Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Greens and a Tan...

Walk into a bar...

Oh, wait, no.  This is not the beginning of some off color joke. 

Rather there are three recent outfits which I wore that include two greens and a tan...jacket.

First up...The Green Herringbone Bella-esque Jacket from J. Crew Factory/Outlet (2008):
Bought from ebay, I didn't even know this jacket existed.  I don't remember seeing it in the catalogs or on-line, but there you go.  I didn't care that I hadn't seen it before, I LOVED the ruffled collar and the ruffle pockets.  Plus the color is the perfect shade of green for all seasons (although I would struggle wearing this jacket in the middle of summer--very heavy herringbone wool and all).  Size 4, from the Factory. 

The pants are the trouper pants, size 8, shadow.  I got them for 40% off recently, and although I like them, I am REALLY irritated with the fact that the upper waistband is roughly 2.5 inches bigger than my upper hip (which is where I wear it).  I should have sized down, but I had read that they ran tts.  Grr.  Anyone want to sell me a size 6 at the 40% off price?  I can't even wear a belt as the belts can't cinch it enough.  Having said all that, I wore this to a local Arbonne meeting on Monday night and it was comfortable for just sitting around and hearing people speak.  *But* had I needed to be up and walking around, these pants would have constantly needed the ole "hitch 'em up" treatment every few minutes or so.  (Oh, and by the way, I have determined I *do* have a navy pants curse--these darn pants prove it.)

The boots are the Miller Short Motorcycle Flat Boots in a size 9.5.  I love LOVE love everything about these boots.  I have now worn them with tight pants and with a frilly girly skirt (you will see that pairing  in another post) and I truly believe the sale price plus 40% makes these boots very much worth it.  I feel kind of cool and kind of chic while wearing them, and have received multiple compliments already.  I could have gone down to size 9, but they size 9.5 is only a bit big, so I will deal.

The top is from last year, and you have seen it before, in one of my all time favorite outfits ever. 

Close-up of the cute ruffle detail on the jacket.  I eventually managed to get the vintage fleur top to flatten out, but it took a lot of smoothing.  ;)

Up Next...the actual Velvet Bella in the Leaf color from J. Crew's stellar fall 2007 season:
Another ebay find...the seller didn't even know what they had.  I bought it for $40.  Seriously.  Yay!  :)  Size 4.  See it on me in purple here.

The top is a fab silk ruffled cotton sweater job that was on ridiculous sale last summer for $15 or some such nonsense.  I guess people were tired of fraying ruffles, and I get that, but I loved the top and figured that for $15 I could deal with fraying. 

The cords are the matchstick cords in glazed pecan.  I have worn these a lot this winter. 

The boots are another Miss Albright find from Anthropologie.  These Petite Chou boots seem a bit silly with the ruffles AND the shearling, but they have worked with so many of my casual outfits this winter, so the designers must have know what they were doing.  Got these in a 9.5.

CW was all about the posing this day, as well.  I think we may have been doing a preschool run this day, if memory serves.

 From the side.  You can see the detail of the Petite Chou boots better in this shot.

Buttoned up and making a stupid face.  At least CW is smiling like a normal person.

No jacket.  Love this top.  Just a bit of frilly fun for the season.  It can also transition to summer nicely (sure but that is far off based on the weather we are set to receive tonight--try 8 freaking inches of snow).

Third is the Chimera Jacket from last winter's season:
I quite liked the Chimera jacket with the tonal match of the crewcuts top I wore that day.  This is a hard color for me to wear as it is *nearly* my skin tone, but the bits of shine from the ruffle and the neon drawing of the graphic on the tee help keep me from looking oddly nude.  ;)

The Chimera is a size 4 and the tee is a size 14.  You can still find the "family tree tee" at J. Crew.

From the side.  Please don't judge the saggy britches.  I know I need a pair of better-fitting pants.  These are the awesome Madison chinos and if J. Crew were to put them out again, I would buy them up in my correct size.  (Are you listening Mickey?)

 Buttoned up.

I adore this pic of me and CW.  So freaking adorable.  Like frame-able adorable.  Yes we matched that day.  Her tee is a size 3, however. 

I think we were going out as a family that day. 

Okay, then!  Thanks for reading!  :)  I will be putting up a Boden review sometime later today.  Would you all prefer the dress review, the tunic review (there are two tunics that I will split into two review posts) or would you prefer the top review? 

Have a great afternoon!