Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day...Catch All.

Good Wednesday afternoon!

Okay, just like Monday and Tuesday, Boden has given us a catch of the day, which means that the items selected are 25% off, which is 10% better than the 15% off you would normally get if you just used my sidebar's coupon (also at the bottom of this post).  Anything not in the "Catch of the Day" sale is still able to receive the 15% off, btw.

(And use the coupon for free shipping, even if all you are getting is catch items, since the free ship works on everything at the site.)

Today was the day I was most looking forward to since I have an actual need for pants that fit me correctly.  I have so many dresses and tops that fit me so well, but I am continually buying pants that don't fit me well, which then either means I return them to the store (did once. again. yesterday. sigh.), sell them on ebay or the JCA exchange, consign them, or give them away.  I have actually toyed with the idea of giving up pants* all together, but I know that in my life, that is not necessarily a practical option, so I will continue to seek out the elusive, "OMG, perfect pants!!!!!"

*I know that read as scandalous to my British readers.  Stop being so fresh.  ;)

There are more than just trousers* for sale today, including skirts, shoes, and an assortment of accessories for the ladies, shorts for men and boys, and skirts, tights, and shorts for the girls.

*British readers, see...I know the proper term.  LOL.

I have only made picks from the women's section, but there are some darling items for sale in the girls' section, and for those of you with young babies, there are nice, practical options for them.

Okay, here are the picks...
British Mini.  All three colors are on sale.  This skirt looks like it could nicely bridge the work/play divide by being conservative enough for most offices (note: if you need length, the long measures 22 inches, which is right above the knee on me at 5'8", would be even longer on shorter ladies) but also sweet enough, especially in the fun pastel shades for dates or parties.

The fabric seems serious enough, a mix of Abraham Moon and Sons wool and linen, which may be too heavy for most of here in America in mid-summer, but just fine for now in January and February.

Leather Folded Clutch.  I thought the clutch in the photo above was grey, but they say it is brown, whatever.  :)

The clutch is available at 25% in all shades, but the grey (brown) is probably the most practical.  However, it is a clutch, so not really practical by its nature, which means splashing out on red or yellow is okay, too.  (Not enabling, but stating how I see it...)

This particular bag seems fairly popular based on what I have seen from other bloggers, blog friends, and facebook folks.  It will be around for a while, but will probably sell out at clearance time.

Oil Cloth Tote.  This one is also available for 25% off in all colors.  I adore the turmeric doves pattern as well as the durable fabric, but oh, my, doesn't this bag look like it would be big enough to hold a book and maybe a wallet just based on this picture alone?  No, that would be an incorrect assumption.  If you click on over to its product page, you will see the model holding it and she looks like she is struggling under the weight of the bag, it is that big.

There are uses for such a large bag, though, and at this price, that large bag is indeed a nice deal.

Skinny Belt.  All colors are on sale.  This particular color combo made me smile.  I love the brilliant deep teal color paired with the vibrant red, very pleasing to the eye. 

Stitch Burst Skirt.  All colors are on sale.  This skirt intrigues me, but I am often intrigued by Boden's embroidered offerings.  (The fun skirts have seen to have disappeared, and in their place are these less "fun" pretties.) 

One thing of note on this skirt, the one review on the site mentions that the skirt the model is wearing is actually navy with purple embroidery, and am surprised by be wary of that colorway if you want one with the pretty blue stitching you see in the photo.

Suede Brogues.  I know many of you love these shoes, so I anticipate many of you will be thrilled that these are on sale.  My favorites are these grey ones, but I love all the other colors, too.  Very classic and made out of all leather, so they should last in your wardrobe for many years.

Wideleg Jeans.  And now we are at the item I will be buying tonight, in hopes of finding a pair of pants that I can wear and not have to return right away (I am looking at you stovepipe pants from J. Crew!!!).  I think these will be long enough in the inseam (they have longs), big enough in the thighs, roomy enough through the hips, but also not be too large through my upper hips.  We'll see.  And I will definitely report back.

This color above is the only one in the sale.

Zip Ankle Skimmers.  I really liked my pair from the fall (only one issue for me in those and that is that the upper hip fits oddly, but remember, pants, all of them, hate me) so I highly recommend these.  Only two shades are in the sale, these in navy, and in the guava color.

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any picks from today?

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