Monday, January 31, 2011

Boden: Sequin Spot Top Review!

Although I want to move forward and only review newer items from Boden, there are still a few of this lovely, LOVELY top available at Boden, and I would not be doing my job as the #1 US fan of Boden if I didn't let you amazing ladies know about this top.

Sequin Spot Top
You should be able to click right on this link to see the item and its availability, but if you are having issues, use my Boden coupon link at the side and search "sequin spot." Sadly, as this is a sale item, there is no way to use the 15% off coupon, but I am here to tell you, the $52 price tag is very reasonable for what you are receiving.

Even though you can *barely* see the spots in the photo of Vanessa, they are there, in shades of yellow, teal, and silver.  On my oyster version, it has sequined spots of copper, grey, and sage green. 

I am at the hotel in Las Vegas, where I was at an Arbonne Training Conference (we were very lucky to get a suite at the Signature Towers at the MGM Grand--almost wanted to stay there forever, it was that nice).  I needed "business casual" that was also a bit sassy, so this was my look for day two.

The outfit consists of the Sequin Spot Top, a pair of Denim Minnies (the version in grey), and the Anticipation heels by Miss Albright.

The Sequin Spot Top is a size 6 (or UK 10), so it runs true to size.  I looked carefully at the measurements on-line, and was glad I went with the 6, perfect through the bust and the hips. 

The top is pure, heavy silk.  The feel is very luxurious.  If this was made by J. Crew, it would for sure be part of the J. Crew Collection.  I don't know why I expected the silk to be less nice, but I did.  When I got this top  in the mail, all boudoir silk from the 50s with perfectly, well-placed sequins, I was immediately smitten. 

I think it may be lined in silk, but don't take my word on could just be really nice poly-blend that feels silky.

And--it looks good by itself AND layered.  SWAK to you, Johnnie.  :)

 From the side.  I look like a mannequin with my arms like that.  I could scare small children with that pose.

You can see from this view, though, that the spots continue to the back.

Here it is layered with the Cashmere Cody Cardigan in the cobblestone colorway, size small.

I hope some of you will consider this top.  I would buy another except I am broke.  So I will live vicariously through you all instead.  LOL.  (Hint, hint, I LOVE the grey/black version, and the teal version.)  :)

Later today, a Mommy Style Look at Boden Maternity (yay!).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bzzz-ing in a Bumble Mini.

I seriously wore yellow-hued tights with a plaid skirt and a yellow turtleneck with a black boucle blazer when I was at home, with no intentions of leaving the house simply because I wanted to.  LOL.  I think Mr. Dina thought I was crazy when he got home and saw me in the get-up, but because he is a good husband he kept his laughter being closed doors.  ;)

Above is the polyvore of the outfit that this SAHM wore that day.  I added the bees to the polyvore because the outfit nearly definitely verges on Busy Bees territory.  That said, the kids loved the outfit, especially the tights.  They kept touching my legs and exclaiming in sheer happiness over "momma's yellow legs."

So this outfit has two fairly coveted pieces from recent years, the glass beaded bee necklace and the bumble tartan mini.  The glass beaded necklace I bought from on sale for some small sum or another.  I felt VERY fortunate to have gotten it when I did, because a mere year or so later, dear Miss Emma Pillsbury wore it on Glee and all of a sudden, everyone wants this very necklace.  The power of media is crazy!  The bumble tartan mini is from the November 2007 J. Crew catalog (the one in Scotland) and the insanely beautiful Vanessa Lorenzo wore it while modeling near some picturesque bridge in the Highlands.  (I am sure she was plenty warm when she posed--shee-yeah, right).  I was fortunate that a lovely JCA sold me her's, in a size 8, a few months back.  I was surprised that I was the only one who wanted to buy it!

