Thursday, January 31, 2013

OOTDs: SAHM Winter Casual. Four Days Worth.

Day: Saturday, January 13, 2013.

Where: Target to get a gift card for Rex's teacher for her birthday.

Ease of Wear: (4.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) The outfit consists of a souped up sweatshirt and sweatpants.  It doesn't get any more comfortable than this...

Cool Factor: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.) For a sweatshirt/pants combo, it does have more cool than I usually have, thanks to the Matt Bernson Minx booties that I got on super sale at Anthro (they call them the Shearling Cuffed Booties).  I have since worn these booties multiple times.  The sweatshirt was the only item (I think this, don't know this) that seemed to sell well from the Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration.  It had the distinction of being unique, wearable, and well-priced (a titch under $30).  The other collab items were much more expensive and not as wearable.  The Proenza Schouler name helped, too, I am sure.

My stepmom also bought it, which sometimes happen.  She will show up at the house wearing something, and I will disappear into my room, grab the same item, and be all, "heehee, great minds!"  ;)

Peggy (She Hath Done What She Could) bought it and wore it recently, too.

Anecdote from the day: CW came with me to Target.  We spent two hours just walking around and enjoying it all. 

I also happened upon the vestiges of the Neiman Marcus collab and saw that there was quite a lot left and at insanely great prices.  I ended up grabbing the Tracy Reese sequined blouse that I wore here (on my brother's bday--same as Rex's teacher) for much much less than it originally cost.  In fact, that sequined blouse was less than the sweatshirt.

It was very foggy that night, by the time we got to our car at 9 pm, the entire parking lot was shrouded in a cloud.  Pretty cool, as I love dark nights, ambient lighting, and fog.  But I am weird, I gather most people don't like weather like that.  But then, I have always wanted to live in a haunted house (and did, briefly, in 1995).

Day: Saturday, January 19, 2013.

Where: Sewing Machine Primer Class.

Ease of Wear: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) The whole outfit was meant for comfort since I was to be seated next to my (now defunct) sewing machine for the class. 

The Lands' End pants are really comfortable, but not especially sturdy.  They, for who knows what reason, placed a raised seam on the front of the pants.  By the end of the day, the seam had been broken in a few places which means the seam looks shoddily done.  Guess it is good that I replaced my now defunct sewing machine with another, so I can sew the seam back.  Sigh.  (Other pants I have received from Lands' End are much more sturdy.)

Cool Factor: (2.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.) Well, I am wearing a pair of "raised seam" pants from Lands' End.  Can't really say it's cool, even if the tee shirt reads "C'est Bon!"

The star print Pretty Cardigan is a Johnnie b. item that I reviewed a little while ago.  I like how I styled it here way more.

Anecdote from the day:  The tee was popular with the other sewers in the class.

I will get to the story of the defunct sewing machine later, but let's just say that I was beyond ticked when the bobbin screwed up the entire innards of my machine. 

I did replace it with a much higher rated Brother machine that has no bobbin issues, so here's to hoping I have that machine for many years to come.  Thankfully the sewing machine primer class taught me everything I need to know about sewing machines in general, so I can get the new machine ready for my next sewing class (I am making a very basic top).

Day: Monday, January 21, 2013.

Where: We went somewhere, but I literally can't remember where*.  It was Inauguration day, though! 

*Sign of aging or being a mom who gets no sleep?  Hmm...

Ease of Wear: (3 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) Outside of the shirt coming untucked from the jeans, it was a very nice, comfortable outfit.  The jeans are a size too big, which means I should probably sell them, since I am most likely never going to get pregnant again, which means I shouldn't be gaining so much weight that I need a pair of "in between" sizes jeans.

Cool Factor: (2.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.) The Pashli Satchel and the Sybil Coat are the only things in this outfit that are even remotely cool.  I definitely have the ultimate SAHM outfit going on here...jeans, printed button-up, v-neck sweater*, boots, coat...

CW's little outfit and pose are pretty cool, though.

*Did you all know that if you go to Costco at the very end of the holiday season you can get cashmere v-neck sweaters from them for $30?  And it is really nice cashmere, soft, no pilling, etc.  I lucked out in finding this hot pink one, though, since it was the only one left in that color and in my size.

Anecdote from the day: Well, since I can't remember what we did, outside of chores (those always happen on days off from school), I don't have any anecdotes.  I do recall CW asking me to wear this shirt because she was wearing hers.

