Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From the Poles to the Decorating Committee (Cardigans, You See).

Hi, all! After this morning with Boden, I can't believe I am going to swing so so wildly to another arc, the arc of Anthropologie, but I have had these two outfits in my queue forever and since I really like the pieces, I just. needed. to. get. these. pictures. published. already. :)

Above is the polyvore of the first outfit, the one that includes the Decorating Committee cardigan. Can you believe that it took me almost an ENTIRE YEAR to wear this lovely sweater? What is wrong with me? (Wait, don't answer that...) Do you all remember this post where I was all "I need this?" Well, I guess I didn't really "need" it until mid-January 2011.

Simply styled.  The cardigan is the Decorating Committee cardigan, and I bought it in a medium, which is fine.  A small would have been fine, too.  But the store I bought it from had only a medium and that worked for me.  The tank is the sequin tiered ruffle tissue tank from J. Crew, size extra-small.  I love how it paired with the cardigan.  The jeans are 7 dojos (flip-flops), size 30.  The boots are Aerosoles (I know, Aerosoles!).

From the side.  With CW.  :)  I think next time I wear this outfit I either need to pull out longer jeans OR wear flats.  They call them the flip-flops for a reason, methinks.

With my Target Cloche hat from last year.  This hat is amazing.  All wool, with a cute feather embellishment and it was insanely cheap, like $10.  LOVE Target.

Baby CW loved hamming it up that day.

Baby CW needs her own pink cloche, you agree, I am sure?  :)

Yes, I switched to a grey fedora because that morning I visited Mint Condition in Old Town and I found this adorable grey fedora for a song there.  It is my winter Lola.  (And no, I don't mean sweet Rosa's dog, either.  Although that Lola in a winter fedora would be DARLING!)

Next outfit, cardigan first.  (Although I believe it was actually called the From the Poles sweater jacket.)  I wore this to "Santa photos" with the kids and they were all green and red and white, so I figured I should at least try to be festive.  I guess I figured an off-white Bavarian-looking ruffly concoction with a wine-colored tee would fit the bill.  Yodel-freaking-lay-dee-hoo.  ;)

I do not like how sheer the jacket looks.  I don't remember it being that sheer in real life, so it may be a camera flash situation, but still, irksome.

I look like Inge from the mountains in all these photos.  Be prepared. 

Inge #2, with the jacket all zipped up. The pants are from J. Crew suiting a few years ago and have the faintest pinstripe. This is pre-vanity sizing as the size 10 you see here is only a *smidge* too big.

The boots are the Rivington kitten heel boots from the same season.  They are super chic and look great with all of my longer bootcut pants.

Inge #3 from the side with her daughter Heidi from the back.

Inge #4 with the jacket partially opened (loved it this way the best) with her husband Klaus in the background.  (And daughter Heidi's very German Barbie computer in the foreground--which funnily enough was given to us by an actual Heidi.  LOL.)

You all have a fab night.  Talk soon.  More Boden reviews tomorrow.  :)