And there she is, looking all warm and toasty.  :)

I would have gone all bare-legged, too, but even with the interior temperature of our house at a relatively balmy 67 degrees, I was too wimpy to try it.  Plus, the yellow tights are too perfect with this skirt!  The shoes are from the '90s.  Yes, the freaking '90s.  I still can wear them, though, so why not keep them?  At least it doesn't make me look like Elaine Benis from Seinfeld:

This is one trend I don't need to come back, the long floral dress and lace-up flat shoes.  Elaine looks cute, but on me?  Sister-wife.  I know that for a fact as I lived during this era and I wish my dad, or anyone, would have said to me that all this look did for me was cover me up and make me look all ready welcoming wives 4 and 5 into my life.  (I need to dig those photos up and publish them.  I am willing to have a little fun at my own expense.)

It *will* come back, won't it?  I mean, all things do, yes?  We expected that the '80s love of acid-wash and oversized sweatshirts would stay there, but they didn't, did they?  I kind of shudder at the thought of welcoming 1994 back into my life, but I am hoping that I have enough self-control to just say "no" when that sartorial moment gets a fresh breath of life.

Okay, back to now (or at least 2007).  I was getting frustrated with how all my front shots were looking, so I gave up and tried to give my look a little life, yes, I actually jumped in time to the timer on my camera.  I ended up liking this shot the best.

Here is the Bumble outfit with the Penny Boucle Jacket (Fall 2008).  I recently purchased this jacket, and I did like it with this outfit, and I like it in general, but I decided that I have enough black jackets that this has already been on the JCA exchange (and still is, look for its re-appearance again tomorrow morning).

I love CW.  I don't really know why she is pretending to drink a bottle of water but it makes me smile.  ;)

You all, enjoy your Sunday.  Bzz, bzz.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Boden Buy and Sell!

Did you miss out on a favorite fun skirt?  If so, this is your kind of post!
This kind of post is for you, the Boden Aficionada, who has an item(s) that you either want to sell, or really want to locate.  Disqus is fabulous for this kind of a post as you can directly comment to another commenter about either wanting the item, OR letting the person know that you have an item (or know where to find the item).  Disqus also allows you to add direct links to other websites, so if a photo of your items exists, go ahead and post a link to it!

Please no re-sellers.  Thank you! 

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog.  Just like the other ladies at JCA or Effortless Anthropologie, I in no way can act as a mediator for any transaction, communication, or lack of communication. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to the "Boden Buy and Sell" posts (which should be posted every Friday).

NOTE: This is not limited to Boden for women.  You can post re: Men's Boden, Johnnie B. (junior's line), mini-Boden, baby Boden, Boden Limited Collection, and Boden Maternity.

Thank you all!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boden Sassy Silk Dress!

I promised you all a review of at least one Boden spring item before the night was through, and I have managed to live up to my promise (woohoo!). :)

I have a total of four items left to review for you, the sassy silk dress (today--also in polyvore above), the Terazzo Tunic, the Pool Party Tunic, and the Gypsy Top (all of which will be in the next few days). I have already done a review of the stitched hem mini, which you can find at this post.

Sassy Silk Dress

This beautiful, all silk dress (with a poly lining) retails for $148.  This price isn't the most insane I have ever seen (cough, cough, J. Crew, chortle, chortle, Anthropologie), but it is still quite a few bucks to throw around.  So is this dress worth the price (even with the extra 15% off it still is $125.80)?

Here are my thoughts.  I love the fabric, and I *know* the fabric is expensive.  Almost all of the silk I items I have ever bought from Boden are thick, luxurious, and the colors are saturated and sublime.  The workmanship that went into this dress is high, as I have some experience having made my own dress.  The seams are perfect, the lining is stitched to the outer layer perfectly, and there are no fraying threads or loose bits anywhere.  The zipper does not stick, which can be a problem in side-zip items.