I can give you an anecdote for my seemingly tired face, based on these photos, I am wondering if I should get checked for anemia.  I had no idea that I looked that pale, and whenever I get that pale-looking, it usually means I am suffering from anemia again (I have a history of getting it, sigh). 

Day: Tuesday, January 22, 2013.

Where: Preschool Run and the Little Gym.

Ease of Wear: (4.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) People. Those are cashmere pants.  They are all at once warm and perfect for running around after the world's largest man baby.

Cool Factor: (2 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.) I was warm.  Not cool.

Anecdote from the day:  Coldest dang day in three years.  I even made Angus wear a fleece coverall (outerwear with a hood, built in gloves, and snaps for changing) from baby Boden to his little gym class (he took it off to participate, obviously).  We don't usually have cold enough temperatures to justify its purchase, but I know once he outgrows it, I can sell it for near what I paid.  (And it does feel good to know he won't freeze on those really cold days.)

Okay, lovely folks, that's it for today.  What have you all been wearing lately to keep warm, yet stay comfortable?

For my readers who are Pure Collection fans, they have introduced their new spring line, and I have been able to access a coupon for 25% off with free returns that is currently in my sidebar (and below this paragraph).  I am slowly working on a "picks" post, but that will be whenever I get a few spare moments.

Also, I didn't do a specific Boden Catch of the Day post today since most of the items in the sale today are ones that I have already talked about to death here at the blog.  I will say that the tops and sweaters that they included are of the "versatile, practical, and basic" end of the sartorial spectrum, so if you (or one of your family members) has a specific need for that kind of top in their wardrobe, it may be worth a look around.  I have added the affiliate coupon below for you all to use for free shipping (the 15% off in the coupon doesn't work with Catch of the Day items).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day...Catch All.

Good Wednesday afternoon!

Okay, just like Monday and Tuesday, Boden has given us a catch of the day, which means that the items selected are 25% off, which is 10% better than the 15% off you would normally get if you just used my sidebar's coupon (also at the bottom of this post).  Anything not in the "Catch of the Day" sale is still able to receive the 15% off, btw.

(And use the coupon for free shipping, even if all you are getting is catch items, since the free ship works on everything at the site.)

Today was the day I was most looking forward to since I have an actual need for pants that fit me correctly.  I have so many dresses and tops that fit me so well, but I am continually buying pants that don't fit me well, which then either means I return them to the store (did once. again. yesterday. sigh.), sell them on ebay or the JCA exchange, consign them, or give them away.  I have actually toyed with the idea of giving up pants* all together, but I know that in my life, that is not necessarily a practical option, so I will continue to seek out the elusive, "OMG, perfect pants!!!!!"

*I know that read as scandalous to my British readers.  Stop being so fresh.  ;)

There are more than just trousers* for sale today, including skirts, shoes, and an assortment of accessories for the ladies, shorts for men and boys, and skirts, tights, and shorts for the girls.

*British readers, see...I know the proper term.  LOL.

I have only made picks from the women's section, but there are some darling items for sale in the girls' section, and for those of you with young babies, there are nice, practical options for them.

Okay, here are the picks...
British Mini.  All three colors are on sale.  This skirt looks like it could nicely bridge the work/play divide by being conservative enough for most offices (note: if you need length, the long measures 22 inches, which is right above the knee on me at 5'8", would be even longer on shorter ladies) but also sweet enough, especially in the fun pastel shades for dates or parties.

The fabric seems serious enough, a mix of Abraham Moon and Sons wool and linen, which may be too heavy for most of here in America in mid-summer, but just fine for now in January and February.

Leather Folded Clutch.  I thought the clutch in the photo above was grey, but they say it is brown, whatever.  :)

The clutch is available at 25% in all shades, but the grey (brown) is probably the most practical.  However, it is a clutch, so not really practical by its nature, which means splashing out on red or yellow is okay, too.  (Not enabling, but stating how I see it...)

This particular bag seems fairly popular based on what I have seen from other bloggers, blog friends, and facebook folks.  It will be around for a while, but will probably sell out at clearance time.

Oil Cloth Tote.  This one is also available for 25% off in all colors.  I adore the turmeric doves pattern as well as the durable fabric, but oh, my, doesn't this bag look like it would be big enough to hold a book and maybe a wallet just based on this picture alone?  No, that would be an incorrect assumption.  If you click on over to its product page, you will see the model holding it and she looks like she is struggling under the weight of the bag, it is that big.

