Friday, August 19, 2011

J. Crew: Teddie Dress Review.

You all.  This is Friday night, and unless you all are stuck indoors because you have 1) toddlers, 2) a wicked storm outside, or 3) both, I really hope I don't hear from any of you until tomorrow.  :)

I received the Teddie Dress today in the mail (and a confirmation e-mail that my long-awaited pre-order that I saved. all. summer. for. was ordered--woo!), so I wanted to get this review done as soon as possible.

There will be two camps for this dress.  The first camp is gonna swoon and fall all over themselves to get it.  The second camp will hate it for many reasons (all of which are valid, btw) and want to "throw it in the trash."

LOL--an aside, whenever Rex doesn't like something he says, and I quote, "that thing I hate is going in the trash, Momma."  Things that have gone in the trash include various tv shows, some of my J. Crew boxes (the hatred!), and some of his sister's toys.  

I am in the first camp, but only because I am not looking at this dress as anything more than a fun date, brunch or party dress.  If you are looking to wear this to work it probably won't work for you unless you take the hem out if you are tall (there is about two inches allowance in my dress) or you are under 5'4".

Teddie Dress Yum.

Above is a polyvore with an awesome image of the dress at a Russian ballet practice (THANK YOU SUZY for posting the pics on your blog).  Those girls are so cute.  And her dress, while nice on her, is definitely short.  (As it is on me.)

And on me, front view.  I added a tortoise belt (J. Crew Fall 2009?) and the Coralie Printed Heels in Turquoise Paisley (J. Crew Spring 2009?).  I would change this up in "real life" with the patent heels you see in the polyvore.

Teddie Dress Pros: Love the double-faced wool crepe, has a slight texture to it and doesn't seem itchy at all.  The dress is lined through the body and skirt, but not the sleeves which doesn't bother me.  The color, decadent red is insanely luxurious looking.  I have NO makeup on, I am wearing glasses, and I am wearing a bun but I felt like I could go out just like this and feel ready for anything.  That's the power of red, I suppose.

Teddie Dress Cons: Some of you may be turned off that the sleeves aren't lined.  I also imagine that the color might be too much for some of you.  The shoulders also just fit me in the size 6.  I have very thin shoulders, so I would definitely recommend sizing up if you are more blessed up top.  The hips on this are in a tulip shape, so those of us pear shapes have lucked out.  Many of you will also be irritated by how short this is, I am 5'8" and it is at least four inches above the knee.  (But remember, it has a bit of a hem allowance if that is how you roll--like towards the tailor.)

I included this shot because it shows that movement and mobility is fine, as long as you get the right size.  The wool and lining seems to stretch a bit, I didn't think I was imagining it.  It felt good.  Sitting was no problem either, but the pouf out front from the tulip shape will be present when you sit unless you sit. just. right.

Back view with what I actually like, the exposed zipper.  I think it looks cool.  But I understand completely why so many of you are turned off.  I just plan on owning it and not really worrying about how others react to its presence.  ;)  Plus the vast majority of the time I am facing people not having my back turned on them, lol.  And in teaching maybe it is possible that the kids will be all "ooh, look at that big zipper, maybe we should give more respect to ms. dinagideon."  Ha, right.

Side view.  The tulip shape is very obvious here.  I don't mind the pouf, but my stomach area is not my problem area, so take that for what it's worth.

Anyone else get their Teddie Dress today?  I am curious to see how others like theirs, and if anyone has seen the other two colors in real life.

You all have a great night!