So those are the positives.  Here are the negatives (only a few): the sheath shape means that if you have hips, you will have to order the bigger of your two dress sizes to ensure you can wear this item, which means the bodice will be a bit loose; the poly lining, while soft, is the kind that static LOVES, so I kept having to fuss to keep the lining down (it wanted to ride up with each leg movement-lol); and there is the issue of the pleating at the waist, which draws attention to your belly area, so if this is a problem area for you, you may want to either wear spanx or just look for other dress options (including the Relaxed Silk Dress, which the lovely shopwithm reviewed recently).

I ordered a size US 8 Regular, or UK 12 Regular.  I oscillate between their size 6 and 8 dresses, but based on the measurements, I knew my hips would need the size 8.  I was right.  ;)

From the side you can see the pleating at the waistband.  It doesn't bother me, but I can see where that would bug some...

From the back.

I added this belt from Anthropologie to see how a belt would look.  I actually quite like the belt with the dress, but if I were to wear this for real, I would add a cute pair of nude heels instead of grey flats (although I liked the grey flats with the dress by itself).

I hope this review helped some of you!

P.S.  Boden has NO retail shops in the US, which is why reviews like the ones the *very few* of us "Boden Bloggers" do are so important.  We do get free shipping and returns, which is fab, but it can be an INCREDIBLE bummer to receive a top, dress, skirt, or tunic from our dear friend Johnnie only to realize it doesn't fit, etc.  I want to stop this for you all as much as possible.  We have NO way of doing "fitting room" reviews, and since I don't have endless cash (one can dream--lol), I have decided to start publishing posts with "Boden Guest Reviews."  I know many of the other blogs out there do this for other retailers, and I definitely can see where this would be a HUGE benefit to us Boden Aficionadas.  If you would like to do this, please send photos, info, and your guest reviews to me at with the subject as "Boden Guest Review--Name of Item."  Sound like a plan??? ;)  Thank you in advance!

Two Greens and a Tan...

Walk into a bar...

Oh, wait, no.  This is not the beginning of some off color joke. 

Rather there are three recent outfits which I wore that include two greens and a tan...jacket.

First up...The Green Herringbone Bella-esque Jacket from J. Crew Factory/Outlet (2008):
Bought from ebay, I didn't even know this jacket existed.  I don't remember seeing it in the catalogs or on-line, but there you go.  I didn't care that I hadn't seen it before, I LOVED the ruffled collar and the ruffle pockets.  Plus the color is the perfect shade of green for all seasons (although I would struggle wearing this jacket in the middle of summer--very heavy herringbone wool and all).  Size 4, from the Factory. 

The pants are the trouper pants, size 8, shadow.  I got them for 40% off recently, and although I like them, I am REALLY irritated with the fact that the upper waistband is roughly 2.5 inches bigger than my upper hip (which is where I wear it).  I should have sized down, but I had read that they ran tts.  Grr.  Anyone want to sell me a size 6 at the 40% off price?  I can't even wear a belt as the belts can't cinch it enough.  Having said all that, I wore this to a local Arbonne meeting on Monday night and it was comfortable for just sitting around and hearing people speak.  *But* had I needed to be up and walking around, these pants would have constantly needed the ole "hitch 'em up" treatment every few minutes or so.  (Oh, and by the way, I have determined I *do* have a navy pants curse--these darn pants prove it.)

The boots are the Miller Short Motorcycle Flat Boots in a size 9.5.  I love LOVE love everything about these boots.  I have now worn them with tight pants and with a frilly girly skirt (you will see that pairing  in another post) and I truly believe the sale price plus 40% makes these boots very much worth it.  I feel kind of cool and kind of chic while wearing them, and have received multiple compliments already.  I could have gone down to size 9, but they size 9.5 is only a bit big, so I will deal.

The top is from last year, and you have seen it before, in one of my all time favorite outfits ever. 

Close-up of the cute ruffle detail on the jacket.  I eventually managed to get the vintage fleur top to flatten out, but it took a lot of smoothing.  ;)

Up Next...the actual Velvet Bella in the Leaf color from J. Crew's stellar fall 2007 season:
Another ebay find...the seller didn't even know what they had.  I bought it for $40.  Seriously.  Yay!  :)  Size 4.  See it on me in purple here.

