Friday, August 12, 2011

Boden: Our Best Loved Outfit, Day Five.

Ooh, that cord dress!  Thank you, Johnnie!
You all!  I am so thrilled.  Today is my last day of summer school, and as a way of saying, "yay," I think Johnnie must have been reading my mind and put some really great items on sale today.  :)  I had two of the items in today's outfit of the day in my shopping bag, so guess how I celebrated the last day of my summer school?  Yep, I totally ordered them.

Reminder: You can use the coupon in my sidebar (the maternity one is best as it gives 15% off all orders over $175, even with no maternity in the order or 10% off anything under that amount) to give you an additional savings on top of the 10% taken off the items in the "Best Loved Outfit" promo.  For mobile users, I have attached the coupon to the bottom of this post.

Alrighty, here are the items for women in today's outfit of the day (but remember, there are mini-Boden, baby Boden, and Boden for men on sale, too):

Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress.  After seeing this on Polly, I knew I needed to put this in my cart.  I am already a huge fan of dresses (duh), but most of my dresses are not a) gold, and b) warm enough for winter.  This dress satisfies those two needs (well, more like wants, but you all know what I mean).  (This is one of the items I celebrated with this morning...)

Hamptons Tee
Hamptons Tee.  Striped tees are a mainstay in Boden land, and I do like the color choices this season, especially the more unusual dark pink version that the model in the stitch detail dress stock photo is wearing.

Fun Knit Scarf
Fun Knit Scarf.  The sister hat of this scarf was on sale earlier this week, so if you picked that up and want the matchy-match scarf, today is your day!

Favourite Boots
Favourite Boots.  This was definitely on sale once this week, so I guess Johnnie is saying that these. are. the. boots. to. buy. THIS. SEASON.  LOL.

I also had a Johnnie B. item in my cart, just waiting for a good promo, and yay, it is on sale, too:

Full Skirt
Full Skirt.  This skirt will be short, but with a thick pair of tights and a nice, fitted, long tee, and long cardigan, this skirt will be darling.  (I bought the blue floral skirt.)

I didn't have *quite* enough in my cart to receive an additional 15% off, so I added this to my cart to get the total above $175 (which after the 15% was taken off was far below $175):

Printed Scarf
Printed Scarf.  I had this in the gold union jack version in my cart, too, and since I love the red, white, and blue one I bought in April, I thought the gold version would go very nicely with the stitch detail dress above.  The other versions are also really nice, so if you haven't thought to check them out, I highly recommend them.

Okay, off to teach!  Have a lovely day!

P.S. Below this is the link to receive the additional 15% off $175 (or 10% off any amount below $175).
15% off when you spend $175 or more on Boden Maternity - 10% off when you spend under $175 plus free shipping.