Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boden Limited Edition: More Info!

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 11, 2011...Boden Limited Edition is on-line.  Click through my button (on the blog's right-hand side) to go immediately to the Boden US site or see this post for more info.  :)  Enjoy!

Great news, all!  Boden has updated its website to include info on the Boden Limited Edition.  The site says this about the line:

Coming soon, exclusively online…

The launch of our new range, Boden Limited Edition. As you can see from the outfits here, it’s Boden, but not quite as you know it.

We’ve applied stunning embellishments and a quieter, more focused colour palette to a range of luxurious fabrics. The result is, dare I say it, chic, sophisticated and characteristically timeless. But, as the name suggests it’s strictly limited, so once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Also, great news times two!  I have been invited to join the Boden Affiliate program here at My Superfluities, so I will always have a banner ad at the side of my blog with some sort of coupon running (the current coupon is for 15% off with free shipping).  I love that I can offer this now because you can go directly from my site to Boden, with a coupon in hand.  I also will be able to encrypt my reviews with a link directly to Boden that will open in a separate window, so you will be able to shuffle between my site and Boden's, without having to use the back button!  I hope you will all take advantage of this, I would love to show Boden just how many Boden aficionadas are here at My Superfluities!   Thank you for your support!

One last thing, how many of you would want me to run a weekly Boden exchange/marketplace a lot like J. Crew Aficionada does, Effortless Anthropologie does and now Gigi's Gone Shopping does (Talbot's items)?  I think this could potentially benefit many of you out there.  Let me know in the comments! 

UPDATE 10:30 am: Louise just told me about the Boden Maternity Line.  Yay!  I went over to Boden and put "maternity" in the search engine and it took me straight to the maternity section!  Wow!  (I should get pregnant. right. now. LOL.)

You all have a great day!  Talk soon!