The top is a fab silk ruffled cotton sweater job that was on ridiculous sale last summer for $15 or some such nonsense.  I guess people were tired of fraying ruffles, and I get that, but I loved the top and figured that for $15 I could deal with fraying. 

The cords are the matchstick cords in glazed pecan.  I have worn these a lot this winter. 

The boots are another Miss Albright find from Anthropologie.  These Petite Chou boots seem a bit silly with the ruffles AND the shearling, but they have worked with so many of my casual outfits this winter, so the designers must have know what they were doing.  Got these in a 9.5.

CW was all about the posing this day, as well.  I think we may have been doing a preschool run this day, if memory serves.

 From the side.  You can see the detail of the Petite Chou boots better in this shot.

Buttoned up and making a stupid face.  At least CW is smiling like a normal person.

No jacket.  Love this top.  Just a bit of frilly fun for the season.  It can also transition to summer nicely (sure but that is far off based on the weather we are set to receive tonight--try 8 freaking inches of snow).

Third is the Chimera Jacket from last winter's season:
I quite liked the Chimera jacket with the tonal match of the crewcuts top I wore that day.  This is a hard color for me to wear as it is *nearly* my skin tone, but the bits of shine from the ruffle and the neon drawing of the graphic on the tee help keep me from looking oddly nude.  ;)

The Chimera is a size 4 and the tee is a size 14.  You can still find the "family tree tee" at J. Crew.

From the side.  Please don't judge the saggy britches.  I know I need a pair of better-fitting pants.  These are the awesome Madison chinos and if J. Crew were to put them out again, I would buy them up in my correct size.  (Are you listening Mickey?)

 Buttoned up.

I adore this pic of me and CW.  So freaking adorable.  Like frame-able adorable.  Yes we matched that day.  Her tee is a size 3, however. 

I think we were going out as a family that day. 

Okay, then!  Thanks for reading!  :)  I will be putting up a Boden review sometime later today.  Would you all prefer the dress review, the tunic review (there are two tunics that I will split into two review posts) or would you prefer the top review? 

Have a great afternoon!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From the Poles to the Decorating Committee (Cardigans, You See).

Hi, all! After this morning with Boden, I can't believe I am going to swing so so wildly to another arc, the arc of Anthropologie, but I have had these two outfits in my queue forever and since I really like the pieces, I just. needed. to. get. these. pictures. published. already. :)

Above is the polyvore of the first outfit, the one that includes the Decorating Committee cardigan. Can you believe that it took me almost an ENTIRE YEAR to wear this lovely sweater? What is wrong with me? (Wait, don't answer that...) Do you all remember this post where I was all "I need this?" Well, I guess I didn't really "need" it until mid-January 2011.

Simply styled.  The cardigan is the Decorating Committee cardigan, and I bought it in a medium, which is fine.  A small would have been fine, too.  But the store I bought it from had only a medium and that worked for me.  The tank is the sequin tiered ruffle tissue tank from J. Crew, size extra-small.  I love how it paired with the cardigan.  The jeans are 7 dojos (flip-flops), size 30.  The boots are Aerosoles (I know, Aerosoles!).

From the side.  With CW.  :)  I think next time I wear this outfit I either need to pull out longer jeans OR wear flats.  They call them the flip-flops for a reason, methinks.

With my Target Cloche hat from last year.  This hat is amazing.  All wool, with a cute feather embellishment and it was insanely cheap, like $10.  LOVE Target.

Baby CW loved hamming it up that day.

Baby CW needs her own pink cloche, you agree, I am sure?  :)

Yes, I switched to a grey fedora because that morning I visited Mint Condition in Old Town and I found this adorable grey fedora for a song there.  It is my winter Lola.  (And no, I don't mean sweet Rosa's dog, either.  Although that Lola in a winter fedora would be DARLING!)

