Tuesday, August 2, 2011

White Hot Summer.

Seriously.  People.  Hot.  You can actually see me sweating (not even daintily glistening) in one of the below shots.

I had worn this outfit on the very same day the chic Tabitha posted about how she uses an ultra-glam white dress on her "fat days."  Based on what I saw at her post, she is by far, hands down, the skinniest looking "fat day" person ever.  (Although I did read later in the comments that she was not, in fact, having a fat day that day, just posing the question.)  :)

I chose to wear this white dress not because I was having a fat day (although the cut of the dress would certainly make it work for such an occasion), but because I had been eyeing this dress, tempting me from the bowels of my closet since. Rex. was. born. in. 2007.  Four freaking years have gone by...I had never felt quite right in my body enough to chance wearing it.  I have made a significant error.  I should have been pulling this puppy out since 2009, at least. 

It is all a bit gratuitous...you can't buy the necklace or the dress and the sandals have likely sold out at jcrew.com, but fashion and fashion blogging isn't all about the "newest," but the most wonderful, appropriate, and flattering for the individual.  As evidenced by all my "new" old school J. Crew, clearly I understand that something doesn't have to be current to be stylish. 

(And I now understand that spending my money on great dresses, skirts, and coats is smart for me...I wear these the most.  Spending too much on tees, pants, and shorts is just kind of stupid, as I tend to wear them the least.  And sunglasses?  Worth the expense based on how much I use them to accessorize outfits.)

Dress: INC (Macy's Brand) from 2007 (maybe 2008?).  Had tags attached for far too long.  Size 8.  Comes with a slip, but chose to wear my nude Hanky Panky version instead as it is far more comfortable.  The dress is cotton, with cotton lace inserts.  It is a bit hippy, but more "Anthro" hippy than "Woodstock" hippy.

Mr. Dina liked this dress, which surprised me...he typically prefers me in plaid, paisley, and florals.

Shoes: J. Crew Snakeskin capri sandals in the lavender colorway.  Snakeskin is too much on a bag (and for some, anywhere is too much) but on my feet, I quite like the look.  I also have the Lulas in the Green Snakeskin colorway. 

Necklace: Banana Republic Floral Statement Necklace, from Spring 2009.  Love this necklace...very unusual and very girly.  (See close-up shot for more detail.)

You can actually see me sweating.  (Or glistening, lol.)  This is a great shot for the details on the necklace and the dress.

So you all know, I was going to Moe's that night, not a garden party--but ooh, so want to go to one of those, please!  I just wanted to feel cooler, and the shorts/tee combo that I typically wear was not gonna happen.  (Fear of sticking to vinyl seats being first consideration.)

Alrighty, la-tee-da, talk soon!

P.S. I am teaching a bunch of darling rising third graders in summer school.  Those of you who know their energy level can also understand why mine might be drained by 8 pm at night.  Been a bit neglectful with comments, but I am bound and determined to respond back to at least the questions as soon as I can.  ;)  Just know that, you all!

P.P.S. Although I do love me some old school J. Crew and Boden and random bits and bobs in my wardrobe, I have a fondness for the new, lol.  Any Boden reviews you all want to send my way for the Boden Roundup tomorrow, please e-mail to me at dinagideon@aim.com.  Thank You!