Monday, January 17, 2011

Florals for Winter!

Oh, man.  I just looked through my Picasa files and wow, I have a lot of outfits of the day that I have been meaning to post.  So that is what this next week will be...a lot of back-logged outfits that I enjoyed wearing but never found the time to post.  Interspersed throughout *may* be a review or two (if the outfit has an item that is currently available from J. Crew, Boden, or Anthropologie).  I won't call the post a review, but in the labels you will see the word "review."

So without further ado...

Winter Florals Outfit Number One.

In addition to not posting outfits, I also have been B-A-D with my Polyvores.  I might get my Polyvore membership revoked if I don't step up my game.  LOL.

Outfit consists of:

Cambridge Cable V-Neck in spicy olive, from Winter 2009, J. Crew.

Victoria Cami, also an olive color, from Fall 2008, J. Crew.  It is too big now, but layered under something, it still works.

Factory Cotton Taffeta Belle Skirt in the primrose garden print, Fall 2010, J. Crew Outlet.  LOVE this skirt.  For all you naysayers of the factory stuff, this an amazing skirt that was worth every penny I spent on it (around $45).  I did a review of it here.

Tights are from TJ Maxx, maybe?

Naturalizer Bates Shoes, I wear these all the time.  Very comfy and pretty chic for Naturalizer.

Belt is from J. Crew, also in the avocado/olive color.

No hand on the hip.  What a difference (laugh).

We were going to a Hanukkah party that night.  I have never been to one, but a great friend of ours invited us and I have to say, it was a BLAST.  The kids especially enjoyed the dreidl.  Rex is always singing the dreidl song.  :)  I personally enjoyed the very sweet wine.  Yum!

From the side.

Winter Florals Outfit Number Two.

Outfit consists of:

Cashmere V-Neck, Jalepeno, Winter 2009, I had this monogrammed (I always get free monogramming in the holiday season...Mr. Dina and I have a few monogrammed items--so very preppy, I know).

Thicket Floral Perfect Shirt, Spring 2010.  I wear this shirt a lot more than I ever thought I would.  I think it is really versatile, all those pretty pinks, reds, greens, and purples.

I cannot for the life of me figure out which jeans these are.  Maybe the trouser jeans?  I think the only jeans I really can identify are the Dojo flip-flops, the Ankle Toothpicks in the twilight wash, and my Amore toothpick jeans.

Galaxy leather ballet flats, bought them from the clearance store in Lynchburg.  The all leather construction, plus the yummy jewels, and the cheap, cheap clearance center price make these a big winner in my book.

From the side.  BTW, I have no clue where I was going that day.  I may have just stayed home.  Or maybe I went Christmas shopping? 

Winter Florals Outfit Number Three.

Outfit consists of:

Sunshine Peony cardigan, Spring 2010.  I held off buying the cardi, but in the end, I couldn't resist the more saturated colors that the cardi offered.  The shirt and skirt are insanely beautiful, but the colors are a bit more muted.

Linen cotton tiered bateau shell, lilac color, Spring 2010.  Nice purple that works well with the cardigan.  I definitely bought this shell on sale as its original price was insane for what is basically mummy-wrapping material with a nice hue.

Chambray Cocktail Capris, pink color, Spring 2009.  I bought every color these capris came in.  I still wear them when I just am chilling at the house.  They are all a bit too loose for wearing in public, but they are great for those days when I might see the postman and don't want him to see me in sweats (I know, it doesn't matter, but I

Skinny Bright Pink Belt, J. Crew, Spring 2009.

Galaxy leather ballet flats, for more info see last outfit.

CW and I wore florals together.  She looks so pretty here.  :)

Winter Florals Outfit Number Four.

Outfit consists of:

Scalloped Zipper Cardigan, Winter 2010, Grey.  I wear this often, but since I have an overabundance of grey cardigans (yeah, I know, weird, right?), this one doesn't come out as much as it should.

Loft Floral top, Spring 2008.  I bought this from ebay for next to nothing.  I really do love this print.

Waverly Chinos, Fall 2010, Midnight.  I own these in an 8.  I fit into a 6 in the khaki color.  I bought these in a 6 initially because of that.  It bugs me when there are big discrepancies like this one in sizing.  Grr.  It could also be my "navy" pants curse.  Yes, I said that.  I have a "navy pants curse."  It is real, and some point I will tell you all the story.  LOL.

Etta Flannel Ballet Flats, Fall 2007.  I wear the original pair that I own so much that I bought a second (similar) pair in wool (these are the wool version--my original version are suede).  Ebay is a great place to get scores like this.  I paid $20, I believe.

Galaxy Ribbon and Chain Necklace, Stone color, Fall 2009.  I think anything named "Galaxy" by J. Crew means I have to buy it.  :)

CW wanted to be in nearly all the pics I took that day.  She is becoming quite the dresser, by the way.  She insists on picking out her outfits and if we dare pick out something she doesn't like, she FUSSES big time (read: has a temper tantrum).  Sigh.  2 and demanding=slightly ticked off, although sympathetic (would be way hypocritical if I wasn't) momma.

Little close-up of the outfits.

From the side.  We weren't going anywhere, but I remember liking my hair that day.  LOL.

Hands on hips, girls.  Yes, she is really doing that pose.  

Winter Florals Outfit Number Five.

Okay, this is the last outfit (and the one with actual reviews):

Cashmere Cody Cardigan, Cobblestone, Fall 2010, J. Crew.  It pops back occasionally and I found that reading other people's reviews of this from J. Crew Aficionada helped me decide which size was best when I purchased this (on sale for $50?).  I took a size small, rather than an extra-small, as I read that the cardi was running small.  I am glad I went with the small as it fits exactly right.  So if you are typically a size extra-small in other cardigans, buy this in a small.  I decided on the cobblestone color after Ema declared her love for it (and also because my Colletta coat is in this color).

Vintage Cotton Amour Tank, Dark Pewter, Winter 2010, J. Crew.  I don't know why these aren't moving.  I bought it at $23 and was happy to pay that price.  Now they are down to just under $20 and still not moving.  This is a fab tank for layering in the winter, and great on its own for the summer.  It isn't delicate (despite appearances) and the colors they offer them in are awesome.  :)  Took an extra-small, so tts.

Gladiola Print Sateen Pencil Skirt, J. Crew Factory (Outlet), Spring 2010.  Bought on a whim, and I do really like the way this outfit looks with the darker grey mixed with the lighter, brighter gladiola print.

Anticipation Heels, Anthropologie.  I have now crossed into definite low cost per wear with these beauties.

The above outfit I haven't actually worn yet.  I have a conference I am headed to and I wanted to preview how this would look.  It definitely suits the look I want. 

Talk soon.  Next up: Tweedette Dress, On the Town.