Wednesday, March 16, 2016

OOTE/Review: An Embellished Shoe and a Martha Dress.

Before I start, I want you to know that there was a promo that started at Boden on Monday (maybe Sunday?) and in bad bad Boden blogger fashion, I completely neglected to tell you all till today.  Gaw!  And of course the two items I am reviewing and showing off today are not included since the shoes are clearance (and that means no additional money off) and the dress is not part of the sale.  Anyhow, the sale is for knitwear, tops, tees, shorts, pants, and skirts.  You can take 20% off this sale.  I have a link in the sidebar, but you can use this link, too.

Don't despair if you love this dress, though, and it pops back in your size.  The code 9Y8U will get you 15% off (this is a code I am allowed to publish as per affiliate rules).  I can assure you this dress and its navy sister pop back on a regular basis.  (Usually just one at a time, but I have seen my size come back time to time.)

Anyhow, onto these reviews!

Martha Dress and Embellished T-Bar Point
.  Size 8 Regular and Size 41.

The Martha Dress is shorter than I normally order, as I usually choose to get the long size.  If the navy floral ever pops back in my size in the long (or in one size up), I will be mightily tempted.  Either long or regular will work, and for a more fitted "night out" silhouette, I can make the 8 regular work, and for a more conservative, "work" silhouette, I can get an 8 long or 10 long.  This 8 regular is great, though, and falls just a couple inches above my knee and is fitted without being skin tight.

I was worried that the 8 would be too tight through the hips and too loose everywhere else, but because this fabric is a stretchy textured cotton fabric with a stretchy lining, it fit exactly right.  (That is also how I know that a size up would work, too.  The textured cotton has enough structure that even a bit loose it will be fine, too.)  (So, yes, I am saying to size up if you see your size up pop back and you are in LOVE with this dress.)

The T-Bar points are wonderful in the size 41, and they are so comfortable I wish it was always sunny and dry outside so I could wear them more often.  They felt like walking on marshmallows.  :-)  I wear a 9.5 in J. Crew, so this seems true to size to the Boden shoe size chart.  The 40 would have been too small.  I often wear 40 in Boden, but that would not have been a wise choice here.

This view shows why a size up in a longer length would be more appropriate for work.  It is very fitted, again without being skin tight.  We went to a restaurant last night on a date, so this was exactly the right outfit for the occasion.

The shoes are embellished throughout.  The little jewels stayed on well.  Very secure and well made.  They aren't perfectly placed, but they don't look terrible a little askew.  I bought them for the low price in the January "extra %" off and I am very pleased I took a chance on these darling shoes.

The back view is so pretty with the extended back neckline collar detail.  I sort of wish it had cap sleeves, but I know that most prefer sleeveless to cap sleeve, so I will deal, clearly.  That back slit is sort of long, beware!  It wasn't close to exposing anything, but it is also more length than I would personally like.  I think I may just sew a small bit of it closed.

The details in the floral border print are so pretty.  I love how it appears to be a rainfall of them below the waistband and a "popcorn" effect of them above.  The colors are gorgeous together...the light tan of the base fabric with the citron yellow, light blue and navy of the flowers working in harmony.  The basketweave texture of the fabric also lends to the appeal of this dress.

For those of you looking for another set of views of this outfit and the shoes, head on over to my Instagram of the outfit! 

Martha Dress and Embellished T-Bar Point.  Both of these colors are almost sold out.  But popbacks!  Yay!

Okay, that's all for now, all!  I hope this day is treating you well.  I am glad I got a chance to update the blog again! 

Talk soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Boden: March 2016 New Arrivals Here! And 15% Off!

Hello, all!  Happy first day of March!  Hope you had a lovely leap day.  :-)  I have a handful of friends born on 2/29, and I love seeing how "young" they are.  One just turned nine, but boy, she certainly leads the life of a 36 year old. (Groan...)

Anyhow, yesterday Boden rolled out quite a few new arrivals.  Unlike the past two rollouts, this one seems a bit more lively and I saw a few items that may warrant a second look.  I have heard from a few of you (through Instagram, Facebook, etc.), that you all are liking the rollout as well.

Now I am not IN LOVE with anything, and there are no must haves (like with the gorgeous Martha dress in the floral design), but I am not all verklempt that the Boden I know and love is going the way of Gap circa 2001 anymore (although I am side-eyeing those denim overalls).

So what are you loving?  Are you giving the side eye to the overalls, too?

There's a coupon with my affiliate program for 15% off, you do need to use the code 9Y8U (and spend over $49) in order to receive the 15% off and free shipping.

Okay, looking forward to seeing all your thoughts.  One more week of crazy, btw, in my life, and then things slow way down, so very excited for that.  :-)

Remember to use code 9Y8U for the 15% off to work:
Boden USA