Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boden: Our Best Loved Outfit, Day Three!

If we buy her outfit, do you send us a rose, too, Johnnie?
Ladies!  Another day of Boden's Best Loved Outfit, today featuring a whole ensemble of pieces and accessories that I know will make many of your hearts they are all at once pretty, versatile, and perfect for fall.

The deal is that you will automatically receive 10% off these pieces, but with a coupon code or link (I have one in my sidebar for 15% off if you buy more than $175 or 10% off under that amount--it says maternity but can be used on non-maternity pieces--just got that code last night) the savings increase.  So if you see an item for $50 sale price, and then apply a 10% off coupon, you would receive an additional $5 off.  (And so on, and on...too early for me to do too much math, lol.)

And here are the womenswear choices for today (but don't forget, Baby Boden, mini-Boden, Johnnie B., and menswear all have their own outfits of the day, too).

Notre Dame Skirt
Notre Dame Skirt. LOVE the styling of this skirt in this image above. :)

Ravello Top
Ravello Top.  This in the feather print is very pretty.  :)  Louise did a written review here.

Cashmere Cropped Cardigan
Cropped Cashmere Cardigan.  Staple piece in yummy colors.  Check!

Skinny Belt
Skinny Belt.  This is available in an animal print, which is very much on trend for fall.

Piped Shoe Boots
Piped Shoe Boots.

Below is the coupon that is running in my sidebar, I would hate for you all on mobile devices to have to "go to full website" to pull it up...just makes it a tiny bit easier.
15% off when you spend $175 or more on Boden Maternity - 10% off when you spend under $175 plus free shipping.

Have a lovely day.  I will be back later with the Boden Weekly Review Roundup.  :)