Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup! Skirts, Dresses, and Shoes. Of Course.

Hi, all!  Bit late here at My Superfluities, but I totally blame it on the upcoming 3rd-graders I am teaching.  LOL.  They are very sweet, love school (even summer school!), but need a whole lot of dinagideon to get anything done.  I am all at once MC at a circus show and a surrogate mom to these adorable kids!  :)

Anyhow, will be brief tonight, but wanted to at least show the most recent skirt that has come into my life, and into CW's life, plus I wanted to show off one blogger's reviews before I headed off to sleepytime.

Reminder, if you want to see the item on me or CW, click on the photo which will take you to a larger image.  If you would like to see it on another blogger, please click on the link back to their website.  If you would like to see the item at Boden's website (for sizing info, measurements, or other colorways), click on the stock photo of the item from Boden.

The 10% off plus free shipping and returns is still working from my sidebar, and if you have a code from a catalog, you can also go from my site to the Boden website, you would just need to enter whatever code you have (usually on a catalog) in the shopping cart.  Have fun!  ;)

Printed A-line Skirt.  This is the navy colorway.  I am a huge fan of Orla Kiely (although I own nothing from the line, outside of a Target laundry bag, lol), and whenever Boden gives a nod to the punchy colors and patterns, I am always ready to give it a go.  

This is a size US 8 Long (UK 12 Long), and it is a very snug fit.  Nothing is out of place and I felt great, but I could see where any ounce I gain that goes to my hips could make this a bit too close for comfort.  The waist, though, is a little big, so when it does ride up a little (like when seated in the car), the skirt is very loose at the waist, but feels nice and "secure" at the hips.  I only tell you this so you can take all that into consideration, especially if you gain weight in your lower half.  I am not willing to go up a size, because then the waist would be far too large, but I know the spanx will have to be a good friend on days when I feel less than slim.  :)

From the side.  I love the length.  I adore that Boden has long lengths, which means I can find knee-length skirts easily.  This skirt DOES NOT come in petites, sadly.  (The fun skirt and others do, though.)

The skirt is nice from the behind, as well.

The waist on the skirt is really high, so if you prefer lower waistbands on your skirts, this one may be too high.

In the first photo, I looked a bit angry.  I really wasn't.  Promise.  This is really how I felt...we went to dinner tonight, so it was nice to have an excuse to wear a new piece from my wardrobe and mix it up with some of my old.  (Plus it was just me and Mr. Dina at dinner...)

This skirt is fully lined in a very soft poly lining, so I definitely know it will be tights friendly.  In fact, I might find it fits even better with my control top tights this winter!

The top is from Anthro and the shoes are Nine West.

Printed A-Line Skirt
Printed A-line Skirt.  The other colorways are also very pretty, I do like the one the model wears above, but don't like it paired with the grass green top.


Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress.   Polly looks awesome in this, and it is official, this is now on my wishlist (a waitlisted wishlist, mind you, lol).

Scallop Edge Flats
Scallop Edge Flats.  Polly did a review of these pretty flats at this blog post.

Fun Dress
Fun Dress.  Polly models the version you see on the model above in this post.

Uptown Flats
Uptown Flats.  Polly shows us these in the purple, which are an exact match for the fun dress.  Admittedly the ones she tried on were Fiona's, but I think Polly may need to get her own.


You all know I love this skirt on CW...had to have it for her in the chambray birdies from this summer (at bottom of post), and now the owls are "hooting" to me.  (I know, stop...)

She loves it.  :)  The owls are her favorites, and the purple color is over-the-top girly.  Just what CW always wanted. 

This is a cotton skirt, with a elastic waistband, and a cotton lining.  It runs long on CW, but I also bought hers a size larger, the 3-4 version.  I know the 2-3 would fit better, but I like for her to have more than one season's use from her garments.  Plus, no one really cares is kids wear clothing that is a bit large, kids are cute enough to get away with it. 

Embroidered Skirt
Embroidered Skirt.  The owls are my FAVORITE, but I can see why moms everywhere would be tempted by the other versions (apples, florals, yum)!

Okay, all, nighty-night!  :)  Talk with you soon!