Monday, January 31, 2011

Boden: Sequin Spot Top Review!

Although I want to move forward and only review newer items from Boden, there are still a few of this lovely, LOVELY top available at Boden, and I would not be doing my job as the #1 US fan of Boden if I didn't let you amazing ladies know about this top.

Sequin Spot Top
You should be able to click right on this link to see the item and its availability, but if you are having issues, use my Boden coupon link at the side and search "sequin spot." Sadly, as this is a sale item, there is no way to use the 15% off coupon, but I am here to tell you, the $52 price tag is very reasonable for what you are receiving.

Even though you can *barely* see the spots in the photo of Vanessa, they are there, in shades of yellow, teal, and silver.  On my oyster version, it has sequined spots of copper, grey, and sage green. 

I am at the hotel in Las Vegas, where I was at an Arbonne Training Conference (we were very lucky to get a suite at the Signature Towers at the MGM Grand--almost wanted to stay there forever, it was that nice).  I needed "business casual" that was also a bit sassy, so this was my look for day two.

The outfit consists of the Sequin Spot Top, a pair of Denim Minnies (the version in grey), and the Anticipation heels by Miss Albright.

The Sequin Spot Top is a size 6 (or UK 10), so it runs true to size.  I looked carefully at the measurements on-line, and was glad I went with the 6, perfect through the bust and the hips. 

The top is pure, heavy silk.  The feel is very luxurious.  If this was made by J. Crew, it would for sure be part of the J. Crew Collection.  I don't know why I expected the silk to be less nice, but I did.  When I got this top  in the mail, all boudoir silk from the 50s with perfectly, well-placed sequins, I was immediately smitten. 

I think it may be lined in silk, but don't take my word on could just be really nice poly-blend that feels silky.

And--it looks good by itself AND layered.  SWAK to you, Johnnie.  :)

 From the side.  I look like a mannequin with my arms like that.  I could scare small children with that pose.

You can see from this view, though, that the spots continue to the back.

Here it is layered with the Cashmere Cody Cardigan in the cobblestone colorway, size small.

I hope some of you will consider this top.  I would buy another except I am broke.  So I will live vicariously through you all instead.  LOL.  (Hint, hint, I LOVE the grey/black version, and the teal version.)  :)

Later today, a Mommy Style Look at Boden Maternity (yay!).