Next outfit, cardigan first.  (Although I believe it was actually called the From the Poles sweater jacket.)  I wore this to "Santa photos" with the kids and they were all green and red and white, so I figured I should at least try to be festive.  I guess I figured an off-white Bavarian-looking ruffly concoction with a wine-colored tee would fit the bill.  Yodel-freaking-lay-dee-hoo.  ;)

I do not like how sheer the jacket looks.  I don't remember it being that sheer in real life, so it may be a camera flash situation, but still, irksome.

I look like Inge from the mountains in all these photos.  Be prepared. 

Inge #2, with the jacket all zipped up. The pants are from J. Crew suiting a few years ago and have the faintest pinstripe. This is pre-vanity sizing as the size 10 you see here is only a *smidge* too big.

The boots are the Rivington kitten heel boots from the same season.  They are super chic and look great with all of my longer bootcut pants.

Inge #3 from the side with her daughter Heidi from the back.

Inge #4 with the jacket partially opened (loved it this way the best) with her husband Klaus in the background.  (And daughter Heidi's very German Barbie computer in the foreground--which funnily enough was given to us by an actual Heidi.  LOL.)

You all have a fab night.  Talk soon.  More Boden reviews tomorrow.  :)

Boden Limited Edition: More Info!

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 11, 2011...Boden Limited Edition is on-line.  Click through my button (on the blog's right-hand side) to go immediately to the Boden US site or see this post for more info.  :)  Enjoy!

Great news, all!  Boden has updated its website to include info on the Boden Limited Edition.  The site says this about the line:

Coming soon, exclusively online…

The launch of our new range, Boden Limited Edition. As you can see from the outfits here, it’s Boden, but not quite as you know it.

We’ve applied stunning embellishments and a quieter, more focused colour palette to a range of luxurious fabrics. The result is, dare I say it, chic, sophisticated and characteristically timeless. But, as the name suggests it’s strictly limited, so once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Also, great news times two!  I have been invited to join the Boden Affiliate program here at My Superfluities, so I will always have a banner ad at the side of my blog with some sort of coupon running (the current coupon is for 15% off with free shipping).  I love that I can offer this now because you can go directly from my site to Boden, with a coupon in hand.  I also will be able to encrypt my reviews with a link directly to Boden that will open in a separate window, so you will be able to shuffle between my site and Boden's, without having to use the back button!  I hope you will all take advantage of this, I would love to show Boden just how many Boden aficionadas are here at My Superfluities!   Thank you for your support!

One last thing, how many of you would want me to run a weekly Boden exchange/marketplace a lot like J. Crew Aficionada does, Effortless Anthropologie does and now Gigi's Gone Shopping does (Talbot's items)?  I think this could potentially benefit many of you out there.  Let me know in the comments! 

UPDATE 10:30 am: Louise just told me about the Boden Maternity Line.  Yay!  I went over to Boden and put "maternity" in the search engine and it took me straight to the maternity section!  Wow!  (I should get pregnant. right. now. LOL.)

You all have a great day!  Talk soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tweedette on the Town.

I had some photos in Picasa that I had nearly forgotten about UNTIL I saw Slastena's post on how she celebrated Christmas: Russian Style.  Then I remembered that I had worn the Tweedette dress (also called the Luna Mixy by Net-a-Porter) out for dinner with the DC JCAs back in mid-December.

I won't get into how awesome the dinner was (it was--and Rosa did a fab write up over at True 'Crew Love), but I will quickly publish the photos.

The last time I showed the dress to you it was for a review, and was not dressed up in the least.  LOL.

It looked way better dressed up.  The polyvore above has some of the pieces from the outfit, except for the jacket and the tights.

I wore the flats because I had just had the PFO closure (three days before) and I didn't want to wear heels.  Heels would look awesome and the next time I wear them, I will break out one of my kick-butt pairs that I own.

Love the pockets, btw.  :)

 This expression cracks me up.  I look scary.  I wasn't mad or anything, either.  I actually felt great that night.

