Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bzzz-ing in a Bumble Mini.

I seriously wore yellow-hued tights with a plaid skirt and a yellow turtleneck with a black boucle blazer when I was at home, with no intentions of leaving the house simply because I wanted to.  LOL.  I think Mr. Dina thought I was crazy when he got home and saw me in the get-up, but because he is a good husband he kept his laughter being closed doors.  ;)

Above is the polyvore of the outfit that this SAHM wore that day.  I added the bees to the polyvore because the outfit nearly definitely verges on Busy Bees territory.  That said, the kids loved the outfit, especially the tights.  They kept touching my legs and exclaiming in sheer happiness over "momma's yellow legs."

So this outfit has two fairly coveted pieces from recent years, the glass beaded bee necklace and the bumble tartan mini.  The glass beaded necklace I bought from on sale for some small sum or another.  I felt VERY fortunate to have gotten it when I did, because a mere year or so later, dear Miss Emma Pillsbury wore it on Glee and all of a sudden, everyone wants this very necklace.  The power of media is crazy!  The bumble tartan mini is from the November 2007 J. Crew catalog (the one in Scotland) and the insanely beautiful Vanessa Lorenzo wore it while modeling near some picturesque bridge in the Highlands.  (I am sure she was plenty warm when she posed--shee-yeah, right).  I was fortunate that a lovely JCA sold me her's, in a size 8, a few months back.  I was surprised that I was the only one who wanted to buy it!

And there she is, looking all warm and toasty.  :)

I would have gone all bare-legged, too, but even with the interior temperature of our house at a relatively balmy 67 degrees, I was too wimpy to try it.  Plus, the yellow tights are too perfect with this skirt!  The shoes are from the '90s.  Yes, the freaking '90s.  I still can wear them, though, so why not keep them?  At least it doesn't make me look like Elaine Benis from Seinfeld:

This is one trend I don't need to come back, the long floral dress and lace-up flat shoes.  Elaine looks cute, but on me?  Sister-wife.  I know that for a fact as I lived during this era and I wish my dad, or anyone, would have said to me that all this look did for me was cover me up and make me look all ready welcoming wives 4 and 5 into my life.  (I need to dig those photos up and publish them.  I am willing to have a little fun at my own expense.)

It *will* come back, won't it?  I mean, all things do, yes?  We expected that the '80s love of acid-wash and oversized sweatshirts would stay there, but they didn't, did they?  I kind of shudder at the thought of welcoming 1994 back into my life, but I am hoping that I have enough self-control to just say "no" when that sartorial moment gets a fresh breath of life.

Okay, back to now (or at least 2007).  I was getting frustrated with how all my front shots were looking, so I gave up and tried to give my look a little life, yes, I actually jumped in time to the timer on my camera.  I ended up liking this shot the best.

Here is the Bumble outfit with the Penny Boucle Jacket (Fall 2008).  I recently purchased this jacket, and I did like it with this outfit, and I like it in general, but I decided that I have enough black jackets that this has already been on the JCA exchange (and still is, look for its re-appearance again tomorrow morning).

I love CW.  I don't really know why she is pretending to drink a bottle of water but it makes me smile.  ;)

You all, enjoy your Sunday.  Bzz, bzz.