There are uses for such a large bag, though, and at this price, that large bag is indeed a nice deal.

Skinny Belt.  All colors are on sale.  This particular color combo made me smile.  I love the brilliant deep teal color paired with the vibrant red, very pleasing to the eye. 

Stitch Burst Skirt.  All colors are on sale.  This skirt intrigues me, but I am often intrigued by Boden's embroidered offerings.  (The fun skirts have seen to have disappeared, and in their place are these less "fun" pretties.) 

One thing of note on this skirt, the one review on the site mentions that the skirt the model is wearing is actually navy with purple embroidery, and am surprised by be wary of that colorway if you want one with the pretty blue stitching you see in the photo.

Suede Brogues.  I know many of you love these shoes, so I anticipate many of you will be thrilled that these are on sale.  My favorites are these grey ones, but I love all the other colors, too.  Very classic and made out of all leather, so they should last in your wardrobe for many years.

Wideleg Jeans.  And now we are at the item I will be buying tonight, in hopes of finding a pair of pants that I can wear and not have to return right away (I am looking at you stovepipe pants from J. Crew!!!).  I think these will be long enough in the inseam (they have longs), big enough in the thighs, roomy enough through the hips, but also not be too large through my upper hips.  We'll see.  And I will definitely report back.

This color above is the only one in the sale.

Zip Ankle Skimmers.  I really liked my pair from the fall (only one issue for me in those and that is that the upper hip fits oddly, but remember, pants, all of them, hate me) so I highly recommend these.  Only two shades are in the sale, these in navy, and in the guava color.

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any picks from today?

Reminder, here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

Friday--Lucky Dip

Okay, here is the coupon for 15% off and free ship:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day. Tuesday!

I am in a bit of rush this morning, so this will be very brief, but I wanted to let you all know that today's catch of the day is pretty decent, with a good amount of choices throughout the ranges.

Women's has a lot of sweaters and jackets, and can be found here.

Girls' has lots of sweaters and coats and jackets, and a small number of shoes, and can be found here.

Men's has sweaters and jackets, like the ladies, and can be found here.

Boys' section is like the girls', but there are far less shoes on offer, and can be found here.

I have some reviews of three of the sweaters on offer in the women's section, but cannot get into detail yet, but will link to them with a few brief words.  I will expand the reviews later today.

Embellished Cardigan.  I have it in ivory.  Very pretty color with gorgeous, well done beading.  The sizing is accurate, but it does run short.  It is very soft.

Hand Knit Cable Jumper.  I did a lengthy review in this week's BWRR.  (Other sweater reviews can be found there, too.)

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper.  I am actually wearing the bright blue today.  That color is not on sale, but some of the colors are, so if you wanted one of the sale colors, today is your day to grab them.  The cashmere usually sells well for Boden.  Runs true to size, and is a nice length (not too short).  The cashmere is soft, but not as soft as the embellished cardigan.

Draycott Coat.  Haven't worn this out, but is a nice weight, with pretty and unique threading throughout the fabric.  The fit is true to size, but if you are a bit bustier, you may want to size up.  The 6 was perfect for me.

Below is the link for the 15% off with free ship code.  There is no stacking in this promo, but the free ship will work.  The 15% off still works on the non-catch items.  :)

Do you all have any picks?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day Commences!

Thank you to Louise who let us all know that the folks at Boden went ahead and started a "Catch of the Day" promo that is meant to last for a week.  The discount is 25% off and for women and girls, the 25% off applies to select dresses, while for men and boys the 25% off applies to selected shorts.

This year, though, we have advance notice of what the catch will be everyday (again, thank you Louise), which is nice to have!

Here is the schedule:

Mon - Dresses, Shorts
Tues - Knitwear
Weds - Skirts/Trousers/Jeans
Thurs - Tops
Friday - Lucky Dip

I know that there are a couple of dresses that I would like to reorder in a new size, but only one of them is available as part of this catch, so I will go ahead and get that one, and wait a bit on the other one.  There is also a dress in this catch that I had my eye on, so I may go ahead and bite on that one, too.

The other days look great, I especially am excited for Wednesday, since the trousers and jeans rarely have a great discount.