The jacket is the Black Herringbone Bella Jacket (another ebay score--$40).  I liked how the jacket helped show off the very pretty neckline of the dress.  (So you know, I did safety pin the neckline, and at the end of the night when I took the pin out, there was no damage, just the tiniest pin hole that I know can be steamed out.  I will probably add a tiny clasp in the near future.)

We went to Oyamel...where they serve fried grasshopper tacos...and yes, that is me eating a grasshopper taco (IT WAS GOOD!).

After, drewablank drove me home and we grabbed this pic.  We had such a nice time, and doesn't drewablank look BEAUTIFUL?

Alright, that's all for now.  I am in Las Vegas for an Arbonne conference (whee!!!), and will only be posting when I have extra free time.  So you know, Arbonne just announced a whole new line of gluten-free, certified vegan, with no artificial sweeteners "Arbonne Essentials," which includes "Daily Essentials" (vitamins, supplements, and easily absorbed probiotics) and "Fit Essentials" (protein shakes, teas, and dietary aids).  I will be sending an e-mail to all of my clients about this but if you are interested and NOT on my list, please e-mail me at  Thanks!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Florals for Winter!

Oh, man.  I just looked through my Picasa files and wow, I have a lot of outfits of the day that I have been meaning to post.  So that is what this next week will be...a lot of back-logged outfits that I enjoyed wearing but never found the time to post.  Interspersed throughout *may* be a review or two (if the outfit has an item that is currently available from J. Crew, Boden, or Anthropologie).  I won't call the post a review, but in the labels you will see the word "review."

So without further ado...

Winter Florals Outfit Number One.

In addition to not posting outfits, I also have been B-A-D with my Polyvores.  I might get my Polyvore membership revoked if I don't step up my game.  LOL.

Outfit consists of:

Cambridge Cable V-Neck in spicy olive, from Winter 2009, J. Crew.

Victoria Cami, also an olive color, from Fall 2008, J. Crew.  It is too big now, but layered under something, it still works.

Factory Cotton Taffeta Belle Skirt in the primrose garden print, Fall 2010, J. Crew Outlet.  LOVE this skirt.  For all you naysayers of the factory stuff, this an amazing skirt that was worth every penny I spent on it (around $45).  I did a review of it here.

Tights are from TJ Maxx, maybe?

Naturalizer Bates Shoes, I wear these all the time.  Very comfy and pretty chic for Naturalizer.

Belt is from J. Crew, also in the avocado/olive color.

No hand on the hip.  What a difference (laugh).

We were going to a Hanukkah party that night.  I have never been to one, but a great friend of ours invited us and I have to say, it was a BLAST.  The kids especially enjoyed the dreidl.  Rex is always singing the dreidl song.  :)  I personally enjoyed the very sweet wine.  Yum!

From the side.

Winter Florals Outfit Number Two.

Outfit consists of:

Cashmere V-Neck, Jalepeno, Winter 2009, I had this monogrammed (I always get free monogramming in the holiday season...Mr. Dina and I have a few monogrammed items--so very preppy, I know).

Thicket Floral Perfect Shirt, Spring 2010.  I wear this shirt a lot more than I ever thought I would.  I think it is really versatile, all those pretty pinks, reds, greens, and purples.

I cannot for the life of me figure out which jeans these are.  Maybe the trouser jeans?  I think the only jeans I really can identify are the Dojo flip-flops, the Ankle Toothpicks in the twilight wash, and my Amore toothpick jeans.

Galaxy leather ballet flats, bought them from the clearance store in Lynchburg.  The all leather construction, plus the yummy jewels, and the cheap, cheap clearance center price make these a big winner in my book.

From the side.  BTW, I have no clue where I was going that day.  I may have just stayed home.  Or maybe I went Christmas shopping? 

Winter Florals Outfit Number Three.

Outfit consists of:

Sunshine Peony cardigan, Spring 2010.  I held off buying the cardi, but in the end, I couldn't resist the more saturated colors that the cardi offered.  The shirt and skirt are insanely beautiful, but the colors are a bit more muted.

