a *slight* second wind. :)

All of you probably realize this by now (as most of the Boden fans that read this blog will have seen my multiple posts this week on the "Outfit of the Day"), but just in case...I was sent a maternity coupon to use at the blog that gives 15% off all purchases over $175 and 10% on anything under that amount. This discount can be used on the "Outfit of the Day" items, and any items you may be interested in, even if they aren't maternity. I am planning on using it when I get a larger order together or I have a single item in my shopping bag that goes above $175.

You probably would need to click on the coupon to get it before you start clicking through the Boden stock photos (they are scattered throughout this post) to receive the discount. For those of you on a mobile device, I will put the coupon at the very bottom of the post.

If you would like to see an item on me or CW (the same item, lol), click on the photo to take you to a larger image. If you would like to see it on another blog friend, click on the link I have provided. If you would like to see availability, sizing, other colors, and measurements, click on the stock photos.

Okay! Onto the BWRR!

Funky Print Dress.  This is a 13-14 year mini-Boden item.  I definitely DEFINITELY cannot wear this as a dress.  So I have decided it will from here on out be known as the Funky Print tunic, and I will only refer to it as a dress when showing CW in it.  LOL.

It fits well.  Plenty of room in the shoulders, waist, and hips.  From the side it looks nice, comfortable, and the print is a conversation piece.  

The "tunic" could be worn with leggings (like my brown American Apparel ones), jeans, thick tights and boots, etc.  I do plan to wear it with a cute cropped cardi OR a same length boyfriend cardi, depending on my mood and the occasion.

I may also belt it low on the hips to give it a horizontal interest that it doesn't have now.

Hand on hips.  I had plenty of shoulder room, too.  Really this fits like a Boden size 6 tunic.  I bet many of you shorter ladies who are also smaller on top could for sure wear this as a dress.  (And possibly even in a smaller size than 13-14--follow the measurements!)

From the back.  I love this print, a lot.  Very whimisical.  The combo of yellow, grey, brown, and white is also very modern feeling.

Funky Print Dress.  This is a real dress on an almost 3-year old wearing the size 3-4 version.  :)

It fits her well, and the length finishes at CW's knees.  It is a bit loose on her, but I want something that can work for her next year, too.

The fabric is a very lightweight cotton sateen, and it is lined.  This could easily work as a summer dress if any of you all live in places like VA where it is super-hot until October.

Forgot to mention, it has POCKETS!  Love the pockets!

Mr. Dina grabbed this photo of CW and I reading her Princess book after we had our photo shoot.  I converted it to B&W because I wanted you all to see the details of the print, which show up well in B&W.

Funky Print Dress
Funky Print Dress. Not really a fan of the other colors, but I can see them working for other moms and babes. :)

Jersey Circle Dress
Jersey Circle Dress. Love this dress, especially the yellow. So does Polly. :) She looks and feels great wearing it!

Fun Knit Tunic
Fun Knit Tunic. I am a HUGE fan of Boden tunics (even if they started life as a girls dress), and it is nice to know I am not alone. Shopwithm looks awesome in the Fun Knit Tunic, even if it sounds like she may have to come back to it at sale time (not full price love, in other words)! (I also love the styling of the tunic they did with Edda in the stock photo.)

SALE ITEMS! (Still send them in, or review them on your blog if you want!!!)

Bow Shift
Bow Shift. I love mine in the pistachio, but Egyptomaniac's long version in grey is AWESOME!

Shimmering Broderie Skirt
Shimmering Broderie Skirt. Pamela gave this one a go, and I LOVE the styling. I definitely will try that look!

15% off when you spend $175 or more on Boden Maternity - 10% off when you spend under $175 plus free shipping.
Okay, all...above is the aforementioned coupon link.

I am heading off to bed. Must. sleep. now. :)