Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Just a Bit of Everything Really!

Happy Thursday, only one day late with the Boden Weekly Review Roundup!  Woo!  ;)

First things first. I am hosting an awesome Back to School with Boden giveaway of three fun sparkly scarves. You all MUST enter here. (Totally making it all real with italics.  LOL.)  I really am very excited for this giveaway! Free Boden! I also spent some time dissecting five potential outfits for almost all members of the family during back to school time, so take a gander at those, too, if you all wouldn't mind...

Remember, all photos that are of me or that I have taken can be opened and viewed closer. If you would like to see an item on a blogger friend, then go through the link I have provided to their blog. If you would like to see the item's availability, sizing, measurements, and other color choices, make sure to click on the Boden stock photo to take you back to the Boden web site.

Right now I have a coupon for 10% off with free shipping and returns (in my sidebar). If you have a mobile device, I have also placed this coupon at the bottom so you can have easy access to it. If you have another coupon from your catalog, etc., you can still use that, you just need to input that code in your shopping cart to see the total change. :) Easy!

Johnnie b:

Full Skirt.  This is a size medium in the pretty blue floral colorway. 

Pros: LOVE the print, so very feminine.  There is an elastic bit at the back which also makes wearing this skirt on your hips super easy (and it turns out very crucial on this non 15-year old).  The skirt is made well, and has the cutest red lining (which is not visible, and I might add, should never be visible, little ladies, cough, cough).  Great price (I got it during the outfit of the day promo, so I think I got it for $30?).

Cons: This is SHORT.  I mean like ridiculous.  I briefly contemplated getting the large but then the pouf would be insane (it is already very poufy).  So I will just wear it LOW on my hips, especially when bare-legged.  I just will have to compensate with a longer tee or tank (as I have done here).

I actually may like it better for winter, although I don't really think a cotton skirt would be my first  I really like the skirt with leggings (these are from madewell) and boots (from J. Crew).  The tank could have transitioned for winter, with a great little wool jacket, but was like 90 here today, no thank you.  So I just paired it with a v-neck sweater from Lauren instead.

From the side.  Definitely a younger silhouette, but fun for running around town (especially on preschool run days).

Full Skirt
Full Skirt. Also comes in plaid and in the above red floral design.

Boden for Women:
Leather Biker
Leather Biker. Last week, Carol reported back on the Leather Biker Jacket that she had bought. She said of it: I wanted to report back that the leather biker jacket at Boden for F/W2011 is amazing! I got it in the brown color- leather is top quality and it drapes well. The snaps do not bug me, they blend into the brown color of the leather. So nice to have it belted like a trench to give it some shape. Would I like to have it cheaper- yes, but I didn't want to risk it selling out -and it was low stock when I ordered it- as I have been looking for a leather jacket in this length of this quality for a LONG TIME! I think its a classic update on the biker jacket for ladies of a certain age (ahem!) like me. And I say, I think any age would suit that awesome jacket AND THANK YOU! :) GREAT review!

Mini Boden:
Layered Jersey Dress
Layered Jersey Dress. Sassy chose TWO of these dresses. Girl after my own sartorial heart.

Ruffle Jersey Dress
Ruffle Jersey Dress. Sassy looks very pretty in this dress, very much like a little French girl. Oui, la belle femme!

Clearance Boden:
Don't worry about Anita and Derek, they aren't concerned about Anita's Boden cardigan.  We just have had an earthquake and now we hear that there is a category 2 FREAKING hurricane barreling down on us.  At least the two of them look really good in the face of Mother Nature's wrath.

Leave it up to my girl, Anita Brikman, our local news anchor (and girl crush), to show up to work today sporting not only a really pretty new hairdo but also wearing the Jewelled Button Cardigan in navy. Both look FAB, and there are still some of these beautiful cardigans in stock in the clearance section. :)

Jewelled Button Cardigan
Jewelled Button Cardigan.  Only the yellow one seems completely sold out.  I actually really like the navy one, especially the way Anita wore it as a top.  Very chic.

Printed Shirt
Printed Shirt. Louise, of the wonderful blog, Cosmetic Bee, had her husband model this shirt for her blog readers a week and a half ago. I love that her hubby was willing to do that...must get Mr. Dina to be my male model sometime, too! :)

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P.S. are the photos for Polyvore!

Hannah Dress in Fern.

Perfect Jersey Dress in Cadet.

You all have a great night!