Linen cotton tiered bateau shell, lilac color, Spring 2010.  Nice purple that works well with the cardigan.  I definitely bought this shell on sale as its original price was insane for what is basically mummy-wrapping material with a nice hue.

Chambray Cocktail Capris, pink color, Spring 2009.  I bought every color these capris came in.  I still wear them when I just am chilling at the house.  They are all a bit too loose for wearing in public, but they are great for those days when I might see the postman and don't want him to see me in sweats (I know, it doesn't matter, but I

Skinny Bright Pink Belt, J. Crew, Spring 2009.

Galaxy leather ballet flats, for more info see last outfit.

CW and I wore florals together.  She looks so pretty here.  :)

Winter Florals Outfit Number Four.

Outfit consists of:

Scalloped Zipper Cardigan, Winter 2010, Grey.  I wear this often, but since I have an overabundance of grey cardigans (yeah, I know, weird, right?), this one doesn't come out as much as it should.

Loft Floral top, Spring 2008.  I bought this from ebay for next to nothing.  I really do love this print.

Waverly Chinos, Fall 2010, Midnight.  I own these in an 8.  I fit into a 6 in the khaki color.  I bought these in a 6 initially because of that.  It bugs me when there are big discrepancies like this one in sizing.  Grr.  It could also be my "navy" pants curse.  Yes, I said that.  I have a "navy pants curse."  It is real, and some point I will tell you all the story.  LOL.

Etta Flannel Ballet Flats, Fall 2007.  I wear the original pair that I own so much that I bought a second (similar) pair in wool (these are the wool version--my original version are suede).  Ebay is a great place to get scores like this.  I paid $20, I believe.

Galaxy Ribbon and Chain Necklace, Stone color, Fall 2009.  I think anything named "Galaxy" by J. Crew means I have to buy it.  :)

CW wanted to be in nearly all the pics I took that day.  She is becoming quite the dresser, by the way.  She insists on picking out her outfits and if we dare pick out something she doesn't like, she FUSSES big time (read: has a temper tantrum).  Sigh.  2 and demanding=slightly ticked off, although sympathetic (would be way hypocritical if I wasn't) momma.

Little close-up of the outfits.

From the side.  We weren't going anywhere, but I remember liking my hair that day.  LOL.

Hands on hips, girls.  Yes, she is really doing that pose.  

Winter Florals Outfit Number Five.

Okay, this is the last outfit (and the one with actual reviews):

Cashmere Cody Cardigan, Cobblestone, Fall 2010, J. Crew.  It pops back occasionally and I found that reading other people's reviews of this from J. Crew Aficionada helped me decide which size was best when I purchased this (on sale for $50?).  I took a size small, rather than an extra-small, as I read that the cardi was running small.  I am glad I went with the small as it fits exactly right.  So if you are typically a size extra-small in other cardigans, buy this in a small.  I decided on the cobblestone color after Ema declared her love for it (and also because my Colletta coat is in this color).

Vintage Cotton Amour Tank, Dark Pewter, Winter 2010, J. Crew.  I don't know why these aren't moving.  I bought it at $23 and was happy to pay that price.  Now they are down to just under $20 and still not moving.  This is a fab tank for layering in the winter, and great on its own for the summer.  It isn't delicate (despite appearances) and the colors they offer them in are awesome.  :)  Took an extra-small, so tts.

Gladiola Print Sateen Pencil Skirt, J. Crew Factory (Outlet), Spring 2010.  Bought on a whim, and I do really like the way this outfit looks with the darker grey mixed with the lighter, brighter gladiola print.

Anticipation Heels, Anthropologie.  I have now crossed into definite low cost per wear with these beauties.

The above outfit I haven't actually worn yet.  I have a conference I am headed to and I wanted to preview how this would look.  It definitely suits the look I want. 

Talk soon.  Next up: Tweedette Dress, On the Town.