Here are my picks from today, but from what I can tell, there are lots of lovely options out there:

 Adelaide Dress.  I have this exact one in a size 8 Long, and while it is cozy and comfy and lovely, it is a touch too big.  I think I will reorder in the size 6 Long to compare and then decide which one fits best.  (I hope it will be the 6 long, since that means I can keep the one that was cheaper--I order the 8 long with 20% off in preview.)

Fabric Mix Dress.  This one is has really great reviews, and since they say it is super stretchy, it appears that even pear shapes like yours truly could fit their bedonkadonks in the skirt portion.  I am still nervous about sizing, but at least if I buy the wrong size, I can send it back as an exchange and receive the 25% off price on the other size (if need be).

(I like the navy/sand dune combo, but this grey/black version is awesome for office environments.)

Jersey Shirt Dress.  This one was reviewed by Anna yesterday in the BWRR (look here to see review).  She mentioned that it has a high waist and a high hem, but there are long options in this dress, so for some of you that are interested, you may want to give a long a try, especially if you are taller than 5'4".

Pencil Dress.  Another dress that is highly rated.  Even the curvy ladies in the reviews are recommending it, which surprises me.  I still don't want to take a chance on this one since I think that shape is totally wrong for me, but I know a lot of you would look amazing in this pretty dress, so I am going to throw it into my "picks" for today.  :)

(The red/navy is not discounted, btw.)

Hotchpotch Dress.  I am sure some of you that have loved Boden for years miss the hotchpotch that used to be ubiquitous.  Now it is only on selected items, maybe one or two a season.  I have a lot of hotchpotch still in my closet, so I don't have any need to go there, but this particular incarnation of hotchpotch is very pretty, so I thought I would point it out to you all. 

Word of warning, some of the reviews are saying the bodice runs large, but the cap sleeves are tight, so read the measurements carefully.  I would likely (if I was buying, which I am not) get the 6 long.

Weekender Dress.  Obviously I am going to recommend this one since I just recommended it yesterday.  :)  My review is at the BWRR.

Okay, that's it.  There is lots more out there, but I don't really have a ton of time to dissect it all, but love reading what you think, so do leave comments if you would like!

The 15% off coupon code is not stackable (and will stay that way based on the past few years), but if that changes I will let you know.  At least it gets you free shipping (and the 15% still works on non-catch of the day items).  :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Weekender Edition.

So I was supposed to publish this yesterday, but in the world of *imperfect* timing, our internet was down, and I couldn't get a reliable hotspot connection with my phone.  I know you all lived, lol.

Anyway, before I begin this fairly involved review roundup, I wanted to mention a few things.

1. This week's special offer (called the weekly offer by Boden) ends tonight.  It basically means that a set number of items are 20% off, and if you use the 15% off coupon code at my site (sidebar and at the bottom of this post), you will end up receiving around 32% off.  This week's items include many pieces of knitwear and some random assortment of other bits and bobs.  (Womenswear is here, menswear is here, and children's is here.)

2. I received a lot of e-mailed reviews this week.  It was great!  Please do consider sending any written or written/photographed reviews my way, if you ever have a chance.  I know it takes time, so do know that I am very grateful for all the things sent my way.  :)

3. I am thinking of starting a new blog series on "Reader Boden Outfits of the Week."*  There are so many wonderful outfits out there created from older Boden pieces, and because they are older, they aren't included in the review roundup.  I really love seeing them, though, because it is inspirational to see how folks incorporate Boden into their outfits, since Boden (especially old Boden) is very unique to begin with...many people go my way, incorporating them with more subdued preppy pieces, but I have seen it all, from edgy bits paired with soft Boden jumpers/sweaters to full-on multi-colored/pattern explosions.  I don't think I could make it a weekly thing, since I barely manage to get the BWRR done weekly, but I think I could manage to get it in twice a month.  If you are on board, you can start submitting photos to me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.  When I get five total outfits (including something from me, not hard, since I wear Boden near daily), I will publish a post. Sound good? 

*I have all the Anthro blogs to thank for this idea...I love how they put their collective imaginations together.  Boden is sometimes over the top and crazy, and I think Anthro is a bit like that, too, so it makes sense!

Okay, onto the roundup!

(NOTE--The new arrivals on Boden's site do not have their own links at my affiliate program.  For all new arrivals, please use the text link below photos to go directly to their item page.  All clearance items have a direct link through the stock photo.)

