Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Cords and Yummy Mini-Boden.

Hi, everyone...

I am late, late, late with this post, but I am SO glad I waited to publish, because--
1)  I actually wore the outfit today, in our heat and humidity, and I did not melt (so yay for versatility)
2) there are the cutest little mini-Boden reviews today, one of which wasn't even published by my bloggie friend until this morning!

I know there is a lot of hub-bub in J. Crew land, what with the gorgeous new arrivals and all, but I am slightly annoyed at them (not my on-line PS, she is awesome) for dropping the ball on a pre-order that I have been--
1) saving up for all summer long
2) ordered as a pre-order over a month and a half ago, so imagine my irritation when...

there is no confirmation e-mail for this item this morning AND I am on a waitlist that, from what I understand, does NOT mean that I will get said coveted item.  Blegh and double blegh.  If my PS comes through and fixes this and gets me the item in my size and with the 20% off coupon applied (was a condition to me pre-ordering), then I will scream and exalt her powers all over this here blog.

So, it is with some pleasure that I get to shout and exalt the awesomeness of the Boden land on the day that J. Crew is all over the blog-o-sphere.  Take that Mickey and your stupid inventory issues!  LOL.

Before the reviews begin, a reminder...if you would like to see an item on me or Rex close-up, click on the photo...if you would like to see it on a bloggie friend's mini-me, click on the link provided back to the blog...and if you would like to check on measurements, sizing, colors, and prices, click on the Boden stock photo.

For savings, all I have right now is 10% off and free shipping and returns.  The coupon is on the sidebar, or if you are mobile user of this site, I have placed an extra code at the bottom of this post.  I suggest clicking on it to ensure that you get the 10% off before you hunt around, I don't believe the stock photos are coded with percentage savings (at least they weren't last I checked).  If you have a code that you got in a catalog, you can still use that code, but you would have to manually enter it in the shopping bag/cart page of your browsing session.

Up first, one lonely dress review by yours truly:
Stitch Detail Dress. This pic was taken at the end of the day, when the kids from next door were no longer playing outside.  Even though they can't see this part of the driveway from where they play, I hear them, and all I can think is "those kids are totally going to get the wrong idea if they catch me posing in front of my camera by myself."  Usually I have the world to myself as the street is very quiet, very very retired, and very tucked away.  I guess I should just get over myself, but I just can't own this bit of my vanity outside of my blog.  LOL.

Anyhow, the pic shows the true color of the antique gold, which is more of an olive-tinged green/yellow.  I happen to love this color, but it is very different than the item image at Boden.

I also wanted to show that the cord wrinkles, especially in the lap area if you sit to do anything.  It's okay, and it is cord fabric, after all, but if wrinkling bugs you, stay the heck away (although it isn't nearly as bad as cotton sateen or linen).

Back-lit shot, hands in pockets.  At least the kids couldn't see me posing, I guess.  Love the pockets, very nice positioning (I am wearing the regular length, the long would have placed the pockets too far south for me).  

From the side.  I am wearing the size 8 regular.  It fits nicely through the hips, even a bit roomy.  The bust was pretty large, but nothing terrible, and obviously if I typically wear a size 4 top, I have come to expect that tops will always be roomy on me.  I could have gotten into a 6 regular, but I don't really have a desire to do that in a dress that I am looking more to be for my dressy pre-school runs.

From the back.  I actually like the rear view, I hadn't realized that there was seaming to add shape until I saw this image.  :)

This is a close-up of the collar and pocket detail.  You can also see the color here too. 

I love this J. Crew necklace, I think it was called the knotty pearl necklace.  I find that silver, while unexpected as a pairing for olive, looks nice, and I do believe I will try this necklace with more of my olive hued items in the future.

FWIW, it was near 90 here today.  I did not melt in the cord fabric, and the poly lining did not cling to my body.  I was surprised, and slightly excited!  This dress is truly all-season...bare in the summer, long-sleeved tee under with ballet flats in the fall and spring, and with tights and boots in the winter.

Ooh, deceptive color there in this image.  Very very muted compared to what I own.

Obviously the catalog image has the hue more spot on.  Just so you know, this is a fast seller.  Almost all sizes and colors are on waitlist right now.

Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress. This also comes in raisin, purple, and navy.

Mini-Boden cuteness everywhere:
Embroidered Skirt
Embroidered Skirt. Seriously...I think Polly and I would just share clothing if we were the same size. It was her fault (in a good way, wink) that I got the stitch detail dress. Now it seems that our daughters should share clothing (but the sadness, CW is younger than her sweet Sassy). Look at how ADORABLE Polly's daughter Sassy looks in the purple owl version of this skirt!  (Oh, and Polly, I will be buying that size from you when your daughter outgrows hers.  PROMISE.  Hand on heart.)

Pointelle T-Shirt
Pointelle T-Shirt. This image does NOT show how lovely this shirt is in real life. I get that it looks cute all layered, but Sassy shows it off in all its glory here. :)

In the Band T-Shirt. Rex has an affinity for Neil Peart. Which makes sense when you consider how much time our family listens to Rush. I do not even kid when I say that. Canadians everywhere, rejoice. My son's favorite Rush song is "Natural Science." Yes. "Natural Science." My daughter? "Free Will." I admit to loving "Red Barchetta." And we could go on, and on, and on. So when presented with an owl playing drums, Rex knew this tee was for him. And one day it will be CW's.

When we are in the car, btw...I am Geddy Lee, because I am the only one who can sing that high, CW plays the sythesizer, Daddy plays the bass (or slaps da bass if you are an "I Love You, Man" aficionado), and Rex drums. Poor Alex Lifeson has no support from our little rockers. Maybe if we have another kid, that kid can take on that job. Yes. That is our nerdy family.

Rex is wearing the 4-5 size, which is a bit big, but after one wash and dry will fit perfectly.

In the band T-shirt
In the Band T-Shirt. You can also get your son a Raccoon singer or a Fox guitarist.

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Okay, have a great night everyone. :)