Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wardrobe: Days 2, 3, and 4.

I started this post last week with Day One: Inspired by Michelle Obama. Today is Day 2, 3, and 4. I am feeling a bit better about having had an off week with fashion that week because as so many of the comments said, all of us are harder on ourselves than others are. Confidence is key and usually half the battle with fashion. If you feel good, then work it, baby (oh, austin, behave).

So without further discussion, here they are, the good, the bad, and the 70s. LOL.

Inspired by on Day 2: the 70s, unintentionally.  In the end, I enjoyed wearing this outfit, but was about to change into a melon colored top (like the one I had worn on day one), but again, ran out of time.  So I just went with it and told the girls this was my TONAL 70s look.  It gave me an excuse to talk about color theory and to talk about fashion from other eras.

The cardigan is from Anthropologie, and is called the glassflower cardi.  I purchased it from an Effortless Anthropologie Exchange seller and I was excited to see how "effortless" the purchase was.  I need to stalk that board more often.  Maybe then I can find a Tria sweater skirt in a size small or medium for less than $99 (cough, cough ebay).  This is a size medium.  It stretched during the day.  That's okay, though, I liked the feel and can live with the stretching.

I like it better from the side.  Too bad I can't just stand like this all day long.

Alright, enough blinding your eyes with acid green.  Onto day 3 where I can blind your eyes with cinnamon, peach, and ivory!

I love the Boucle de Souffle Jacket (also by Anthropologie and reviewed here by me) and I actually really like it with the ruffles of the Victoria, but yes, I can see where this combo would really chafe at the vision of people who far prefer more subtle, modern, and clean lines.  I do look like I am ready to audition for Bram Stoker's Dracula, all I need is a silly little hat a la the one Winona Ryder wore in that movie (you gotta see that hat, Mr. Dina and I constantly make fun of it).  I did also throw on a cambridge cable knit v-neck sweater in cinnamon from J. Crew to tame at least one set of ruffles.

Again, another outfit I far prefer from the side.  Those pants are the Medallion Foulard Skimmer Pants from last spring, size 6.  The pants had all the tones in the sweater, Victoria cami, and the jacket.  The flats are the Lulu Ballet Flats.  The girls in my class LOVED the bows.  Girly girls and bows, imagine that.

Okay, this is a lot simpler and except when I was walking in the hallways and outside, I wore this instead of the full-on late 1800s look.  I have a feeling quite a few of you will prefer this simpler styling.  (It's okay, though, I know a few of you will love the silly frou-frou deliciousness of the Boucle.  We'll keep it our secret, though.  Would you wear Winona's hat, though?)

And the side.  Love the Victoria cami's just so ruffles.

Okay, let's visit modern times...

Day 4.  Yeah, my hair wasn't fully dry.  We'll live.

Have any of you realized just how perfect the Marled Thandie Blazer is?  It is just heavenly and I have only recently acquired it.  With that said, I have worn it quite a bit since Thandie came to live with me.  I think she may be gaining speed as one of my most favorite jackets made by J. Crew.  This is a size 4 and everything about it, the soft wool jersey fabric to the double breasted placket to the l-o-n-g sleeves (long arms and a short torso are HARD to fit) to the goes with everything color are perfection.  Anyone else part of the Thandie fan club?

The tee is a crewcuts tee and I purchased one for me in a size 14 and one for CW in a size 3.  She wore hers the same day as me, but sadness, she got the stomach flu the same day and the poor crewcuts tee only had a very limited outing.  Oops.  (Thank goodness it is machine washable.)  Oh, so you know, I left glitter everywhere that day.  I think when J. crew puts glitter on their items they pack it on!  I felt like some sort of pink and grey fairy spreading her special fashion fairy dust all day long.

Full outfit.  Includes the prized rose peep toes by Miss Albright (another Anthropologie purchase).

In the classroom with my Glen Plaid Sasha Peacoat and green wool scarf.  (I am showing you this pic for a reason.)  The peacoat is also double-breasted and pretty warm.  The scarf is from Scotland.

Scarf on with just the Thandie.  Did get cold throughout the day, but the scarf helped keep me toasty.

Lighting is HARSH in classrooms, btw.  HARSH.  ;)  You teachers know what I mean.

And finally my inspiration for Day 4...the ever lovely Blake Lively.  I saw this in one of the mags that I purchased for the kids' inspiration boards and I was all, "ooh, let me try that."  Of course I have no brightly colored skinny jeans (outside of the pink ones I am wearing above) but I tried.  The kids appreciated me showing them that if they have to do it, I can at least do it, too. 

After trying this look, though, I realized I really, really want those boots and that scarf.  Sigh.

Have a fab day.  More later (hopefully a secret from Boden--get back to me, Johnnie) and Day 5 (which is BY FAR my fave outfit of the week).