Regular Boden:
Weekender Dress.  Size 8 Long.  This is the soft red color.  It is meant to be a summer dress, since it is made from linen and cotton, but I wanted to wear it last weekend for my brother's birthday dinner with my dad and stepmom.  So I just wore it with a warm merino wool turtleneck, thick burgundy tights, and some Anthro accessories to winterize it.

The 8 long is too big in  the  bodice, but feels nice in the skirt portion.  I briefly considered sending it back for the 6 long, but then I remembered that summer 'round here is HOT, STICKY, and unpleasant.  Having the loose linen/cotton skimming over my curves would feel much better, so I decided to keep the 8.

Plus the waist is pretty fitted, so I think sizing down to the 6 would make the waist a touch too fitted for my liking.

The side zipper is a bit of a bother, it zips fine until the waistband, at that point mine was a bit sticky.  By the third time I had zipped it, it was fine, but the first two times, I thought I had received a lemon.

(So watch for that in yours.)

Obviously I figured out I needed to iron the skirt after I was fully dressed and had taken this photo.  Duh.

The photo shows how loose this dress is through the bodice and hips.  If you are really petite, definitely size down.

The aubergine of the Phillip Lim bag is a really nice sister color to the red of the dress.

I finished the full "winterization" by adding a J. Crew Factory bella in the same burgundy/aubergine seen in the bag and tights.

Close up of the fabric.  It was nighttime, so this color is a bit muted, but you can see the creamy white threads mixed in with the mid-pink (not really soft red, if I am being fully honest, lol).

The fabric has a bit of a shine, but not "OMG, my eyes" kind of sheen, more of a soft lustre.  I am not drinking, I swear, hard to describe the effect without sounding drunk or high.  ;)

Weekender Dress.  Fully stocked in all the colors.  I thought it would be a best seller since previous versions all sold out, but I am wrong.  Maybe it will sell out?  But not looking like it right now.

Hand Knit Jumper.  I bought this the last time it was part of the 20% off weekly offer.  (It is again part of that special, so if my review doesn't put you off, you can get it for around 32% off until midnight tonight.)

I bought the extra-small because I sort of knew this one was gonna run HUGE.  And it does.  The extra-small fits me exactly right, sort of like it should.  But I wear a size 4 or 6 in Boden tops, so clearly this is fairly oversized.  If you wear a size 2 or sometimes a 4 in Boden, this one will likely be far too big on you.  It also runs a bit short, so if you have a long torso, this one will be too short.  Also, the sleeves end right at the elbow.  I carry no weight in my arms, so this particular style of shoulder/sleeve looks fine on me, and actually helps bulk up my narrower upper body, but if that doesn't describe your particular situation, this may not be the right sweater for you.

In the end, I am keeping it for me because it does work for me, but I think if Boden had wanted a winner for all body types, they would have either shortened the sleeves or lengthened them, and would have made the neckline a deeper boatneck style.  I would also recommend that they bring it the waistline a bit to make it less boxy.

The color is lovely, and true to what you see on Edda up in the stock photo.  The knit is very thick cotton, and is a looser knit, so keep the prickly things away from it that could catch on the knit.

You can tell these were made with love, though.  I think I will wear mine a lot, especially as loungewear, since it is cozy and cuddly.  :)  (And one day grab an outfit photo for the review roundup!)

Reviews From CC:
Collared Cardigan.  A very nice cardigan that is warm enough to wear now and will be cool enough in the summer because of the open crochet pattern. It is very feminine and dresses up an outfit.

Modern Woven Top. This top is boxy, but the duck egg stripe is such a spring color an looks great with duck egg cami.  The colors are really vibrant.

Soho Blouse. (I bought the ivory and navy) have just enough sheen to them and have some beautiful gold buttons that makes the shirts really dress up a pair of jeans.

(I hadn't even noticed the gold buttons, CC, thanks for pointing them out to us!) 

Off Duty Sweatshirt. I also bought the Off-Duty Sweatshirt in quartz melange, and while I was not dissatisfied with the color, I was with the size. It was absolutely super-huge. I didn't even know what size I would take in it, it was that wide and long. I felt like there had been some mistake (and maybe there was an error, because it was more than well, let me go down a size or two, there just wouldn't have been anything small enough)! So, I did return it.

Ballerina Wedges.  I also bought the Ballerina Wedges, which were also too big (and I couldn't go down in size there, either).

