Tuesday, August 16, 2011

J. Crew: Heather Lace Mini Styled SAHM Style.

I find that with J. Crew, I will fixate on one or two single items every rollout rather than falling in love with everything, or hating everything.  In fact, I will keep two tabs of my Firefox open to the two items I am in love with and will keep them open until, a) they are about to sell out (which I check every day), or b) they go on sale deeply enough (or I have a coupon).  Yes, the Hacking Jacket in Midnight Ocean is open right now.  ;)

This was definitely the case with the Heather Lace Mini, which both J. Crew and Net-a-Porter offered.  I saw no real fervor over this skirt at any of the blogs, but I decided I would chance it after getting the measurements from my online PS.

Heather Lace Mini and an Orange Crush...

And I am so glad I did!  Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore today.

Skirt: Size 6, worn on hips.  (Has elastic at waistband to help secure it either at waist or hip.  As a stay at home mom not really interested in showing off that much of my legs by wearing at my waist.)  The lace detail is really interesting, very tonal and textured.  The lining is nothing special, but the grey color combines nicely with the lace.  There is a bit of pleating, but this is nice as it adds an a-line to the skirt which us pear shapes need.

The top, shoes, and necklace you all have seen before...but I will point out that CW is becoming quite a fashionista and not only is now calling me "Fashion," or "Fash" for short, but she also asked if she could wear my necklace to dinner tonight.  (And I said yes provided she promised to take care of it.  Which I assume Mr. Dina will ensure happens, he is taking them out for dinner while I get some momma time.)

Closer detail of the skirt.  I like the grey with orange, felt like the exact right amount of punchy color.

Anyone else try this skirt?  Thoughts on how you like it?

Night, night, all.

P.S. Boden babes, another Boden Weekly Review Roundup is slated for tomorrow.  Let me know if you all have any reviews!  THANKS!  :)