Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspired by Boden: J. Crew Version.

I received not one, but TWO, Boden Spring catalogs.  Like J. Crew, they have me listed under both my married and my maiden name.  My maiden name version was a typical Boden catalog, but the one with my married name (clearly the one I spend far too much money with!) had an insert that says "can you keep a secret?"  Well, no.  Not really.  BUT.  I will keep it a secret for at least one more post.  (For those of you that have an idea of what I am talking about...let's wait to share the news for a few hours!  Fun!)  ;)

The catalog had a ton of images I had already seen in the Boden Preview back in October, but I think there is something way more magical about getting the catalog in hand, sitting down and just LOOKING.

See, here's the thing, I had no real comprehension of just how much Boden's spring line reminded me of J. Crew circa 2005-2008 *until* I saw it a few minutes ago.  It just sunk in that so much of the styling, and so many of the pieces are incredibly reminiscent of Old School J. Crew.

You know I am a HUGE fan of both the new and old J. Crew, so it is all great by me if Boden wants to go in this direction, but for you all that miss the old school J. Crew, this may be the time for you to jump in Johnnie Boden's boat!  (By the way, Johnnie, when are my commission checks going to start coming in?  LOL.  I kid.  Love ya!)

For those of you concerned that Boden is a bit too mumsy or frumpy for you, I can attest to the movement away from higher waists and flow-ier bodices to more reasonable waistlines (still a bit high for me, but I tend to buy less of the shorts, skirts, and pants anyhow) and more fitted tops and dresses.

And now...be inpired!

Stripy Tunic, $58.  Colorful stripes, check.  Simple styling, check.  Smiling Edda, check.  See--it's fun playing what looks like old school J. Crew! 

Chic Boatneck, $68.  Remember when J. Crew used to have this grass green color in heavy rotation?  Now, not so much (although I think the other colors they come out with now--admittedly less often--are still pretty great--warm honey, anyone?).

Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee, $24.  I have the Capri catalog from February 2007 where Edda is in a similar top (may have been a long-sleeve version).  She was smiling there, too.

Flowerstitch Cardigan, $98.  Okay, this is actually an awful lot like a cardigan made my J. Crew last spring, BUT, hear me out.  That cardigan was much beloved by JCAs BECAUSE it was colorful and special...and it reminded many of them of J. Crew of old.  And this model (Maria who dislikes early mornings and bad weather) is smiling.

Fringed Tweed Jacket, $188.  The classic shape of this jacket with the colorful tweed makes this spring jacket unique and vibrant.  Like with classic items of J. Crew's past, you WILL get stopped on the street and asked where you got that fab jacket by strangers.  Trust me.

Stitched Hem Mini, $68.  I actually pre-ordered this mini back in October in this colorway.  I love summer skirts and I especially love ones that I can wear at places other than the park and pool (some of the Crew's latest minis are way too short for some of the parties and places I go in the summer).  Heck, I could even wear this one to teach!  I know there was a time when mini was still short for J. Crew, just not *too* short.  I ordered an 8 LONG, which means it should be a couple of inches above my knee.  For you natural-waist phobes out there, be warned!  This is a natural waist skirt!  (Johnnie is nearly perfect, we need to give him a mistake here or there.) 

Not Boden, but it could be...this season.  :)  J. Crew, circa Spring 2007. Love, no adore, Edda!

Just in case you missed it...I posted this morning about receiving a "share with your friends" e-mail from Boden for 20% off $175 or more.  Go to that post if you would like to receive it.  ;)

Have a great day.  Talk soon. 

P;.S. I will totally spill the beans on Boden very soon.