Notting Hill Knit. The Notting Hill Knit Jumper was also big (kind of like the sweatshirt). I rarely, rarely return anything either, so it was that bad.

Reviews from Anna:
Jersey Shirt Dress.  I also received my preview order and it was a bit of a disappointment, mostly because the Jersey Shirt Dress in cherry red didn't work out at all. The waist is high and the hem is short (I'm 5'5 and it hit me almost half way up the thigh, which with the high waist looked like a kindergartener's dress). I haven't decided if I will exchange for long, or just return.

Mini Saddle Bag. My second purchase is OK but I'm not smitten with it - it's the Mini Saddle Bag (brown with pink stripe) - it's OK, the strap is long enough to wear as cross-body, but something about this little bag makes me think of Old Navy accessories - i.e. not worth $100 price tag.  
(It is part of the weekly offer, too, this week, now $80.)

Reviews from Chocolate and Woolens*:
*Sizing note: I'm 5'4" and measure 37-29-39.

Rosebery Dress. I got this in a black, in the size 10R. It fit nicely, the viscose is very heavy drapey, and the neckline was high enough to wear without layering. Super comfortable. I did think the waistband would have been better 2 inches lower, but I kept it anyway. Wore it and got compliments. I tried on the black Gemma wrap dress at Banana Republic later in the day and liked that a bit better, and it's cheaper.
Chancery Dress.  I ordered a 10R in charcoal melange. The color was very dull and flat. It ran big all over, and I would have been better with an 8. It really did nothing for my figure and made me look rather boxy and drab. It went back. 
(This one seems really popular, so I am especially grateful for this review!  Good to know what size to get, since this one will probably sell out!)

Classic Belt. The leather is very stiff, and I found it too thick for belting skirts at their natural waist. Going back.
Everyday Socks. The packaging on these is great, and the socks were soft. They are all set for gift-giving, which I what I plan to do with them. Very cute.

Modern Pencil Skirt.  I bought the denim in a 10R. Very nicely made, fully lined, nice fabric. Skirt hits the knee. Unfortunately, I'm really not sure this is the greatest cut on my pear shape, so I might not keep it, but it's a very nice piece.

Thank you to all of you, CC, Anna, & Chocolate and Woolens for your great reviews!!!

Johnnie b.:
Johnnie b.  CC included some extra reviews for us! 

After hesitating about Johnnie b, I did order some items for my daughter.  The items are more modest than last year's Johnnie b, which I like and so did my daughter (and frankly we did not order many things, because the skirts, shorts and dresses were all too short).  The Peasant Top and Cable Hoody are very nice.  The boots fit her as well, and she has a couple of items to try on yet (the Knitted Dress, the Fifties Dress (in polka dot), and the Slouchy Jumper.  

Clearance Boden:
Reviews from Poppy's Style:
Off Duty Jumper
Off Duty JumperJoanna takes the off duty jumper out and makes it sing.  (Take "note" of her post's title...can't resist a pun.)

Must Have Jumper
Must Have JumperJoanna shows why this sweater is a must have, even if ballet flats were a bad choice that day.  :)

Reviews from What Lou Wore 365:
Roma Jacket
Casual Pintuck Tee
Roma Jacket & Pintuck Tee. The snow came to Britain, and Louise held her own in these two pieces.

Pimlico Dress
Pimlico Dress.  I positively love the way Louise styled this dress (she has the red version).  So pretty!

Crinkle Jersey Shirt
Crinkle Jersey ShirtI think Louise chose the exact right shirt for her mustard skirt rut.  :)

Sarah Dress
Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan
Sarah Dress & Pretty Crew Neck.  Louise had more snow to deal with (again, while the US struggles with its snow--almost none here!), but again, looking lovely in clearance Boden.

Review from DaniBP Mop Philosopher:
Metallic Jacquard CoatHow great is it that one of my favorite Canadian bloggers was able to get such a lovely Boden Limited Edition coat to wear with a gorgeous and classic sash?  Johnnie Boden, if you read this, or someone who works for you does--I beg of you, please get our lovely neighbors to the North their own Boden site, so they don't have to pay OUTRAGEOUS shipping/customs charges to receive your items from you in the UK!!!

Okay, congrats to you if you made it through this week's Boden Review Roundup. There certainly was a lot out there!  :)

Thanks, again, to everyone who contributed a review!

Below you will find the coupon for 15% off and free shipping (remember it is stackable with the weekly offer, too):